Is it possible to search by username on dating sites? 8 up-to-date methods

A lot of dating platforms don’t even have a built-in search bar, making it impossible to conduct a username search within the app or site itself.

Though impossible on the platform itself, there are other ways to conduct a username search on dating apps through search engines and certain services.

Without further delay, let’s look at the ways of finding dating profiles by username alone.

1. Type the username on the Google search bar.

Type the username on the Google search bar

If you’re looking to conduct a username search on dating sites for free, I have the perfect method for you!

– We can use Google to find the person we’re looking for by typing their username with a site’s URL.

By doing that, Google will immediately take you to Tinder’s site which shows all people whose usernames have the name ‘Oliver’ on them.

2. Use Google’s advanced search.

Advanced Search is a feature on Google that not many know about; it helps better specify what we’re searching for to get more relevant results.


Go to Google Advanced Search, and under This Exact Word or Phrase, type the name or username of the person you’re looking for.

After that, type the dating site or domain under the Site or Domain box.

And here we have it! All the users who have the same username—for free.

The only downside with this method I would say is that it doesn’t show sites invisible to search engines. But again, that’s not the feature’s fault.

3. Use Swindlerbuster.


Another awesome and easy way to do a username search on dating sites is using SwindlerBuster.

Although this one isn’t free, it specializes in the area. Doesn’t matter who you’re trying to search on dating sites, Swindlerbuster got ya!

Fill in the required information, and press that search button.

4. Online username search tools.

Online username search tools

Some sites offer their people-search services based on the information we provide (e.g. name/last name, email address, phone number, location, etc).

On these services, you can get different pieces of information about people using the same username, even dating profiles.

And if you don’t know from which site to start, here are some popular recommendations: 

Also, if you’re planning on using this method, you’ll come across sites that aren’t free to use.

Before deciding whether you want to give a specific site a go, I suggest doing a bit of research regarding the site’s legitimacy.

5. Conduct a username search on the dating site.

Not many of you—nor experts in the field—know this, but Match actually has a feature that allows its users to look people up.

It’s not visible on the site itself, but you can access it here.

A red text saying “Username not found. The member you’re searching for may have a hidden profile or a new username.” may pop up.

Flawed as it may be, there’s no harm in trying since it’s entirely free.

6. Use social media to your advantage!

We can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Since there are people who leave their handles on their profiles, search for any mentions or links for other (dating) profiles, and;
  1. If you can’t guess someone’s username on the dating site, look them up by their Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat username.

A lot of people tend to use the same username or nickname across social media platforms to make it easier for others to find them.

7. Give Usersearch a try!

All you have to do is select ‘dating sites’ when conducting your search and you’ll be shown results.

Here’s the part where you should select ‘dating sites’:


Although accessible, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely accurate, hence take the results with a grain of salt.

You might have results claiming they found an OnlyFans or Badoo account under that username, however, that isn’t necessarily true!

8. Consider paying for POF Premium.

Plenty of Fish might just be the only site that offers a direct way to search for members on the site, but it costs quite a chunk of change.

Depending on the subscription you choose (3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription) you will have to pay up to $20.00 per month.

After that, you’ll gain a Username search which you can use to look up the username of anyone you want to find on the site.

– Dating apps don’t allow intra-searching and they have their reasons.

You cannot search for someone inside dating platforms because it is considered a breach of privacy.

For one, Tinder explained how you can’t search for someone on the site, so you’d have to update your preferences 

This is why we have to go the extra mile, unfortunately.

Many don’t want others to know they’re online dating. Having an intra-search kind of defeats the whole purpose.

– Considering how many unfaithful people are swiping as of RIGHT NOW, they would never choose a dating site that allows this.

– Letting other people search within the platform will overall ruin many people’s plans, so most sites have removed their search functions.

Questions you asked frequently regarding username searches on dating sites!

– Can I search dating sites by username?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t search dating sites by username directly within.

However, you can search dating sites by username by using search engines such as Google or Swindlerbuster.

– Can I find someone by username alone for free?

Yes, you can find someone by username alone for free.

Although a lot of online tools are pay-to-use, there are free ways we can search for usernames on dating sites.

We can write down a username on Google’s search bar and Advanced Search feature.

– Does paying for a username search site give better results?

Meanwhile a lot claim that paying for a membership or some sort of fee offers more intricate results, it still depends on the site.

You can also ask Reddit and Quora whether that specific website works.


Conducting a username search for dating sites is tricky because of those sites’ privacy policies.

Don’t feel down, though—I said tricky, not impossible!

If you suspect your partner might be doing something behind your back, you can look them and their username up.

And the methods I’ve mentioned above will help you do just that!

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