Snapchat Cheating: How to spot it and What to do?

In general, the genesis of Snapchat is to have an intimate conversation, flirt or sext with someone without leaving a trace behind.

And it is essential not to jump to conclusions based on the app’s nature.

Hence, to define if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner is cheating on you on Snapchat, you should learn the ABCs of this app and reflect on their interaction with you.

Is Snapchat a cheating app?

Snapchat is considered a sexting app by some users since it allows you to send photos and messages and they disappear after opening the message.

The aim of this app as explained by the founders of Snapchat Spiegel, Murphy, and Brown was to form more intimate communication.

Hence, just like other apps this app can be used for cheating too.

Yet, people use it to cheat because it makes it easier for them to not leave any proof behind.

If they are sending kinky and flirty messages or hot photos they’re seeking validation from another person and this can label Snapchat as micro-cheating.

Typically though, Snapchat isn’t exactly considered a cheating app.

How to know if my partner is cheating on Snapchat?

If you want to know if your partner is cheating on Snapchat, you need to keep an eye on them for some time.

I do not suggest you spy on their phone but what I recommend is asking a few questions about this app and whether they know anything about it.

Also, if they claim that they don’t use it but suddenly hear a Snapchat notification from their phone or their number of streaks is up, this might mean that they might be cheating.

In the end, you can use third-party apps such as Social Catfish and check whether they have Snapchat and if they’re still active!

Without further ado, here are 9 ways to find it:

1. They use Snapchat late at night and get multiple notifications from this app.

If they are constantly using Snapchat late at night and during the day not only during the night, they get multiple notifications from it might mean that they’re cheating.

Even though cheaters are difficult to expose, since they’re quite careful when it comes to notifications they get or when and where they use this app.

  • You notice that they get up a lot during the night and use their phone sneakily.
  • Suddenly, they’re getting tons of Snap notifications but don’t tell you that they’re using this app.
  • They try to ignore these types of notifications and become very defensive when you address their behavior.

2. They say that they don’t use Snapchat: You notice that the number of streaks is increasing.

If they had Snap before dating you and you never talked about it then they might still use this app.

For every couple or person that comes to take my advice, I say that they should be honest and direct with the person they want to date.

  • So, if you knew that they had a Snap account and you might have sent snaps back and forth but never asked them to delete it, they might continue to use it.
  • This depends on their personality. If they’re dating to marry then they might delete it without asking or they might not use it.

Thus, if they are using Snapchat to cheat, you’ll notice that the number of their streaks is rising and they ignore your snaps or claim they don’t use this app.

3. They post a private Snapchat Story.

They post a private Snapchat Story

Snapchat has some options when it comes to posting stories to this app. If they are cheating on Snapchat, they will post only private stories.

  • Yet, to not make it way obvious, they might give you access to this private story.
  • On this app, you can allow whoever you want to watch your private story. It means that they have selected you too to watch it.
  • These types of stories might seem normal to what they post but still might have a hidden message for their next catch.
  • On the other hand, if they’re posting thirst traps that you would start to doubt, they would not select you to watch that story.

In this case, it would be harder to find out if they’re cheating without having access to that photo.

You can only open a fake Snapchat account, add them and flirt with them to check whether they will flirt back and share private stories with you.

4. They are active on Snapchat a lot.

They are active a lot on Snapchat

One of the signs that they are “Snapchat Cheating” is when they’re constantly using this app.

There are a few ways to check if they’re online on this app…

  • It’s easier to do it if you have enabled sharing location with them on Snap Map.
  • Go to your Snapchat and go to Snap Map. The Snap Map is located at the bottom of your profile.
  • Then next to their Bitmoji on the Snap Map, you will see when it was the last time they were active.

~If they have shared their Live Location then this would make it 10 times easier because their location would be updated at the very moment.

~But, if they’re cheating then they rarely do it.

~Cheaters mostly use Ghost Mode on Snapchat. When they go Ghost Mode, you cannot see their location or either their activity status.

5. They have on Snapchat a person they found annoyed and attractive at the same time.

If they have randomly mentioned how they “hate” their coworker or a certain person but find them attractive at some point, you should be careful.

  • If they have this person on Snapchat and when you ask them why they have them on Snapchat, they will not give you a specific answer.
  • Thus, if you know that they don’t use much Snapchat but their streaks keep increasing then they might send snaps to one another.

Their hating on them might be a strategy to create confusion so you won’t find out or catch them cheating online.

6. They don’t like to use the 24h option on Snapchat.

They dont like to use the 24h option on Snapchat

If you came across their snap or you just talked about the 24h feature of this app and they disliked it then there might be a reason.

I’m not implying that all people who don’t like this particular feature are cheaters.

  • Hence, if they seem quite distracted and aren’t interested in planning dates with you or don’t want to have sex with you out of nowhere, they might be cheating.
  • Snapchat Cheating can give them that adrenaline rush where they have a good time, don’t have any responsibilities towards them, and don’t get caught.

Thus, if they use the 24h option, what they talk with others on this app will be saved on this app.

Still, the snaps that they send won’t be saved or you won’t be able to view them/reload even if they use the 24h option.

7. They have multiple Snapchat accounts.

You can check if they have multiple accounts by saving their phone number.

When someone opens a Snapchat account and you have only their number in your contact list, then you’ll be notified that they have a Snapchat account.

If they have different phone numbers then it will be more difficult to find out they’re on Snapchat.

You should know that they might also use nicknames as their Snapchat username.

They can also sign up with their email too. If they sign up by email, you won’t get a notification that this particular person is using this app.

8. They constantly invest in their Bitmojis.

This might seem odd to you but this was a small element that one of my clients mentioned.

She said I don’t know why I find it weird but my boyfriend is constantly changing his Bitmoji and trying to make it more interesting each time.

  • I asked her, did he ever discuss this with you or mention anything? Even though it’s not something that important to bring up in the conversation.

Yet, after a few sessions, we came to the conclusion that he was changing his Bitmoji every time a girl said something specific about it.

As a final result, he tried to enrich his profile, trying to look cooler and more important to them.

9. They have a Snapchat Best Friend.

They have a Snapchat bestfriend

Among the many ways of telling who your partner is texting online, Snapchat is one of them too.

The Snapchat best friend is the one who they text the most.

This can be a bit more difficult to spot if you don’t have access to their Snapchat profile.

But, if you can use their phone for a bit then you can just quickly check on their Snapchat.

  • Go to the conversations they are having with other people.
  • Click on the name that looks more unusual then click on their profile.
  • You will be able to see their score rate and their status (Best Friends).

What to do if you find out that they are cheating on you on Snapchat?

What to do if you find out that they are cheating on you on Snapchat

If you find out that they’re cheating you on Snapchat then you should set your boundaries immediately.

Even though I mentioned before that Snapchat wasn’t created to be a cheating app, it’s known that people ask and use it for cheating.

~I recommend you to not use spying apps to check if they’re cheating because that would invade their privacy even though you want to prove a point.

It’s better to track their other actions and how they behave with you.

~Don’t ask them for their Snapchat password or username. By asking them this, you will create time for them to use another lie.

Also, they might gaslight you and will accuse you of not trusting them and invading their personal space.

~Ask questions and try to get to the root of the problem. You can ask them specific questions but be careful not to accuse them without any clear proof.

Try to listen to them too and then decide what’s best for you.

~Before rushing and making an instant decision, you can consider couples counseling.

It’s better to ask for a second opinion and then decide whether you want to continue the relationship or not.

The conclusion.

Snapchat Cheating is the easiest thing that anyone who wants to cheat can do.

You can text, send hot photos or any type of media and voice messages and if they don’t use the 24h option on Snapchat, that type of media won’t be saved.

So you or your partner are safe when it comes to the point of getting caught.

Also, people who have Snapchat have limited information about themselves on their profile and don’t have profile pictures as on Instagram, Facebook, or other apps.

So, to find out if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is cheating on Snapchat, you need to reflect on your doubts and investigate them.

Good luck!

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