20 undeniable signs that he’s cheating — how does a guy act if he’s cheating?

Unfortunately, cheating in relationships is sort of expected—so much so that a person being unfaithful is nothing new.

However, the only upside in this situation is that many cheaters behave in a way that gives them away, mostly secretively!

And who’s to say that we can’t see a cheater coming? If you suspect that your boyfriend/husband might be cheating, keep an eye out for these signs:

1. He doesn’t enjoy spending that much time with you anymore.

He doesn’t enjoy spending that much time with you anymore

He could be directing this attention elsewhere, or simply feeling too guilty to be in your presence.

And yes, we could blame this on the honeymoon phase being over, however, men sometimes become distant once they start cheating.

He stops planning fun dates as a result.

2. Your sex life has also changed.

Be it him suddenly learning new moves in bed, or him not expressing the desire to do anything anymore.

When a partner cheats, they might experience an increase in their libido; it’s also possible their guilt is turning them away from getting into bed with you.

3. He suddenly pays attention to how he looks and dresses

He’s buying new clothes, wearing new cologne, and spending more time on his appearance overall!

And meanwhile it’s completely normal to want to take care of oneself, a partner suddenly doing this is a bit suspicious.

4. He’s really secretive with his devices and socials.

He’s really against the idea of letting you borrow his phone, and when he does (though I doubt he will), he’s anxious and rushes you to give it back.

Another sign is him unfriending you on social media under the pretense you see each other every day, hence there’s no need for online interaction.

5. He gets defensive/aggressive over the most trivial matters.

This is a classic sign when it comes to cheaters; subconsciously, they’re not happy with the relationship and this will push them to be hostile.

This is making him start arguments over trivial matters, which coincidentally also gives him a reason to storm out and go cheat.

  • Be cautious! A nonchalant demeanor is a pretty bad sign too. For instance, not arguing AT ALL means he doesn’t bother to solve relationship issues.

6. Whenever you peek at his phone, there’s one person who always stands out.

They’re the ones who he always talks to; he receives multiple notifications in a day from that person alone. And this is not something to overlook.

And if that wasn’t enough, he also gets aggressive whenever you try asking questions about them.

7. A cheater is usually distracted by his phone!

As we can see, there are a lot of tech clues having to do with this, since cheaters utilize their phones. Keep an eye out for your partner’s phone habits!

This is why he’s always giggling and smiling whenever he’s on his phone—when he’s with you, though, he’s always serious.

8. Despite his obvious increase in screen time, he takes an eternity to text you back.

He’s often unreachable, meaning you need to beg him to answer your texts and calls. This is what happens when cheaters develop a deeper fondness for their affair partner.

On a related note, he tells you your constant reaching out is bothersome—sounds like you keep calling at a bad time!

9. You see new, unknown purchases made from his bank account.

If you want to expose a cheating spouse, take a look at his bank statement—are there any purchases on:

  • Jewelry he doesn’t use;
  • Clothing that’s obviously not for him;
  • Fancy reservations he never took you to;
  • Hotel bookings, and more?

10. You keep finding stuff that doesn’t belong to you or him in his room.

Both intense arguing and no arguing are bad signs

And if it’s not yours or his, I’m positive we can assume it belongs to a third person: an affair partner. You want to look out for:

  • Clothing;
  • Jewelry;
  • Makeup;
  • Accessories;
  • Already-opened condom wrappers.

11. He’s started coming home later than usual lately.

He doesn’t come home when his work and/or classes are finished—he comes home later at night.

He doesn’t tell you where he is, what he’s doing, and with whom; he doesn’t let you know beforehand like he once did either.

12. Pretty obvious, but he’s cheating if he has dating apps installed.

Don’t fall for lame excuses such as: “I’ve had them for a long time, I don’t use them!” or “I only use them to make friends!”

As soon as a person gets into an exclusive relationship, one of the first things to do should be to cease being on dating sites.

  • To see if he’s on Tinder, you can use SwindlerBuster’s name, phone, or image search tool. It’s uncomplicated, rapid, and potent! 

13. He stopped making an effort in your relationship/marriage.

He doesn’t communicate or try to solve any issues you two might have, nor does he pay any attention or importance to you or the relationship.

Spending quality time together with you is a hassle for him nowadays, although it was never like this before.

  • Feeling as if you’re the only one making an effort? You most likely are. Cheaters stop caring once they find a new person.

14. Cheating may be involved if he has stopped being as affectionate.

This means:

  • No public display of affection;
  • Not saying “I love you”;
  • No cuddles after sex;
  • No more cute compliments;
  • No more kissing, hugging, or other forms of physical romance.

Once a person cheats on their partner, they will experience one of the two: feel remorseful or become uninterested in their partner.

15. There is little to no communication in your relationship.

Something the majority of cheaters have in common is that they lose the will to communicate because they stop caring.

The most you can get out of him is maybe a “Hmm.” or “Whatever.” because he’s keeping everything surface-level, without going any deeper.

16. He’s no longer there for you, even when you really need him.

No matter how broken down you’re feeling, a cheater’s nonchalant nature will urge him not to give you the love and support you so desperately need.

17. He’s completely emotionally detached from you.

VeryWellMind defines emotional detachment as the feeling of being disconnected from others’ feelings.

If your partner no longer expresses interest in your emotional state and well-being as well as doesn’t talk about his, there could be many reasons.

One of those reasons is that he’s being unfaithful, and as a result, he no longer feels comfortable deepening your connection.

18. “Work” seems to have him quite busy lately.

Cheaters love using work as an excuse to stay out late and go on trips with their lovers. And who are we to question them, right?

Well, wrong—considering how often people use business trips as an excuse to cheat, we have every right to ask questions.

19. Your partner’s friends are awkward around you.

You notice that his friends are acting weird lately—they seem uncomfortable and awkward around you as if they know something you don’t.

20. He starts criticizing you out of the blue and for no reason.

He starts criticizing you out of the blue and for no reason

He never used to have any complaints whatsoever—he always talked about how perfect you are and how you’re the person of his dreams.

But now, out of the blue, he starts nitpicking what he sees as “flaws”;

“This color doesn’t look too good on you.” “Why do you talk that way?” “How come you overcook this every time?”

– What are some signs he’s thinking about cheating?

If you’re positive that your partner hasn’t cheated yet, but is thinking about it, you might want to look for these indicators:

  1. He’s installed or visited dating apps on his phone, which means he’s probably used them;
  2. He’s only now taking care of his appearance;
  3. He’s started staying out late and being unreachable (probably trying his luck);
  4. He’s talking a lot about open relationships;
  5. He’s slowly pulling away from you;
  6. He started following new women in his socials.

– Cyber or physical cheating — Which is the case?

It’s definitely one or the other, and to tell, you need to know where to look.

For example, your boyfriend’s or husband’s affair signs should be related to his phone if he’s online cheating. E.g.: 

  • Putting a lock on his phone;
  • Spending an excessive amount of time on it;
  • Texting people, and so on.

Whereas physical affairs encompass the need to exert one’s body. You might encounter signs like:

  • Coming home late, looking ravaged;
  • Hearing the phrase “I’ll be busy.” quite often;
  • A physical form of pulling away, and so on.

They’re both equally bad (to most people), so just focus on finding out if he’s cheating.

Good luck!

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