8 flexible methods to find out if someone is on Tinder!

Trying to find out if someone has a Tinder profile sometimes might seem like an impossible and difficult thing to do.

Despite the difficulty, this mission is possible. If you’ve got an internet connection, you’re halfway there. I got your back for the rest of it!

You can go about this through indirect observations, online investigations, and a direct approach.

Let’s find out if someone has a Tinder profile through these 8 superb methods!

1. Search their Tinder profile by phone number using SwindlerBuster.

Search their Tinder profile by their phone number using SwindlerBuster

There are a few ways to find a dating profile by phone number.

Even though this isn’t an accurate way to find if someone has a Tinder account. 

If they opened their Tinder with their phone number and connected their social media with Tinder, you might find the same used photos on both platforms.

Otherwise, a more decent way to find a dating profile by phone number is by using a third-party app like SwindlerBuster.

All you need is to enter their phone number on the search bar of this page and click on Search Tinder.

You need to wait only a few seconds and the results will be sent to your email.

2. You can find out if someone has a Tinder profile by clicking on the “Trouble Logging In” option.

To know if someone is on Tinder, you can go to Tinder.com and click on Log In.

Then if you don’t know whether they have signed up on Tinder by using their phone number or email, you can choose to take a risk and click on Trouble Logging In.

  • You can find this option at the end of the Get Started window that appears on your screen when you click on Log In.
  • When you click on Trouble Logging In that will direct you to Account Recovery. There you can add their email.
  • If they signed up on Tinder with that email then you will get an email with their Tinder username and password to recover their profile.
  • Otherwise, if they didn’t sign up with that specific account then you’ll get an email saying No Account Found.

Sometimes, Tinder might mistakenly send you this email even if they opened their account with that email. 

To avoid confusion and get the needed and wanted result, you can follow the video with instructions that I’ve created to make it easier for you to understand.

Moreover, you might try to find their profile by using their phone number and see if they receive any text messages.

Try this if you have their phone next to you or if they are using their phone next to you.

If they don’t receive any text messages then they might use a secondary number, they might not have a Tinder account, or use another email to sign up.

3. Write their username on tinder.com/@username.

Another easy way to find out if someone has a Tinder profile is by using Tinder’s URL to your advantage!

If you think you can guess this person’s Tinder username correctly, then you’ve got to go with this method.

All it takes is typing tinder.com/@theirusername on the URL search bar. Here’s an example, tinder.com/@arthur01

Next thing you know, you’re looking at a Tinder profile without logging in!

4. Search them next to site:tinder.com on Google.

This one is a classic. And the effectiveness? I cannot stress it enough!

It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s super fast!

For this one, you don’t have to take your best guess at this person’s username. Their name will be just enough information!

Here’s an example, site:tinder.com arthur

You can use search engines to search their Tinder username

5. Check if someone is on Tinder by doing a Reverse Email Lookup.

You might have heard about Image Reverse Search but now we’re presenting to you Google Reverse Email Lookup.

If you want to find out if someone is registered on a dating site for free all you need to do is to know bits of their email.

You can use a third-party app such as Epieos or PeopleLooker.com and search.

Epieos is free, while Peoplelooker will cost you one dollar.

Add the name on the search bar and click search. This page will get information from their name, their socials, their address, and more.

If you want to make sure that the results are accurate, you can also use CheaterBuster.com.

All you need is to enter their name, age, the last location where they might have used Tinder, and your email to sign up.

For one search you need to pay $9. 99 + Tax. If you do three searches it will cost you $17. 95 + Tax.

6. You can use people directories.

To find out if someone is on Tinder by their name, you need to dig more and find more information about them.

If you don’t have their number or email address or age then you might use different people directories that will help you to complete the picture.

  • You can search for information about them on ZabaSearch.com.
  • What you need to do is to enter their name and surname, or their city, and click Search.
  • Using this tool, you might discover their name, address, and partial phone number.
  • But if you use the website Radaris.com then you can get more defined information.
  • What you need to do is to write on the search bar their name or surname or if you know only where they work and their name, you can still get defined information.

The information that you find from these tools, you can use to adjust Tinder discoveries and find their profile faster.

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7. Find out if someone has a Tinder profile by using apps to search for their photos.

Find out if someone has a Tinder profile by using apps to search their photos

Google Reverse Image is an excellent tool to find if someone has a Tinder profile but you need to use something that it will be more precise.

If you want to get more detailed results then you can download Reverse Image Search because the app won’t give you only results from Google Search.

The results will be from Bing, Yandex, and TinEye. Yet to use these extensions (Bing, Yandex, TinEye), you’re able to use a free trial for 3 days.

Then if you want to use it for a longer period, you need to pay $8.99.

 On the other hand, you can use Reverse Image Search & Find.

If you use this app then you’ll be able to check if someone has a Tinder profile.

  • Open the app and click on Image Search.
  • Upload the photo, click confirm and wait a few seconds until the photo is fully scanned.
  • You’ll get similar photos or similar photos of that person.
  • You can click on any photo and you’ll find the source of that photo and on which website is used.

You can use this app for free if you do three Image searches. 

If you run out of your free chances, you can delete and download again the app and you’ll be able to use it for free for three more searches.

If you want to use it longer, you need to pay $5.99 per week.

Social Catfish Image Search.

Other than two other apps, to have more liable information you can use the app Social Catfish Image Search.

All you need to do is to download this app> Click here to Select Image> Click Search> Wait for results.

This app isn’t free. 

You need to sign up to get the results. It costs $5.75 for a five-day trial. If you need to run an ongoing signup then you need to pay $27.48 per month.

If you pay this amount then you have the chance to do unlimited searches.

To know more about how to use this app click here:

Social Catfish Image Search!

8. To check if someone has a Tinder account you can go and do a little search for Autofill passwords.

To check if someone has a Tinder account you can go and do a little search of Autofill passwords

If you don’t have a Tinder account and want to find out if someone has a Tinder profile for free, go to this person’s Google Settings.

To try this method, you need to have access to their email.

Go to their email> Click on Google Settings>Click on Autofill and Passwords> Go to Password Manager.

Then just scroll down and you’ll be able to see the passwords and the sites that they have saved.

If they have saved the Tinder webpage and their password, you’ll be able to see what email they used and their password. Also, you can see a few sites that they used but never saved their password.

Important note:
Even if they are using Incognito mode you will be able to see the passwords that they have saved.
Using the Incognito Mode means that those websites won’t be able to track your activity.
It doesn’t mean that your Website Cookies will be destroyed or passwords won’t be saved.
The passwords that were saved until the time that they used Incognito Mode will be visible.

9. To find someone’s Tinder account you need to update your discovery preferences.

If you already have a Tinder profile then you can use the discovery preferences to see if someone is on Tinder.

If you already know their place and their age the rest is easy.

Go to your profile on Tinder> Tap on your profile> Go to Settings>Scroll Down to Discovery.

Update the distance and age according to the age and location of the person that you want to find on Tinder.

Also, don’t forget to set your interests the same as this person. The Tinder algorithm will prioritize people who have more things in common with you!

And when you start to swipe and their Tinder profile is active, you will stumble upon their profile.

FAQ: How to check if someone has a Tinder account?

1. Can I find their hidden dating profile on Tinder if they have used their email to sign up?

If their profile is hidden, even if they used their email to sign up it will be difficult to find their profile, even if you use a third-party app.

Because when someone hides their Tinder profile from specific people then they won’t be able to see their profile.

Shortly, their profile won’t appear on the Top matches for those specific people.

Even if they pause their Tinder account, you won’t be able to see their profile.

When they hide their profile, only people who they have matched before will be able to see that profile.

But, if they used a secondary phone number or burner account, you’ll be able to find their profile while using sites such as SocialCatfish or Spokeo.

2. When I searched for my partner’s name, I found dating apps linked to their name. They claimed they didn’t do it. How do I know if that is the truth?

Well, if there are other people with the same name as your partner, sometimes it might create confusion.

But, to determine if your partner is on dating sites and is lying to you, you can check their browsing history and the apps they’re using.

See if their profile is active too.

To get more detailed information, we recommend you use third-party apps.

These apps will provide you with even the smallest detail. You will get their profile picture, phone number, and more.

If those profiles align with their details then they have signed up on these dating sites.

Conclusion: How to find out if someone has a Tinder account?

To find out if someone has a Tinder account is not something unreachable.

All you need is the right tools and accurate advice.

You can get good results even if you use free thor-party apps.

Yet, if you don’t have much information about that person then you can use sites such as Social Catfish or Google Lens to search by using their pics.

If you want to find out if your partner has been cheating on you on dating apps then you need to pay close attention to their behavior too.

You’ve got this!

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