8 Ways to Find Out If Your Wife Has a Hidden Tinder Profile

If you suspect that your girlfriend is using Tinder, your gut might not lie to you.

According to this research done by the Global Web Index (GWI), 30% of Tinder users are married and 12% of them are in a relationship.

And to clean the air, you don’t need just to monitor her online activity constantly to find it out.

All you need is these 8 proven methods to find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder:

1. Check her notifications (including her email).

Tinder sends notifications to phones and emails when users match. If she is registered with an email, they will receive notifications there.

You might see these notifications if you share a computer or email. However, these emails can be deleted, or notifications can be turned off for Tinder alone. Never try to hack into an email.

Only check it if you have permission or if it’s left open. Looking at phone notifications doesn’t require a password.

If you see a Tinder notification, it means she is using Tinder.

2. Make the process easier by using SwindlerBuster.

Tinder has a lot of users even if you create an account and start to swipe left and right, you might not immediately find her.

To make this process shorter, you can use Swindlerbuster. One search is all it takes!

Where you can see if your girlfriend or wife is on Tinder. The procedure goes like this:

  • Go to SwindlerBuster.com,
  • Search by the standard info such as name, age, and address or by email or phone number,
  • Tap or click on Search Tinder,
  • Get your results!

Other than SwindlerBuster, you might use other web pages to search their Tinder username or profile:

3. You can use search engines to search for her Tinder username.

You can use search engines to search their Tinder username

It’s important to use different search engines to find her Tinder profile because Google and Binge will give you different results.

This method is less time-consuming and is free.

All you need to do is to go to one of these pages, go to the search bar, and then type tinder.com/@username

For example, tinder.com/@yourgirlfriendname

E.g. “tinder.com@artur

On the other hand, another option you can try out is searching site:tinder.com name

For example, site:tinder.com yourgirlfriendname


If she’s using Tinder with her real name, she’s likely to show on the Google results.

Make sure you check each page of Google that contains results regarding your search.

Also, don’t forget to check the search results on Google Images! You might as well find something there!

4. Search on Google by uploading her recent photos used in her social media.

To find out if your girlfriend or wife is using Tinder, you can search for her recent photos on Google or Pimeyes. Use photos she’s shared with you or saved from her Facebook or Instagram. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to Google.com.
  2. Click on the Google Lens icon.
  3. Upload her photo and click search.

If she’s active on Tinder and uses the same photos, this search might lead you directly to her Tinder profile. If you find her profile this way, you could use it to talk to her about it.

You could say you found her Tinder profile accidentally while looking up her photos to edit. Her reaction might tell you everything you need to know.

5. Creating a Tinder Burner Account to find out her hidden Tinder profile

To make a Tinder burner account, first, you need a different phone number or email. Next, choose interests that your girlfriend likes, such as reading and dancing.

This helps Tinder’s system find a match between the two of you, making her appear in your suggestions faster.

Then, start liking profiles. If she’s active and hasn’t hidden her profile, you’ll see her. If you can’t find her because she hid her profile from you, ask friends she doesn’t know to look for her profile.

6. Track her transactions or PayPal payments.

To see if your wife uses Tinder, check her PayPal or transaction history. This works if she paid for Tinder with these and you have access to these accounts.

If you both use the same PayPal account, you can see her payments and Tinder use.

However, tracking her bank payments for Tinder is hard without shared account access.

If she paid for Tinder in a hidden way, finding her Tinder profile through her activity might not be possible.

7. Check her browsing history through the WIFI router.

Check her browsing history through WIFI router

To see if your girlfriend uses Tinder, check her browsing history on WIFI. If she hides her activity or uses Tinder in a hidden way, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can assist.

Simply ask your ISP to show what websites have been accessed via your WIFI. This method works even if she uses Tinder secretly.

Parents monitoring their kids online or bosses checking on employees’ internet use during work often use this strategy. It’s easy to do.

If you have a friend good at IT, they could help too. Otherwise, just contact your ISP.

8. Try to ask for help and try Interpersonal Therapy or Couple Therapy.

A method that you can use to find out if your wife is on Tinder then you should try Couple Therapy or Interpersonal Therapy.

You might say but how does this help me to find  my girlfriend’s or my wife’s Tinder account?”

Well, let me explain it. Interpersonal Psychotherapy is a therapy to allows one to know oneself and improve interpersonal functioning.

Instead of asking immediately her if she has a Tinder account, you can try to pin down what’s not functioning in your relationship.

If you find the reason for not trusting her then you might find out whether she is using Tinder or not.

I found my girlfriend with a recent profile pic. Does this mean that she is still active on Tinder?

Tinder usually shows profiles that have been active recently as your top matches. If she hasn’t used her account recently, you’ll find her profile at the bottom of your swiping list.

This doesn’t mean Tinder will never show her profile, but it’s less likely to show someone who’s inactive. If she’s updated her profile picture with a new or special photo, it means she’s still using Tinder.

If you confront her about it, she might wonder how you know and what you were doing on Tinder. It’s best to be honest with her, but if you think she’ll lie or get upset, you could say a friend saw her profile.

Look for other signs too. If she’s acting strange or distancing herself emotionally and physically, she might be cheating using her profile. If she deactivated her account but you still see it unchanged, she might want to look into it with you.

I found my girlfriend’s profile on Tinder. Now what?

Finding your girlfriend on Tinder can make you feel many strong emotions. You might feel angry, sad, or confused, wondering why she’s there. If you confront her, she might get defensive. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Don’t react without thinking. Discovering your girlfriend on Tinder is tough, but acting on impulse can make things worse. Take some time to calm down and think.
  2. Talk to her gently to find out why. She might have her reasons for being on Tinder. Discuss it calmly, listen to her side, and judge if her reasons make sense.
  3. Express your boundaries. If you’ve agreed to not use dating apps and she hasn’t stopped, tell her it’s not okay with you. If she insists she’s not active, take some time to think clearly.
  4. If she’s not willing to make things right, focus on yourself. If you’re always worried she’ll keep online dating, think about what’s best for you. Make your boundaries clear, work on the issue together, or decide if it’s time to move on.

If you feel better alone and free from toxicity, prioritize your well-being. Not all relationships are worth sacrificing your peace for.

To get extra advice from a male’s perspective, you should check out this video:

What you need to keep in mind!

To check if your girlfriend is on Tinder, you might need to use search engines, third-party apps, or have a joint account.

If these don’t work because she hides her profile well, ask friends to look for her on Tinder by adjusting their search settings to match her profile.

If doubts persist without proof, it’s time to rethink your relationship. Talk about your concerns, work on trust, and decide if you should continue together.

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