7 easy ways to tell if someone is active on Tinder or hiding it!

Telling if someone is active on Tinder might seem like a hard task but no worries, you don’t need to put on your Sherlock gloves to find it out.

Just make sure to know the difference between Being Active on Tinder and Recently Active on Tinder.

Then, we’ll enlighten you on how to master Tinder!

Inactive Account vs Active vs Recently Active

Let’s start with what an Inactive account is on Tinder. 

~When someone hasn’t logged in for a few months or longer on Tinder, that is considered an Inactive Account.

Tinder won’t suggest their account and their accounts will go at the end of the list.

– Whereas, if someone is active on Tinder their profile appears on your swiping feed, they may have a recently active status on Tinder, and their location miles/kilometers change from time to time.

It means they are using that account. If you already matched with one another then you’ll notice they might have updated their photos, bio, and the like.

To find out if someone was recently active then you can check for

  • The recently active status on their Tinder profile;
  • Updates in their Tinder profile such as photos, bios, and location.

If that location changes within 24 hours then you know that they have been recently active on Tinder.

There’s no time to waste, you need answers, thus here are 7 detailed ways to tell if someone is active on Tinder:

1. You see their distance frequently updating.

location or distance shown on their tinder profile

Tinder will update your location when you have the app installed on your phone and have your location turned on for Tinder.

If your match’s distance changes constantly then that means that someone has been active on Tinder.

They have been active while swiping left and right. They might be doing it just to kill the boredom or have fun but still, it means they’re using it.

Remember that checking their distance only works if you match them.

Tinder asks permission to your location, hence it will detect that this user changed the location even without opening it.

To check if someone is using Tinder, you can use our website SwindlerBuster. Go to site, look for a way to search Tinder profiles, and put in the person’s name or phone number. If you find their profile, it might mean they use Tinder.

2. This profile was shown on your swiping feed.

To know if a Tinder account is active, you’ve got to see if Tinder suggests that profile on your swiping feed.

Tinder doesn’t typically suggest inactive profiles unless you’ve swiped through every single active profile shown in your swiping feed.

That being said, Tinder knows that it would be pointless showing you an inactive profile as a potential match.

Their profile will be at the bottom of potential matches.

Thus, to tell if a Tinder profile is active, set your location or radius the same as theirs, since Tinder tends to show profiles according to your preferences.

3. You can compare their recent Tinder photos with their Facebook/Instagram photos.

You can compare their recent Tinder photos with their FacebookInstagram photos

To tell when someone was last active on Tinder, you can compare their photos on their social media and Tinder.

If you noticed that the pictures they’ve put on Tinder are very recent ones, then you might as well just find out that this Tinder profile is active.

People often post their most recent pictures on social media, hence it’s a good reference point for when you want to know about a picture’s recency.

If you don’t have them on any social media and want to find them, then that’s not a problem! A search on Swindlerbuster or Google will do the work!

4. Their profile keeps getting updated (changes in their photos, bio, anthem, etc).

Updates on a Tinder profile such as changes in pictures, bio, anthem, location, or prompts indicate that a Tinder profile is active.

People often make such changes to refresh their profiles. To do so, you’ve got to be using your Tinder account.

Inherently, this indicates that this person is active on Tinder.

The profile doesn’t necessarily have to have a green dot for it to indicate that it’s set and active on Tinder.

If the user of the profile is using their Tinder account such updates on their profile are inevitable.

Keep in mind that pictures changing in order doesn’t necessarily indicate that a profile is active.

Tinder, sometimes, changes its users’ order of pictures to enhance their chances of matching.

5. Create a new account or use your friend’s account to match with them.

You can also create a new account or use a friend’s Tinder account to know if someone is still active on Tinder.

If a match happens, it means that this person is using this profile. There is no way for an inactive profile to interact with other profiles on Tinder!

  • You can log in with your Gmail (create a new one) if you don’t want them to know that is you and then take action.
  • You can try and swipe right to them, if they interact with you then you’ll know that they’re still active.
  • You can either start a conversation with them and check if they will continue to talk. Especially if you want to see if they’re cheating on you.

6. A green dot appears on their profile.

If someone was recently active or is active right now on Tinder, you’ll be able to see a green dot in their profile with a ‘recently active’ text next to – or below – it.

This green dot will be shown to all the profiles that have been active on Tinder.

There is, however, an exception.

Tinder allows its users to hide this green dot and maintain their privacy and turn this feature off.

The green dot will let you know that they have been active in the last 24 hours.

However, you don’t want to solely rely on the green dot to know if a Tinder profile has been active or not since anyone can hide it if they want to.

7. They get Tinder notifications.

If this is your partner you’re trying to figure out if they’ve got an active Tinder profile, then there’s an extra way to know!

An inactive profile on Tinder won’t receive notifications on the device.

That’s because it is either deactivated or long forgotten.

A lot of people tend to delete the Tinder app thinking it’ll also delete their Tinder account.

This is why some profiles are inactive and have not been used since forever despite them showing up on Tinder.

However, if someone is active on Tinder, and they have the app installed on their phone, they will get notifications from Tinder.

  • If they have their Tinder notifications on, they’ll receive Tinder notifications if they’re active on the app;
  • A good way to see if this person is receiving notifications from Tinder on their device is by peeking at the notifications they’re receiving.

How long does a Tinder profile stay active?

How long does a Tinder profile stay active

A Tinder profile stays active as long as someone logs in to that account.

Until they don’t pause, delete, or hide their profile on Tinder, that account will be active.

Yet, if they don’t log in for a long time, Tinder will detect it and log them out to examine the account.

Tinder chooses to delete accounts when it’s been two years since that account wasn’t active.

Thus, sometimes people think that they might have logged out of Tinder or deleted the app, and since they haven’t been active, their account will be deleted by Tinder for passivity.

Indeed, Tinder will not show their profile as before, but it doesn’t mean that is deleted.

And to explain this we need the STORY TIME!

One of our dearest friends and clients has been online dating for 2 years straight.
On March 2022, she found her soulmate and after a year decided to marry.

Her husband found out that she is still “using” her Tinder account because his friend told him so.

When he confronted her, she started to cry and assured him that she deleted the app and logged out.

Mistake number one, you should read the privacy policies and other conditions when opening, linking, and closing a Tinder account.

Together, we examined what she might have done wrong and if she accidentally might have logged in from Facebook.

Yes, she linked the two accounts and forgot.

FAQ: How to know if someone has been active on Tinder?

Does the Red Dot on Tinder mean active?

The red dot on Tinder means that you either got a new message, a new match, or that someone changed that profile.

Inherently, it indicates an account’s activity since they’re receiving notifications from the app.

However, Tinder does not display any red dots on its users’ profiles.

Is it possible that Tinder’s last active status is based on being active on Facebook, if these two accounts are linked?

No, there is no way for Tinder to mark your profile as ‘recently active’ just because you used Facebook – which you linked to your Tinder account.

You will not be shown as active on Tinder unless you use the app.

Tinder won’t mark your profile as ‘recently active’ if you don’t use the app, regardless of having your account linked to Facebook or Instagram.

How long does the Green Dot stay on Tinder?

The green dot on Tinder will stay on your profile for 24 hours.

If you’ve been active within 24 hours, the green dot along with ‘recently active’ status will appear on your Tinder profile and it will stay so for the next 24 hours from the last time you used Tinder.

This, however, also depends on the user’s server and their internet connection.

In short: How do you know if someone is active on Tinder?

In the end, to know exactly if someone is active on Tinder you need to do more of a deep search than usual.

Other apps such as Facebook and Instagram, can show you if someone is active without doing an investigation or paying.

On Tinder, you’ve got to do a bit more investigation.

What you need to do is to check whether they’re constantly updating their profile, their location changes, whether their pictures are recent, and whether they’re receiving Tinder notifications.

Just make sure that you’re not violating their privacy. It’s better to talk to them regarding this issue.

As always, don’t give up on creating a healthy relationship, and keep on shining!

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