4 Ways to Find Someone on Tinder by Phone Number!

Tinder doesn’t offer you a direct phone number lookup. 

It’s a bummer indeed. But no worries! There is still hope to find someone by their phone number!

That being said, yes, you can search for someone on Tinder by phone number!

You can search someone’s profile on Tinder by using external tools such as phone number apps or third-party apps.

Here are 4 genius methods on how you can do it:

1. Search for someone on Tinder by phone number with Swindlerbuster.

Swindlerbuster is one of those few services that provide you with the opportunity to search Tinder by phone number.

If you know this person’s phone number, then all it takes is writing it down on the search bar and pressing that search button!

Here are the easiest steps that you should take:

Please fill up this form and click the search button:

The service is specifically designed for Tinder searches, hence making it easier for you to narrow down the search to the person you’re looking for on Tinder.

Even if you don’t have much information on this person—such as last name or location—you can still search them by phone number only!

It will take a few moments to generate the information but it will get the job done.

2. Kiwi Searches: Find Tinder Profiles by Phone Number

Kiwi Searches: Find Tinder Profiles by Phone Number

To find someone’s Tinder by phone number, you can use another website called Kiwi Searches.

  • This app will ask you if you want to find the location of this person in the last 24 hours, last 30-90 days, or in general.
  • It asks you what type of phone you’re trying to locate.
  • It will let you know about their social network, their family, and their family members.
  • This app will also find the owner’s name and maybe other nicknames that they might use to sign up for Tinder.
It’s free to use. You don’t have to pay anything and you can get the results on your email. 

The user of that phone won’t be notified that you’re trying to find their Tinder profile by their phone number.
It takes some time for the results to be downloaded.

The searches are limited to Asia and North America.

3. Use Mr. Number App to Check Tinder Registration with Phone Numbers!

Use Mr. Number App to Check Tinder Registration with Phone Numbers

Technically, Mr.Number is an app that is used to block and identify numbers but we’re going to use it for another cause.

This app allows other people to write their opinions about the number that they’ve interacted with.

  • You can download this app on your Android or iPhone;
  • Then you can select the option “Phone Number Comments”;
  • If someone dated them via any dating app, there might be comments given there;
  • Many people leave comments regarding their personalities and warn other users to not interact with or even date them;

You should also know that he might be using another number to open Tinder and get dates.

You can get a 7-day free trial.Not everyone always comments on a specific number.

4. Save their phone number on your contacts and adjust the location on Tinder.

One fast, cheap, and maybe accurate way to find someone on Tinder by their phone number is to save their number to your contacts.

The next step that you should take is to open your Tinder account and adjust your location within the area that they might be in.

  • Go to your Tinder Account and click Settings;
  • Then go to Location and adjust the radius according to their location.
  • If they live in the same area as you and this person has used their phone number to open their Tinder account chances are high to stumble upon their Tinder profile.
  • Yet, if this doesn’t work for you try to use Tinder’s tool called Passport, where you can drop a pin on the map and check for profiles.
  • This feature is available only if you have Tinder Gold or Platinum.

The Tinder algorithm works in strangely genius ways, hence you can give this one a try!

Side note: Even if you don’t pay to get Tinder Gold or Platinum, you might try another method after saving their number to contacts.

When you do it and open Facebook or Instagram, you might notice that their profile on these platforms will be suggested to you.

If they turned off their discovery or blocked your number as soon as they opened their Tinder profile, you might not be able to find their profile.

Because Tinder changed its privacy rules in 2021, when it added a new feature, allowing users to block people who are in their contacts.

Before you could easily see more profiles from people on your contact and in your area but now it’s not that possible.

Why is searching for someone on Tinder by phone number a good idea?


Tinder gave its users a new opportunity. If you’re a Tinder user, you can block a phone number on Tinder from your contact list if you want to avoid them.

So, if this person has already blocked your phone number on Tinder, you won’t be able to stumble upon their profile by simply swiping.

This is why, searching someone on Tinder by phone number is a good idea!

Instead of swiping in hopes that you can find this person’s Tinder profile, you can directly find it by looking it up on search services!

Considering that we don’t ever get notified if one of our contacts on our contact lists joins Tinder, this is a fantastic opportunity to find their profile.

You directly find their profile with no need to wait or create a Tinder profile.

Other free methods to search someone on Tinder by phone number.

Most people might ask if you can find a Tinder profile just by searching their number on free sites.

Well, most of the time it works but make sure that you do an extra check too.

There are some extra websites that you can use to get more information on a person and their activity on social media or dating apps such as Tinder:

All of these sites offer you to check someone’s social media, location, and more, not just by phone number, but in other ways as well!

Does Tinder display your phone number on your Tinder profile?

No, Tinder doesn’t display your phone number on your profile. Hence it is slightly more difficult to find someone on Tinder by phone number.

This is why phone numbers registered on Tinder are not visible to public search engines such as Google.

Thus, it means that you need to know their number priorly if you want to search their Tinder by their phone number.

Usually, when Tinder asks you or any user to write your number that is only for security policies.

Whenever someone tries to hack your account or wants to send you an offer, they can do it over text messages.

So, don’t worry, you’re safe! Just check how you connect Tinder with other social media!

Are the results always accurate?

Most of the time the results that you will get trying to find someone on Tinder by phone might be accurate but not 100%.

Sometimes there are mismatches. A phone number that you will get might be linked with someone else and details or information might swap.

Yet, this might happen rarely but the easiest and safest way to search for someone on Tinder is to look for their age, location, and username.

You can also use their photo if you already are connected on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Then you can use their photos to check whether they have Tinder or not.

Don’t lose hope, you got this!

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