How can you find out if someone’s on Tinder without a search bar

So…you want to see who’s on Tinder, but don’t know how?

There are multiple ways that you can choose from based on a couple of factors, such as who the person you’re looking for is.

But, we’ll be covering all of that in a bit!

You can find out if someone is on Tinder through SwindlerBuster, Tinder itself, and Google.

These methods apply to finding Tinder profiles from a distance. It can be a partner, acquaintance, or Tinder user.

This can be done in 3 ways, on a scale of most to least likely to work—so, from most to least effective we have:

1. SwindlerBuster: Tinder Profile Finder.

SwindlerBuster Tinder Profile Finder.

SwindlerBuster is one of the most efficient Tinder-finding tools in the market.

It’s not magic—just impressive technology honed over the years to fulfill your needs!

Most commonly used for catching (the many) cheaters on Tinder, SwindlerBuster operates in 3 functions:

Function 1: Find Tinder profiles by name.

If you pick the Name tab on SwindlerBuster, you’ll be asked to put down the name of the Tinder user you want to find.

If that person is using Tinder, you’ll see their profile. If not, you won’t. Also, make sure they aren’t catfishing.

Function 2: Search Tinder by phone number.

You cannot open a Tinder account without a phone number, which is exactly why searching by phone number never fails to bring results.

On SwindlerBuster, pick the Phone option to find their profile. Again, if they’re a member, their profile should show up.

Function 3: Reverse search an image.

If you have their images, you can run them on SwindlerBuster’s Face search tab.

How this works is that by entering the photo of your choice, SB will find every Tinder profile using it.

2. Conduct an inner Tinder search.

Conduct an inner Tinder search

If you have a Tinder account, you can use it to fulfill your goal of finding a certain Tinder profile…but with a few tweaks.

This method is quite time-consuming, however, as you’d have to swipe for days and days to come to find a profile you’re not sure even exists.

Still, though, you’re free to give it a go.

a. Sign in with their phone number.

You won’t be able to, but don’t worry as your only goal is to see if that phone number is in use.

  • Go to the Tinder app, log in with their phone number, and observe what it says.

If it tells you the phone number is unavailable, then it means your person has already signed up with it.

b. Go to your Settings and change your preferences.

If your new goal is finding a specific Tinder user who might not particularly fit your preferences, change them.

Go to your Settings and tweak your date preferences in a way that represents your person as much as humanly possible.

Try to describe them as much as possible in terms of basic info (age range, distance, and gender) and appearance.

If you’ve done a good enough job, this user should show up in your feed as a potential match sooner or later.

c. Pick the ‘Trouble Logging in’ option.

tinder no account found email

Alternatively, you can use this person’s email to find out if they’re on Tinder by going to the ‘Trouble Logging in’ option on your Log-in screen.

Write down their email address, and see if an email is sent to their phone—if it says ‘No Account Found’, then that email address isn’t currently being used by a Tinder account.

d. Make the most out of your Tinder subscription.

Each Tinder subscription has its own useful perks when it comes to finding someone specific on the platform.

Some examples include:

  • Passport, which allows Tinder users to look for profiles in any location;
  • Rewind, a feature that allows paid users to take back their last swipe;
  • Seeing your likes, a useful perk that lets you find users you might’ve unintentionally lost.

If you’re already paying for Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum, make the most out of your subscription if you want to find out if someone’s on Tinder!

3. Look their profile up on Search Engines.

Look their profile up on Search Engines

Yes, you can search them up on Tinder using the numerous Search Engines in existence, but I can’t guarantee you’ll find them.

This is by far the least reliable of methods due to the fact dating platforms are very careful with what they reveal to the public.

– Look them up on Google.

Go to Google’s search bar and write a prompt like this one: @Ben.

Look through the All and Images tabs very carefully in case the profile of the person you’re looking for shows up.

You can try the same thing with other Search Engines (like Bing, Yandex, etc.), but Google works best for Tinder from what I’ve noticed.

To find a cheating partner on Tinder, you can…

We already know just how big the number of unfaithful people is on dating apps, Tinder especially since it’s the most popular dating app.

On top of the other methods on the list, finding out if your partner is on Tinder could also be achieved in more direct ways.

– Have a talk with them.

Boundaries in newly formed relationships can get a bit confusing, so your partner might still have their Tinder account.

If you think they’re not the cheating type, you can ask your partner if they’re still using Tinder.

Try not to take on an accusatory tone. Instead, be genuine about your feelings and thoughts.

– Look for clues on their phone.

If ever given an opening, snoop on your partner’s phone a little bit if you’re 100% sure your gut is right.

It is a bit unethical, though, so you might want to reconsider; if you’re set on doing this, look for the Tinder app on your partner’s phone.

Just keep in mind that they may have deleted the app beforehand!

– Be mindful! The profile you find could be inactive.

Unless you delete your Tinder account, your profile will be shown to fellow users (though in smaller doses).

If you use, say, SwindlerBuster and find out your person does have a Tinder profile, keep in mind it could be an old one.

– Analyze the profile for any recent changes. For instance, photos they’ve recently taken.

– Look for an activity status. If it says ‘Online Now’, they’ve been active in the last 2 hours. ‘Recently Active’ means they’ve been active in the last 24 hours.

If they’re active on Tinder, you know what to do!

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