28 crafty ways cheaters hide their tracks!

Cheaters can be really stealthy… or not!

They do whatever they can to hide all the evidence—even though it would’ve been way easier to not cheat in the first place.

It’s a bit tricky knowing if a partner is cheating, and if they are, they will act in a very peculiar (and cunning) way.

From their actions, all the way down to their speech, keep in mind that we can’t put anything past a cheater!

When an unfaithful person is trying to hide their tracks, this is the way they do it (that you need to look out for):

1. They have a second phone and/or SIM card!

They have a second phone and or SIM card

A partner with two phones is usually up to no good! This point is especially solidified if they’re extra secretive with the second one.

Most cheaters use their second phone for cheating activities, meanwhile their first one for daily, normal stuff. They don’t want to be exposed.

They hide their tracks (text messages, social media activity, calls, dating apps, etc) in that phone—this way, they have more “freedom” to cheat.

A second SIM card is another way cheaters hide their affairs—they keep their affair partners’ numbers and conversations there.

2. Cheaters keep their phones away from their partners at all times.

Phones are cheaters’ kryptonite—if there’s one thing that gives them away, it’s their own phone!

Phones (and other devices) have the most clues that they’re cheating, so of course they’re going to be out of our sight at all times.

  • Cheaters take their phones with them;
  • They guard their phones;
  • They don’t let their partners use them;
  • They even keep it out of a partner’s sight (just in case the partner gets the idea to look through it);

This is one of the most common ways cheaters attempt to hide their affairs, though it’s become more obvious!

3. We all know by now that they delete their text messages!

A lot of cheaters text people and hope for an opportunity to cheat on their partner, if they already haven’t!

Phones are every cheater’s favorite tool due to how convenient and private they are; texting is perhaps the most common way they engage in inappropriate conversations with others.

And trust me, they know we know—this is exactly why they delete their text messages.

Their inbox is always empty.

4. They also delete their browser history!

One thing’s for certain: a cheater will keep their browser history squeaky clean!

If you’re wondering why they do this, they’re trying to hide:

  • Dating sites;
  • Adult websites;
  • Social media data;
  • Other inappropriate searches.

They’re always one step ahead, but unfortunately for them, that very watchfulness is what gives it away!

5. A cheater will delete his or her emails just to be sure.

A pretty odd method, right? I mean, who cheats using Email services?

You’d be surprised!

Some people delete their emails because they’ve been exchanging romantic ones with their AP—dating sites require an email address when people create an account, so it could be that too.

Regardless of what it is, don’t forget to keep a close watch over a cheater’s emails.

6. They regularly uninstall or hide dating apps on their phone.

They regularly uninstall or hide dating apps on their phone

When a person in a relationship is using dating apps, they’ll either hide them from their home screen or regularly install and uninstall them.

Of course they don’t want to be found out, so those are the only options; finding hidden apps is a bit easier, as all apps show up in the Apps section in phones’ Settings, however, deleted apps are trickier to find!

On iPhone, previously installed dating apps can be found on the App Store, in Purchased.

And on Android they can be found on Google Play Store, in Manage Apps & Devices!

7. Unfaithful people hide who they’ve been calling with by deleting call logs.

If you ever checked your partner’s phone and saw no call history, then this is one of the reasons!

Cheaters who call with their lover(s) make it a habit to delete their call history because, quite frankly, it would be stupid if they didn’t.

Don’t be fooled, though: not all cheaters delete all of their call logs, only the inappropriate ones.

8. They have secondary social media accounts.

I think we’re starting to see a pattern with the whole “two things” theory with cheaters—first a phone, and now social media profiles.

Cheaters often have alternative social media accounts they use for cheating—this way, they have an easier time cheating and not be found out.

If a cheater were to, say, flirt with another person on their main account, the fact that the cheater is in a relationship is easily accessible to the other person.

And to add more fuel to the fire, the main partner will no doubt find out about the cheating.

You can easily blow their cover by looking them up here!

9. They don’t add you as a friend on social media at all! If they did, they removed you.

A person might even refuse to add you if they’re cheating on social media; they don’t want you to see the many people they entertain!

Adding you to their social media means you’ll see:

  • Their followings;
  • Inappropriate commenting;
  • The people who’ve liked their posts and the other way around;
  • When they’re active;
  • Their profile information (relationship/marital status);
  • Different hints that lead to a cheater having a partner!

A cheater can’t be having any of this, and that’s why they might refuse to friend you entirely—if they start cheating, they might remove you from their friend list.

“I don’t use social media because I think it’s a waste of time and I need my privacy!”

Oh, please.

10. They hide their spendings.

This is usually a problem with married couples, but a valuable sign nonetheless.

Cheaters don’t tell their spouses about how they’ve been spending their money if they’ve been spending it to spoil their affair partners.

They don’t want to get caught.

They lie about where the money they’ve spent on hotels, dates, and luxurious gifts went.

They might even open a completely separate bank account for maximum secrecy.

11. Cheaters who are already in relationships won’t tell people they’re dating you.

This goes two ways:

Let’s say Person A is the cheater, Person B is their significant other, and Person C is the person the cheater wants to win over.

  • Person A won’t tell people they’re dating Person C because, in reality, they’re already in a committed relationship with Person B.
  • Person A will also try their hardest to avoid making things official with Person B because Person A wants to find one (or multiple) person C!

In both cases, exclusivity is off the table because it makes uncovering unfaithfulness easy.

The math is really confusing: wouldn’t it just be easier for person A to stay single and do whatever they want?

12. Hidden Images folder!

Hidden Images folder

Most unfaithful people have a hidden Images folder which is filled with normal or lewd pictures of other people.

It wouldn’t be the smartest move to keep such pictures out in the open, so they group them in a separate, more low-key folder.

13. They hide their tracks by not going out in public with their main or side partner! 

Or both of them.

Cheaters are quite smart when it comes to this—they avoid going in public with their partners and side pieces, especially in the same places.

They would hate for other people to see them obviously two-timing their partner, who knows if a person from the crowd knows the partner?

And what if a salesperson in a store “accidentally” slips up and tells the cheater’s spouse that the cheater was recently there with another person?

All in all, going out in public is too much of a risk for the cheater to take.

14. They change their passwords.

If a cheater started cheating after giving their passwords to their s.o. then they’ll change those passwords.

Their phone becomes their cheating space, so of course they want to take away their partner’s access.

If their phone previously had no password, then now it surely does!

15. They never answer a call or text in front of their s.o.

Instead, they either get up and leave, or wait until later.

Not everything goes according to cheaters’ plans: the cheater’s side pieces might text or call them while they’re with their main partner.

When that happens, the cheater will either leave their partner’s presence or respond when it’s not too risky—when asked who it was, they lie and say it was a friend or something work-related!

16. The cheater avoids showing their bodies to their partner.

They do this to hide hickeys.

Until those hickeys heal, the cheater’s partner will not be allowed to see their bare bodies for obvious reasons!

They’ll know they didn’t make those hickeys and will instantly connect the dots!

17. Their side pieces’ names will be saved under a different name.

They wouldn’t make the mistake of saving their names as they are!

Cheaters need to hide all the evidence that points to their side piece, and since they can’t delete their phone number, they’ll change their contact name instead!

If the cheater in question is a woman, for example, she will save the other person’s name as a woman’s name, a relative, or something else unsuspicious.

In other words, you know something is up when “Amazon Delivery” is texting your partner late at night, “Are you up?”.

18. Speaking in codes is another thing they do!

Speaking in codes is another thing they do

If you’re trying to find out if your partner is cheating but trying to hide it, keep an eye out for any codes, acronyms, or other words that have another meaning.

  • For example, ASL stands for Age/Sex/Location;
  • NSFS stands for Not Suitable for Spouse;
  • NSFW stands for Not Safe for Work;
  • AP is Affair Partner;
  • AM is the popular cheating site Ashley Madison;
  • And FWB is Friends With Benefits.

These are some popular examples, and I would like to give extra attention to Ashley Madison’s acronym, AM.

Aside from texts, check if similar codes appear in other places, such as bank statements:

Ashley Madison is a dating site for cheaters which is better enjoyed when paid for; if AM is mentioned in one of your s.o.’s bank statements, then that means they are using it.

19. Cheaters may turn their activity status off.

Cheating doesn’t have to be physical to be considered “cheating”—it all has to do with boundaries.

If a person is cheating online, they will turn off all activity statuses in order to not alarm their significant other.

Because cheaters usually avoid their s.o. when they’re online flirting with other people, they don’t want their partner to know they’re online!

20. They shower as soon as they set foot home.

For couples who live together, this will serve as a useful sign.

If the first thing your partner does is hurry to the shower, then they may be trying to erase the evidence of their cheating!

E.g. another person’s smell, lipstick stains, messy hair, glitter, etc.

But be careful with this! A lot of people shower as soon as they come home because it’s simply hygienic.

How cheaters hide their tracks using Psychology.

To us it’s inconceivable, but to them it is just routine.

As much as it can seem ‘impossible’ or even ‘inhumane’, cheaters tend to do these things a lot.

Here’s what you should look out for!

– Don’t be surprised if a “friend” or “relative” often talks to them.

Not because they’re close or anything like that, but because cheaters tell you that their side piece is a relative or friend.

For instance, you ask a cheater who a certain person is—someone who you notice your partner always talks to and hangs out with.

They’ll tell you they’re somehow related to that person so that you no longer have suspicions (you surely wouldn’t be against your partner keeping in touch with family and friends).

To debunk this lie, visit that “cousin’s” social media; see if their friend list consists of your partner’s other relatives!

– They frequently lie, manipulate, and gaslight.

When a cheater’s partner catches on to their lies, they’ll use manipulation.

“Are you feeling okay? This isn’t like you.”

“It’s not even a real person, it’s probably a scam call!”

This way they’ll throw their partner off their tracks and make them feel bad about ever doubting their loyalty, or in this case, lack of loyalty.

– They emotionally “punish” their partners.

And speaking making others feel bad, cheaters “punish” their partners by giving them the cold shoulder whenever they’re accused.

If the partner finally finds pretty solid signs that the cheater is being unfaithful, the cheater will lash out and pretend to be hurt.

They’ll give a sob story and shut them out for basically catching on.

This way, the partner will feel bad for ever doubting the cheater, “If they claim to be so hurt by it, they’re surely not cheating!

If the cheaters succeed, they won’t have to deal with the topic of cheating ever being brought up again.

– They give you different excuses for the same things!

They give you different excuses

When they go out, they tell you they’re going out with friends or on a business trip, but they’re actually going out to cheat.

They let their friends know about what’s up so that they can cover for them—most of the time, people don’t immediately assume something’s wrong, so they don’t pry any further.

Cheaters use excuses that are believable and hard to get out of (hence why I took friends and business trips as an example).

– They try their hardest to distance themselves from the topic of cheating.

Cheaters try to distance themselves as much as possible from the very thing they are.

They don’t talk about anything related to cheating and won’t comment any further if the topic is open for discussion.

Depending, they might even claim to be really against cheating, but they’re only saying what their partner wants to hear.

They want to seem like this innocent, loyal person who would never even look another person’s way, yet actually cheat!

– Treating their significant other better than usual is also common.

We’ve heard of cheater’s guilt where they spoil their partner simply because they feel bad—this isn’t it.

The reason why cheaters (in this case) spoil their s.o. is that they want their partner to never even fathom being cheated on!

– They might even make it seem as if you’re the cheater here.

A cheater will accuse you of cheating. It’s called projection.

Once again, they’re trying to throw you off their tracks and minimize your doubts!

Because what are the chances a person who’s afraid of you cheating, is the one cheating? At least this is what they think.

– They intentionally start arguments with their partners!

For different, surprising reasons!

One of the reasons is that by arguing with their partners, cheaters have an excuse to storm out of the house and engage in unfaithful activities.

Another one is that they (again) get to make their partner feel bad about doubting them, ultimately making them less willing to talk about their feelings again.

Cheaters are great at hiding things, that’s why we need to be better!

We hate to admit it, but it takes a lot to be a cheater; all the physical and brain power that goes into keeping this up is truly sad.

Cheaters typically calculate their every move and do everything within their power to hide their tracks.

Because of that, it’s a bit difficult to know if someone’s being unfaithful—that’s exactly why knowing the sneaky ways cheaters hide their affairs comes in handy!

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