9 simple and effective ways to expose a cheater the right way!

Catching and exposing a cheater are two different processes.

To expose a cheater you need to gather enough evidence to confront them.

Thus, make sure that you have screenshots of their conversations, a witness, photos, documents, or anything that will help you to prove your point.

If you want to expose a cheater, you don’t need an aggressive approach. You should rather get proof and confront them in private.

Here are 9 simple and effective ways to expose a cheater and reach good outcomes:

1. Gather evidence by tracking their activities for a while.

The best way to expose a cheater is by starting to gather strong evidence.

Try to track their activities for a while and check if they are behaving strangely than before.

In addition, check where they go and who they’re hanging out with more.

In this case, you don’t need to play all crazy or be way too overwhelmed even if this situation is hard to handle.

  • If both of you use iPhone and other Apple devices, you can track where they go.
  • If you share the same bank account then you can get more informed by checking their receipts and expenses.

2. Use the SwindlerBuster tool to expose a cheater online.

Use the SwindlerBuster tool to expose a cheater online

Using Swindler Buster can be quite helpful when it comes to exposing a cheater online.

You don’t have to share with the world the results that you get.

  • All you need is to enter their name, surname, address, age, or gender and then you’ll know if they’re still using Tinder or not.
  • Another way to check if they have still a Tinder profile is by searching for their phone number. 

If they signed up on Tinder with their phone number, it’ll be easier to find their profile.

If you find their Tinder then you can have more proof to expose them.

What makes the difference is that you can check if their account is still active by creating a fake Tinder account and checking if they have updated their profile.

3. Create a burner email or social media account.

You can expose a cheater anonymously if you create a burner email or social media account and try to have a chat with them.

If you don’t have enough evidence and they’re very careful with their actions and their phone, this will be a good way to expose them.

Usually, a cheater who is used to cheating constantly will flirt with many people and one way to expose them is by flirting with them back.

So, you can set up a good profile on Instagram or any other app that they use mostly.

Try to avoid Snapchat because they might ask you to take photos at that moment and the lie can wear off easily.

4. Contact the other party and check if they’re down to cooperate.

Another easy and safe way to expose a cheater is by asking the help of the person they cheated you on.

I’m not suggesting that this might be easy and that always works but if they feel morally obliged to do something about this cause, they might help.

Thus, before taking this action try to gather evidence and check what type of person they are because they might end up hurting you.

Some people don’t care if they’re dating a cheater and might do anything that comes to their hands to make you look bad.

5. You can send them anonymous letters and check their reaction.

If you want to expose a cheater anonymously then you need to have certain evidence so they can’t deny it.

Otherwise, you will create some space for them to lie or gaslight you or the person they cheated on.

Thus, we recommend you gather evidence like their browser history, photos of their social media, their follower list or conversation, and anything that would help.

Also, if you have photos of them together then that would be more helpful.

  • Write the letter and let them know that if they won’t be upfront with their partner or significant other then you’ll let them know.
  • You don’t have to write your name or show details that will make them suspect you.

6. Become a part of Facebook groups such as “Are We Dating the Same Person?”

These last couple of years Facebook Groups such as “Are we dating the same person” or “Are we dating the same guy” have been very helpful to expose a cheater.

If you can’t gather evidence differently then you can try to expose a cheater online.

It’s easier to confront a cheater when you have specific proof. Now, all you need to do is post a picture of them in either one of these groups:

If other people in the same area are dating the same person, they will let you know. These groups are private and only members of this group can see the content.

7. You can hire a private investigator or a detective.

If you don’t have enough proof to confront and expose a cheater then you need a detective to gather more detailed information.

Thus, instead of spying with different apps on their phone or computer, you can do this legally.

It’s better when you seek the help of a professional because even the investigator will let you know what to do and how to expose a cheater.

They will help you find the lead and then make sure whether your partner, husband, or wife is cheating on you.

You can check out these services that will help you define your situation:

8. You can take a screenshot of autofill passwords or names that they have searched.

You can take a screenshot of autofill passwords or names that they have searched

Browsing their history and Autofill Passwords are another way to expose a cheater.

If you use the same laptop or any other device then you can check their Google history.

Even if they’re using Incognito Mode, you can still see their Google history if they have saved the Autofill Passwords.

– All you need to do is open their laptop or the one that you both use.

– Go to the three dots that are located on the upper and right side of Google Chrome.

– Go to Google Passwords Manager.

– Then you’ll click on Autofill Passwords and check all the sites and passwords they have used.

Just know that if you take screenshots of these, you will have proof to confront them but they might accuse you that you were invading their privacy.

9. Ask for the help of a counselor to expose a cheater.

Couple therapy is another way to expose a cheater.

Yes, this might look like an unusual way to do it but it works.

The counselor will use techniques to make them talk and it’s better to have a guide to know which buttons to push so they can talk.

They will ask them specific questions that will trigger them to give unwanted or unwilling answers.

Here is an example of a couple who found out that they were cheating one another but none spoke about it and tried to fix it their way.

They tried to fix the situation by getting revenge and continuing to simultaneously cheat on one another.

In this case, a counselor would have helped them deal with it and expose a cheater without becoming toxic.

What should you know before exposing a cheater?

What should you know before exposing a cheater

Before exposing a cheater either anonymously or online, you need to know that they will be a step ahead.

First of all, a cheater no matter what, even if they’re caught red-handed, will deny it.

They might overreact or gaslight you so it will be easier for them to manipulate your thoughts and emotions.

In this case, they will try to convince you that you’re looking at things or at the situation from the wrong point of view.

Don’t confront them online when everyone can see them or write a long post when you confront them.

Even if the cheater is narcissistic, controlling, or doesn’t have these types of traits, you need to do the exposure more casually.

Do it in private or you can include a third person that is involved and only if they agree to do it.

Even if they deny it in this case or try to manipulate you, you won’t get harmed as much as if you exposed them online by writing a whole paragraph.

Because when the cheater’s pride and ego are hurt, that’s when they decide that they’re going to give you a hard time.

Define your aim. Ask yourself why you’re doing this.

I’m not implying that you need to let all of this go without taking any action.

But, what we suggest you do is define the outcomes of this process.

If you want to expose the cheater because you’re hurt then that’s fine.

If you want to expose the cheater because you dated for less than a month and you thought that they were the love of their life then that’s not totally wrong but it will hurt you.

Dating nowadays has become very complex and confusing and at this stage, a cheater might think that they don’t have any type of responsibility towards you.

Especially, if you weren’t dating officially.

Don’t expose a cheater by leaking their conversations or photos online.

Exposing them online won’t benefit you at all even if you’re not the one to blame for their actions.

It might help you to feel good at the moment but then other people will jump into this mess and the situation might turn around.

People have the ability to make you believe something that isn’t true.

Thus, when their friends, family, or other people see those conversations then they might create their own version.

And they might make you the villain of the story. That’s why it’s safer to do it in private and not leak anything.

Is it worth exposing a cheater? What should I do?

Deciding whether it’s a good idea or worth exposing a cheater depends on you and the outcomes that these actions bring.

You should take a step back and analyze the situation. Check whether confronting them would benefit you or not.

If you’re dealing with an abusive and controlling partner it’s better to cut contact with them and deal with them legally.

As soon as you get the evidence then you’ll need to hire a lawyer to deal with them.

I am quite aware that once you’re cheated on or a cheater uses you then your ego and pride are hurt and immediately you seek revenge.

Hence, this is not the most ideal way to deal with a cheater. You can expose them by just sending the evidence, cutting contact, and moving forward!

The dating coach Bela Gandhi suggests that you shouldn’t jump immediately into exposing or romanticizing the version of the person you first met.

Wrapping it up: How can I expose a cheater?

To expose a cheater involves gathering enough evidence to prove your point and having a direct but not hostile approach to the cheater.

The most important thing is to remain calm and be direct.

If you’re dealing with a toxic partner then it’s better to expose a cheater in private and not only.

Try to ask help from professional therapists, and counselors and even ask for legal advice from a lawyer.

This is a hard process to go through, so I recommend you take small steps because the progress is bigger that way.

All the best!

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