Finding someone on Tinder by phone number: What gives the best results?

Tinder doesn’t offer you a direct phone number lookup. It’s quite a bummer indeed. Worry not, though!

That being said…you can search someone’s profile on Tinder by using external tools such as phone number apps or third-party apps.

I will be categorizing all the methods into two groups: the one that requires you to sign up for a Tinder account, and the one that doesn’t.

You cannot search for your contacts on Tinder.

If you’re hoping to hop on Tinder and be greeted with a search bar like you do on Facebook, forget it.

Firstly, you won’t be given a heads-up when someone in your contacts joins Tinder, nor will the fact you have their # saved help with anything.

If anything, it’ll be a hindrance as Tinder prevents matching two people who know each other—we can also block certain people from our contact list.

  • Someone can have your number blocked on Tinder, which will be a great pain in the butt!

I have gathered the most efficient, useful methods to help you find someone on Tinder by phone number only, regardless of obstacles.

– Finding someone on Tinder by phone number without signing up.

I’m sure most of you want to steer clear of creating a Tinder account, so we’ll start with the methods that do not require you to sign up.

1. Search their number on SwindlerBuster.


Swindlerbuster is one of those few services that provide you with the opportunity to search Tinder by phone number.

If you know this person’s phone number, then all it takes is writing it down on the search bar and pressing that search button!

Here are the easiest steps that you should take:

Please fill up this form and click the search button:

The service is specifically designed for Tinder searches, hence making it easier for you to narrow down the search to the person you’re looking for on Tinder.

Even if you don’t have much information on this person—such as last name or location—you can still search them by phone number only!

It will take a few moments to generate the information but it will get the job done.

2. Use extensive, detective sites.

You can try your luck with paying for detective sites like SocialCatfish or BeenVerified.

Each of these services has phone-searching features you can use to look somebody’s phone number up.

My only issue with such services is that they may not be the most cost-efficient solutions. 

SocialCatfish, for example, costs $5.73 for 3 days; for BeenVerified, you’ll need to pay for a $29.99 subscription.

Though, you’re better off using sites whose sole focus is the Tinder platform, like SwindlerBuster.

3. Try logging in with the phone number in question.

No, you won’t need to create a Tinder account, only pretend you’re doing so by using their phone number.

Install the Tinder app, choose the Phone Number log-in option, and use the number in question.

This won’t show you their profile per se. If Tinder sends a code to the target’s phone, it means they do indeed use the platform.

  • Proceed with caution. Doing this will trigger a code to be sent to your person’s phone, leaving them feeling suspicious.

– Finding someone through your own Tinder account.

If you’re signed up for a Tinder account, there is a very limited number of ways to find someone by their phone number.

1. Save their number on your contact list and adjust your location.

Never underestimate technology. Although Tinder knows you two know each other, it’ll still match you with your acquaintance if compatible enough. 

So you can save their phone number on your phone, and then go to your Tinder Settings to select the distance as close as possible to them.

Exit the app and re-enter it for a fresh batch of swipers!

2. Create a new Tinder account…with a fake phone number.

Trying to find a cheating partner’s Tinder profile by phone number? You’re better off starting from scratch.

That is, making a new Tinder account with a different phone number (using your friends’ or purchasing one from services like DatingZest).

This is the only way to get around your partner blocking your phone number, a measure taken on their part to prevent being found.

But even if you weren’t blocked (which I’m sure you are), Tinder is likely not to match people who know each other: this assumption can only be cleared this way.

How accurate are the results?

It all depends on the method you’re going for.

For example, if you’re going for Tinder-oriented methods that are proven to work, like SwindlerBuster, the results will be promising.

You’ll find them on Tinder by phone number effortlessly, which is fair enough seeing how our tool has one purpose only:

Finding catfishes, cheaters, and acquaintances on the Tinder dating app by either name, photo, or phone number.

If you decide to go for something a bit shakier, like swiping until you find them, then the results may or may not be disappointing.

I say prioritize the success and time-saving factors as Tinder is the Pacific Ocean of dating platforms!


– Oh, and…they could be using a different phone number.

Beware of fake Tinder profiles! Fake as in they’re not using their authentic information (photos, phone number, name, and so forth).

If your person is doing the same thing, finding them is going to be unattainable. 

Not only will you be wasting time, money, and resources, but you’ll be constantly crashing into a brick wall, not knowing what went wrong.

Before you start your search, make sure you have the correct phone number!

– More ways you can search for someone on Tinder!

Why limit yourself to only their # instead of making the most out of the situation?

  • Use the Passport Feature.

Paying for any Tinder subscription gives you the ability to search for profiles by location. This is the Passport feature, available in Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

SwindlerBuster has a multifaceted purpose, used for even reverse image searching someone’s selfies to find their Tinder profile—should they be in use.

  • Try switching up your preferences.

On your Tinder account settings, change your preferences and pick them according to the person you’re looking for. Who knows? Tinder might match you two.

  • Google them.

If you type ‘’, you’ll get the list of all relevant Tinder members. Username searching works this way only for Tinder!

Or you can stick to finding them by phone number.

Regardless, good luck.

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