20 Signs of His Phone Infidelity: Emotional Affairs

If your husband other is cheating on his phone, know that he won’t be able to hide it forever!

It’s emotionally burdensome having to deal with cheaters—they continuously give us subtle hints, so the worrying never stops.

But view that as a blessing in disguise! Even though ignorance is bliss, wouldn’t it be better to know upfront which people in your life don’t deserve your time?

To know if your husband is cheating online, these are the clues that you need to keep watch on:

1. All he does the whole day is text other people!

All he does the whole day is text other people

I may or may not have exaggerated it, but if your man spends his days mainly typing on his phone, then don’t ignore that sign.

He practically spends more time with his phone than you—and judging by his cheery attitude, he seems to love it.

Of course, it’s not his phone that has him feeling this way, but it’s the people he’s talking to!

People who cheat through text will develop a habit of spending too much time on it.

2. Whenever he’s unable to tend to his phone (sleeping or showering, for example), he hides it from you.

He either takes his phone wherever he goes or hides it when he’s not able to keep tabs on you.

For example, when he decides it’s time to catch some Z’s, he stuffs his phone under his pillow or hides it somewhere else.

Or when he showers, he takes his phone with him!

This begs the question, “If he’s going this far to keep his phone away from me, does he have something to hide?”.

3. You never get the chance to use or even look at his phone.

If he’s cheating on his phone, he’s going to refrain from letting you use it!

I can go on and on about why, but it’s obvious: giving you his phone puts him at risk of being found out.

The other woman could suddenly text him, or you might get curious and check his social media apps.

Also, whenever you’re close to him, he will angle his phone away from you so that you don’t look.

Depending on his level of caution, he might even keep his phone facing down at all times.

4. His phone is always so silent. 

Not even one peep comes out of it, meaning that he has:

  • Put his phone on silent, or;
  • Turned off all notifications.

Maybe both simultaneously!

He doesn’t want his calls and notifications to grab your attention and give you the idea that he’s talking to other people.

5. If your picture used to be his wallpaper but not anymore, then something could be up.

If your picture used to be his wallpaper but not anymore, then it could be the case

Though his changing his phone wallpaper doesn’t necessarily mean he’s cheating on you, it’s definitely something to think about.

If all the other signs are there, this one is the cherry on top.

I’m sure he’d feel guilty looking at your picture whenever he got done messing around with people online, so that’s why he would want to change it.

Cheaters tend to remove all evidence of them being in a relationship.

6. Others wouldn’t have guessed he’s in a relationship.

He hasn’t mentioned you in his social media accounts at all, so some people don’t even know he’s in a relationship.

This gives him the opportunity to talk to other people without having to worry about being found out.

Stating in his profiles that he’s in a relationship yet flirting with other people would be a huge mistake on his part—suddenly changing his relationship status and being weird about it is even worse.

7. He has a new, much more complicated phone password.

Before, you knew his password or he didn’t even have one!

Nowadays not only has he changed his password, but he’s put a complicated one.

When a husband suddenly stops wanting you to know their password, it usually means that they’re hiding something!

8. You can’t tell when he’s online and when he posts.

He has turned off his activity status so that you don’t see how often he’s online (if you know he’s online but not texting you back, you will know he’s talking to someone else).

As for his posts, it’s possible he has limited your interaction with him on social media in some way!

For example, on Instagram, you can restrict certain followers in different ways, such as hiding your stories from them.

If your husband is cheating on his phone, he would want to minimize your online interaction with him as much as possible.

9. His replies are delayed.

Delayed replies are a run-of-the-mill sign of cheating due to how much attention cheaters give to their side partners.

If your man has been cheating on his phone (and if he’s careless with it), he most likely stopped replying to your texts in a timely manner!

He has gradually started taking longer and longer to message you back.

10. He usually disappears in the middle of your conversation!

He usually disappears in the middle of your conversation

It’s very annoying for a person to suddenly disappear in the middle of a conversation, and if that person is our husband, that annoyance factor is cranked to the max!

But if it happens too frequently, it could be a sign that they’re texting other people.

It’s either because cheaters tend to get too distracted, or they stop bothering.

11. He rarely texts you first anymore, it’s always you making the first move.

If you’re the one always having to initiate conversations and hang-outs, then that might mean your significant other is cheating.

It could be that he’s slowly cutting you out of his life, which is what cheaters usually aim to do when they’re ready to move on.

12. Whenever you two talk, he sounds extremely unenthusiastic.

Unenthusiastic, uninterested, or distracted—they all work and are concerning.

If a person is cheating online or in person, their attitude will entirely change, so be on guard!

If your boyfriend/husband is very unenthusiastic all the time with you while also being obviously distracted, he’s probably talking to someone else.

13. For some reason, he always clears his conversations.

But the reason isn’t exactly unknown.

It’s very odd for someone to repeatedly delete their messages—it’s just not a necessity or priority for people.

On the contrary, if they’re cheating and their texts could be used as proof, they’d want to destroy the evidence!

14. You have caught a glimpse of his phone gallery, and it’s filled with another woman’s pictures.

If your s.o. has pictures of another woman in his gallery, then I’m sure you know what that means—if you’re not too sure, I’m here to confirm it.

It’s possible that he’s cheating with her.

I don’t see the point in a person having another person’s picture saved to their camera roll.

If that woman isn’t part of his family/friend group, and if she’s not a celebrity, then who else could she be?

15. He switches between two phones!

He switches between two phones

I can say with full confidence that most of the time, nothing good comes out of a person you’re involved with having two phones.

I don’t know if it’s a universal thing, but they usually turn out to be cheaters.

But before making up your mind about this, make sure that’s not his work phone!

16. He rushes to exit his social media apps or turn off his screen when you get close.

He’s quick, so you have to be quick too!

See if he quickly stops what he was doing on his phone (probably typing) and turns his screen off whenever you get near him.

17. Cheaters get texts and calls from people with odd, unfamiliar names.

When a cheater saves his lover’s phone number, it’s probably going to be something like:

  • A single letter/symbol;
  • Emojis;
  • A man’s name;
  • A “relative” title, etc.

For instance, if your man is getting a call from someone named “Dean” but you know for sure that none of his friends go by that name, then that person could be his other woman.

18. He avoids getting on his phone when he’s with you.

He doesn’t take calls in front of you, reply to text messages in front of you, or even get on his phone.

No matter how much people are blowing up his phone, he still insists there’s no need to worry as that’s his “friend” contacting him—or any other excuse.

He waits until you’re gone to talk to people.

19. He likes, flirts, and comments on women’s posts on social media.

And if you don’t consider that alone cheating, he’s probably tried DM-ing other women on social media.

It’s very displeasing knowing that a person we’re romantically involved with behaves this way with other people, but we need to take it as a sign!

Acting that way could only mean one thing: he’s entertaining other people.

20. He flips out whenever you call him out on his behavior!

He flips out whenever you call him out on his behavior

If your husband acts this way, then you know this behavior is pretty hard to ignore, so you’ve most likely called him out on it.

You probably wanted to know why he keeps trying to get with strangers online, why he never talks to you anymore, or why he’s being very strange around his phone.

These are all valid questions, by the way!

But if he’s actually cheating, he will:

– What is an example of text cheating? Is texting another person even considered cheating?

Yes, it is! If your husband texting another person makes you feel disrespected, that is considered cheating.

Examples of text-cheating include:

  • Sexting another person;
  • Flirting with them;
  • Failing to mention that you’re in a relationship;
  • Getting emotionally too close to a person other than your husband;
  • Giving someone too much attention.

There are different opinions regarding “cyber-cheating”—some seem to think that it’s not even considered cheating, whereas some think it very much is.

Personally, I think that inappropriately texting a third person fits all the cheating requirements.

If you’re positive that your significant other is cheating by texting another person (and hurting you in the process), then don’t hesitate to confront him.

You have more than enough reason to do so!

– How do you know if your Husband is secretly cheating?

Usually, I would recommend looking for any signs, like the ones I have talked was talking about—you can get a pretty good idea from that alone.

If he’s not slipping up at all, you can choose the healthy route and communicate your suspicions with him!

You can tell him about the subtle hints you’ve picked up on that have made you feel this way.

If that’s not how you do things, the toxic route would be going through his phone without him knowing.

It works, yeah, but at what cost?

It wouldn’t be fair for either of you—you’re overstepping your husband’s boundaries while also promoting insecurities and unhealthy patterns to yourself.

– How does a man act if he’s cheating?

It’s different with all cheaters, but in general, they start being highly overprotective with their phones!

As I said, a cheater doesn’t let you use or look at his phone.

Aside from tech clues, if a man cheats, it will also show in his behavior.

For example, he might be colder, more distant with you—he’s not going to be his former, loving self.

He’ll spend less time with you and make the little amount of time you spend together unbearably dull!

Don’t worry! If your man is cheating, he won’t get too far with it.

Just how long can he keep doing this? I mean, he’s attempting to hide a whole other part of his life!

Unintentionally or not, he has to expose himself sooner or later—until then you can choose to take action.

You can start looking through methods that will help your situation, such as going through his phone, texting him from a fake account, or tricking him into admitting it.

For now, knowing the signs that he’s cheating on his phone should suffice!

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  1. Need help my husband is cheating with someone over 15 years before we married with the same girl. it’s all on his cell phone but he keeps his phone by him all the time how can I get his messages

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