11 free creative ways to find hidden dating profiles online!

Online dating has made cheating for cheaters easier and more accessible—unfortunately.

As opposed to social media networks, dating apps, and sites aren’t usually visible to search engines.

Not only that, we can’t search for people within the platforms either. 

And unfaithful people take advantage of that.

Little do they know though, that there are other ways to find their dating profiles!

Here are the 11 most creative ways to find someone’s dating profile (s)!

1. Find hidden dating profiles by using Swindlerbuster.

We are starting off with one of the most effective methods of finding hidden dating profiles—third-party apps/sites.

There are sites we can use for tasks like these, and they’re most commonly used to find a cheating partner’s dating profiles.

Most sites offer to look people up based on information such as:

  • First/last name;
  • Email address;
  • Location;
  • Username;
  • Phone number.

And sometimes, even images and vehicles. So, here’s your magical search bar!

All you need to do is visit a trusted and effective site of your choice and put down the necessary information.

And if you don’t know which site to try out first, here are some popular picks – besides Swindlerbuster – across the web:

They’ve proven to be practical and useful!

However, do note that a lot of sites that conduct these types are often pay-to-use because of how difficult it is to obtain information.

Also, before picking a service, make your research on it regarding its effectiveness and the area it searches people in.

2. Tools that find secret dating profiles on Tinder and Bumble.

Tinder and Bumble are considered the most popular dating apps with millions of people using them every month.

With such a large amount of people using Tinder and Bumble, it’s no surprise that a whopping number of people use it to cheat on their partner.

And that’s exactly why CheaterBuster for Tinder and BuzzHumble for Bumble was created.

The people over at these two respective sites aim to help people find out their cheating partners’ potential secret profiles.

And because Tinder and Bumble are the most used dating apps, chances are that a cheating partner would use them mainly.

All we need to do is put down a partner’s first name, age, and location.

Then, we’ll get the results of people’s profiles who match our description.

3. Go to Google Advanced Search Free Method.

If you didn’t know that Google has this cool feature, now you do!

If you’re looking for a free method to find hidden dating profiles, then consider giving this a try.

Yes, Google allows us to give in-depth details about our search for better results—this is done on Google Advanced Search.

Visit the built-in feature and choose the areas you want to specify.

For example, since we want to find a partner’s hidden dating profiles, we need to put their name under This Exact Word or Phrase, and the site or domain under Site or Domain.

You can also give details about language, region, and more—but that’s completely up to you!

So, what Google does after receiving the necessary information is showing results based on what you specified.

If, say, you put down your boyfriend’s name and picked a specific dating site, you’ll see results of all the people with the same name on that exact dating site.

It’s quick and effective!

Though, just a quick heads-up, this feature only shows results of dating platforms visible to search engines.

Regardless, it works amazingly for Tinder.

4. Use free reverse image search tools to find hidden profiles.

Use reverse image search tools to find hidden profiles

Another free method of finding profiles on dating sites available to search engines is using a reverse image search tool.

So, what reverse image searching does is that basically, it finds sources that use a specific image or visually similar ones.

Meaning that when we upload somebody’s image to the tool, it searches the web for sites and people who use the same picture.

People-searching sites such as SocialCatfish have reverse image lookup features, but you can also use sites specifically created for this function.

Sites such as DupliChecker and TinEye.

Google has a similar feature, and if you’re wondering, it’s that little camera icon on the search bar!

By using these tools, we’re not really uploading the images anywhere for others to see, so people won’t see what—or who—we searched for.

5. Make a dating account and fix the preferences.

One of the best—but tiring—methods to find someone’s dating profile for free is by creating an account and swiping away!

If your partner has been trying to hide their dating profile, you’re likely to see them on your swiping feed!

Create a dating account on the site your partner is potentially using and fix the preferences.

To make matching easier and more productive, a lot of dating apps and sites allow users to tweak their preferences.

Preferences such as physical traits, gender, distance, language, age, religion, etc.

Tweak those preferences in a way that they perfectly match your partner.

While you’re at it, fix your profile based on his preferences as well!

I recommend using a pseudo account with different contact details; you can also use a friend’s profile if they allow it.

6. Pay close attention to their social media activity.

If you want more information and better insight into a partner’s online activities, be on the lookout for suspicious social media activity.

I’m talking about:

  • Activity during unusual, excessive, and/or late hours;
  • Newly added friends you don’t know and he has no way of otherwise knowing;
  • Increased secrecy (e.g. hiding his posts, activity status, passwords, etc);
  • Constantly delayed replies;
  • A partner never lets you touch their phone, etc.

And more signs that could potentially indicate unfaithfulness on your partner’s side; behavior that makes you doubt their loyalty.

I want to specifically emphasize the second sign, constantly adding new people to their friend list.

Now, of course, people develop friendships throughout their lives, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about a partner adding new people—strangers—they have no way of knowing in their daily life.

Someone your partner doesn’t work, have classes or other similar activities with.

7. How to find hidden dating profiles by email.

If you ever tried signing up for a dating app, you most likely noticed that one of the two things are required: an email address or phone number.

Dating platforms do this to verify a person’s identity and eliminate any bots and/or impersonators.

Luckily for us, there are ways to use this system to our advantage!

You can find a person’s secret dating sites by email alone—let me show you how.

– Try logging in with your partner’s email address:

If you want to see whether your partner has a hidden profile on a dating site, log in to that site with their address and write down a random password.

If the site tells you that an account with that email address doesn’t exist, then your partner isn’t using the site—under that specific email address, at least.

If it says “incorrect password”, then your partner is using that email address for an account.

– Run the email address through an online tool such as Epieos.

Some sites allow us to check who owns an email address and what accounts are used with it. Hence, you can give Epieos a try since it’s free!

– Type the email on Google Advanced Search:

As I mentioned above, Google Advanced Search can provide us with useful results.

Under This Exact Word or Phrase, type in your partner’s email address.

8. Find secret dating profiles by phone number.

Find secret dating profiles by phone number

Similarly to email addresses, phone numbers are another sign-up option.

People usually create dating accounts under their phone numbers and even leave their contact info somewhere on their profiles.

– Search their phone number on Google.

On Google’s search bar or Advanced Search, write down your partner’s phone number.

This may sound a bit unlikely, but as I mentioned, some people mention their phone numbers on their dating profile bio.

And if that’s the case, Google will search the web for places with that exact same phone number.

– Look the number up on third-party apps.

Third-party sites also offer us to find people who use a specific phone number. 

Simply write down your partner’s phone number and expect the results.

– Log in using your partner’s phone number.

The log-in method applies for phone numbers too—if your partner signed up for the site that way.

Go to the dating site of your choice, log in with your partner’s phone number, and make up a new password.

9. Do a username search to find someone’s hidden profiles.

If you already have in mind what your s.o. goes by online, you can look their username up on dating sites.

Well, not on the sites themselves because they don’t even have a feature that allows that.

But we can find someone’s secret dating profiles by username alone.

– Online username-search tools.

Once again, online tools come to the rescue!

As I mentioned above, some sites conduct searches based on limited information—including usernames.

– Use Google.

Search your partner’s username, name, or nickname on Google’s search bar or Advanced Search.

It should look something like this: datingsite.com/@name.

And on Google Advanced Search, specify any sites on the Site or Domain box.

10. Finding someone’s hidden profile on Facebook Dating.

When Facebook launched Facebook dating back in 2019, it had its users pretty curious.

Since then, Facebook Dating has become increasingly popular.

Though it doesn’t have an app of its own, Facebook implemented Dating as a built-in feature and separates it from users’ normal profiles.

And that’s the trickiness of it all.

If you suspect—or are curious—that your significant other is on Facebook Dating, I got your back.

First of all, make an account under a different name or use a friend’s account.

After that, set your preferences in a way that they align perfectly with your partner (e.g. gender, height, age, religion, etc).

After that, go to More to Explore and click Discover Through Interests and pick your partner’s interests.

If you want to kick it up a notch, join the same groups and events that your partner is part of.

Then, once again, go to More to Explore, and click on Events in Common and Groups in Common

And as per your choice, you’ll get recommended people that are in the same groups and events, aka your partner.

And, the cherry on top: if you have a trusted friend—or relative— who happens to have your partner added to their friend list, let them in on the plan.

Add them, and then go to Settings, Privacy Settings, and enable Suggest Friends of Friends.

Because Facebook Dating doesn’t suggest people from your friend list, we have to make do!

As you can see, we’re using the algorithm to our advantage and maximizing our chance of coming across a specific person.

11. The toxic way: check your partner’s electronics.

The toxic way check your partner’s electronics

And the opposite of what I just said above, we can also go for the unhealthy option.

I’m talking about going through a partner’s phone.

Now, I don’t recommend this because it’s a “high risk, high reward” type of situation—that is unless your partner is innocent.

Not to forget that it’s also a serious invasion of privacy and being caught could possibly lead to a breakup.

But if you’re still curious about trying this out, here are some tips: 

– Check for any installed dating apps.

Of course, the first thing we want to do is check for any dating apps installed on your partner’s phone.

And just to be sure, go to the phone Settings and click on Apps.

– See your partner’s deleted apps.

It’s common for people in relationships to delete and reinstall apps periodically. Unfortunately for them, there are ways to check that too!

On Android, go to Google Play > profile icon > My Apps and Games > Manage > Installed > Not Installed.

On iOS, simply search the app on the App Store; if you see a little cloud with an arrow, the site has been previously installed.

– View your partner’s browsing history.

Though most cheaters tend to delete their browsing history, it’s still worth a try.

Go to your partner’s phone or computer and on Google, click the three dots and then History or Ctrl + H.

If your partner forgot to delete their browsing history, you’ll be able to see every site they’ve visited—dating ones included.

– Check Messages for confirmation codes from dating sites.

If your partner has signed up using their phone number, then he should have the message on the Messages app.

Go to Messages and look for any messages from dating apps.

Unless they’ve deleted it, you should be able to find it.

– Check for any emails.

Check for any emails

Go to your partner’s email app and check for any suspicious emails.

Similar to SMS confirmation codes, if your partner signed up using their email address, they most likely received a confirmation email.

If you want to be a bit more thorough with your search, don’t forget to check Bin, Promotion, and Spam.

– Keep an eye out for your partner’s notifications.

You can do this either while checking their phone, or by simply peeking whenever they get a notification—if notifications are enabled, of course.

Dating apps usually send notifications to people who receive likes, texts, matches, etc.

Can I find my partner’s hidden dating profiles for free?

Yes, you can find your partner’s hidden dating profiles for free!

Although there are ways you can pay for this service, such as with third-party apps, you can try other (free) methods.

Type the name of the person you’re looking for together with the dating site’s URL like this: tinder.com/@daniel or use Google’s Advanced Search feature.

You can also try reverse image searching your partner’s selfies or manually finding them on the app!

Do sites that claim to find people’s dating profiles actually work?

Yes and no—it depends on the site.

If you’re thinking of paying for a service that claims to do what you’re looking for, go with a popular and well-reviewed pick.

Do research on the site and see if other people have talked about it on online forums.

Will my partner know I’m looking for their secret profiles?

No, they won’t.

Using online tools or simply observing their behavior won’t alarm them.

Though, if you use the “phone-snooping” method and leave traces behind, it’s possible.

The final verdict…

It’s difficult finding secret dating profiles, sure.

People who use them to cheat tend to be extremely careful, and on top of that, dating apps and sites protect people’s privacy.

But there’s always a way!

If you’re starting to doubt your partner’s loyalty and thinking they’re up to no good, I got you covered!

Pick the method you think is the best, and get to investigating!

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