13 apps used for cheating — What do cheaters typically use?

Just when we think cheaters can’t get any worse, they start using even the most unsuspecting platforms for their affairs!

They always find a way to cheat in person and on social media—hell, I bet they’d somehow even manage to cheat using the Weather app.

In all seriousness though, specific apps are commonly used by cheaters, and let me tell you, some are pretty shocking.

Apps in sheep’s clothing: here are the apps used for cheating!

1. Let’s start off with the obvious ones: Ashley Madison!

Let’s start off with the obvious ones Ashley Madison

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room!

Ashley Madison is the definition of a cheating app—that is its one and only purpose.

AM is a dating app for cheaters which has become the subject of a lot of scandals in the past due to a data leak.

A lot of people’s partners use it, and trust me, not for friendships.

It has a lot of discreet features, such as:

  • Masked notifications;
  • Different app logos to choose from;
  • And discreet payment (the site’s name doesn’t show up in bank statements).

They go above and beyond to make cheating possible and comfortable for users, even showing sympathy for people who think the only “solution” for their passionless relationship is to cheat.

2. Adult Friend Finder.

As the name suggests, this platform is used for hookups!

Its users look to form sexual relationships, or no-strings-attached flings—for a site with such purpose, is it really a surprise that cheaters use it?

It’s basically a dating site, but without the effort; most cheaters’ unfaithfulness is sexual, so AFF is their perfect choice.

3. Tinder.


In a study talking about infidelity on Tinder, 73.1% of participants claimed that one of their guy friends had used Tinder while being in a relationship, whereas 56.1% of them claimed that one of their female friends had done the same.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating platforms, and when we think about it, it’d be more shocking if cheaters did not use it.

Dating apps are generally discreet and offer opportunities—meanwhile some aren’t necessarily meant for cheaters, this doesn’t stop them!

A lot of people use Tinder to cheat on their significant other, so there is a chance you’ve come across a cheater or too without knowing.

And looking at it from another perspective, if your significant other has Tinder on their phone, you can pretty much guess why!

4. Bumble.

Another popular dating site makes the list!

With dating sites and cheaters, we see a never-ending pattern—they unintentionally (I’m assuming) make cheating accessible.

Bumble is famous for its unique system: if a man and a woman match, the woman has 24 hours to make the first move, and after that, the man has 24 hours to respond.

Aside from this, the reason why cheaters feel comfortable using Bumble is the same as any other dating app.

Secrecy and convenience—if your partner uses Bumble, then nothing good will come out of it.

5. Basically, every other dating app is being used for cheating as we’re speaking!

To sum it up, cheaters use every reputable dating platform for their affairs.

Unlike social media platforms, dating sites do not show users’ profiles in search engines—most information is private.

They don’t even have search bars, so finding people on a dating app is difficult even for existing users!

Privacy is dating platforms’ #1 priority, so they do whatever they can to make the experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

This is where the selling point lies! Coincidentally, all of these reasons are why users prefer using dating apps to cheat.

The chances of being found out are slim.

6. Also, social media/messaging apps are good contenders, starting with Facebook.

Both Normal and Facebook Dating—since Facebook Dating is a given, let’s talk about just Facebook.

Like every other social media platform, Facebook aims to help people make connections and keep in touch with people.

Those connections that are made, however, aren’t all innocent! Some people use Facebook for cheating purposes.

  • A private friend list;
  • Restricted interactions;
  • Advanced search filters;
  • Connecting with others through mutual friends, interests, and more features are what make cheaters gravitate towards Facebook.

Facebook isn’t a dating site, nor does it advertise itself as such, but we shouldn’t underestimate cheaters’ ability to take something seemingly casual and turn it into a gateway to cheating!

7. Surprisingly enough, Instagram is used by many cheaters. 

Instagram is used by many cheaters

I could be wrong, but I feel as if Instagram has turned into a way for people to meet each other.

Or at the very least an outlet for annoying, ill-mannered flirts.

Whichever the case, a handful of people use Instagram to cheat on their partner, but on the bright side, unfaithful people don’t hide well on the platform.

A bit of a personal story, but not too long ago, a guy followed and DM-ed me on Instagram—he was a smooth talker!

Not too shortly after, a girl sent me a request and I saw that she and the mysterious man were following each other.

To no one’s surprise, they were in a relationship and she asked me if the guy was trying anything funny.

If your partner is cheating by using Instagram, look out for clues, such as the people he follows and the posts he likes/comments on.

8. Cheating happens on Snapchat too.

Snapchat, when it comes to social media, is about as low-key as they come!

It’s one of the more “untraditional” platforms—unlike Facebook and Instagram, for instance, we can’t view people’s profiles on Snapchat.

We can’t snoop around their friend list or get an idea who a person regularly talks to.

You can practically only chat with someone and hope they’re a decent person!

I’m sure I’ve already convinced you why Snapchat is convenient for cheaters—it doesn’t have many risky features that could expose a cheater.

For example, if a significant other has been flirting under another person’s Instagram posts, then we’re free to assume they’re cheating.

But on Snapchat, it’s impossible to know.

9. Kik is a very common cheating app!

Kik is an instant messaging app that lets users from all over the world connect!

It has been around for over 10 years, and just like Instagram, I’ve observed users’ intentions with the platform change throughout the years.

This app wasn’t originally designed for matchmaking, yet people still go in there to make new romantic and sexual connections.

Actually, that’s all people seem to be using Kik nowadays—hence it’s no longer a mainstream platform.

Regardless, some people still use it to cheat.

10. Viber too.

Who would’ve thought?

Viber, in some sense, is similar to WhatsApp—it’s a free messaging/calling app with an aesthetically pleasing layout and lots of interesting features!

For starters, Viber isn’t exactly a socializing app, so for the most part you can only add people whose phone numbers you know.

Just like how with Snapchat you can’t see your partner’s social media activity, the same goes for Viber.

If someone’s texting another person, their partner wouldn’t know—such discretion is what cheaters are attracted to.

Also, users can hide specific chats on Viber and unlock them with a PIN, which only aids unfaithful people in hiding their tracks.

11. WhatsApp, of course!

WhatsApp, of course

Watch out because your partner might be using WhatsApp for more than communicating with acquaintances and family.

WhatsApp allows users to turn on “chat lock”—a feature which, as you guessed, hides conversations!

Other than this very handy feature, people can’t see other people’s contact lists (like we can on other social media platforms).

It’s very secretive and leaves no room for snooping.

12. With Line’s features, cheaters may use it for their own needs.

Line is a fairly popular pick for cheaters—mostly because of the vanishing chats and hidden conversation features.

It’s quick and easy to use, but most importantly, very subtle.

Cheaters may use Line to talk to strangers behind their partners’ backs; all the features make infidelity easier to cover.

Nothing is stored in the cheater’s phone or Line account if they wish.

13. Signal is also used for cheating!

Signal is every doubtful partner’s formidable foe! Let me tell you the reason.

Well, for one, Signal is extremely private: it lets users hide their messages until they decide to read them.

Until that very point, the text message cannot be encrypted.

After a while, messages and other media in Signal delete themselves.

All in all, it’s the perfect cheating tool—unintentionally so.

It most likely wasn’t created with infidelity in mind, but what’s done is done! Cheaters are using this platform to talk to their affair partners.

More apps that make cheating online easy: What apps are used to hide affairs? 

What apps are used to hide affairs

On top of cheaters using everyday platforms to fulfill their desires, they also use sneaky tools to help cover up.

  • Apps that hide content (messages, pictures, videos, contacts, etc), such as Vault;
  • Decoy programs that look like regular apps but in reality hide stuff in phones, such as Calculator Pro+;
  • App-locking programs, such as AppLock.

If your significant other is going to such lengths to hide stuff on their phone, then I get where the suspicions are coming from!

They could be trying to hide their cheating, otherwise, I don’t see why they would install fake calculator apps on their phones.

More sneaky ways people try to conceal their cheating using technology—be cautious!

Cheaters use different methods to hide their tracks and look unsuspecting in front of their partners.

Some people are more careless, and some are more thorough!

In whichever of those 2 categories they fall into, a cheater will:

  • Not let their partner use, look through, and touch their devices;
  • Change all of their passwords;
  • Use a 2nd phone;
  • Have a second phone number;
  • Remove or limit their partner from their social media accounts;
  • Create secondary social media accounts;
  • Use different email addresses for dating sites;
  • Save lovers’ phone numbers under a different contact;
  • Avoid using their phone in front of their partner;
  • Leave their phone on silent mode;
  • Disable notifications.

Unfaithful people do whatever’s within their power to conceal or erase all evidence, so it’s important for us to know their ways—who knows? We might even learn their secrets.

If someone wants to cheat, they will—if they don’t, they won’t.

I really wasn’t joking when I said that cheaters can and will find a way to somehow cheat.

I’ve only mentioned some apps where cheating most commonly takes place, but in reality, every chatting/calling platform can be used by cheaters.

Since we can’t stop them from acting this way, we have to grow eyes in the back of our neck!

If you see that your s.o. is acting suspiciously around their phone and apps, don’t be reluctant to investigate.

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  1. I’m so stuck I found a Facebook account added to mine but it’s clean and messenger but clean I did find a number under my sister’s tho and how does he throw his location I’ve been on his maps account but I signed out I’m sick of his lies. I need to know how to get evidince

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