7 clever ways to do a username search on dating sites

One of the most convenient things about dating apps and sites is how well they hide their users’ profiles.

A lot of dating platforms don’t even have a built-in search bar, making it impossible to conduct a username search within the app or site itself.

Though impossible on the platform itself, there are other ways to conduct a username search on dating apps and websites through search engines.

Without further delay, let’s look at ways to find dating profiles by username alone.

1. Type the username on the Google search bar.

Type the username on the Google search bar

If you’re looking to conduct a username search on dating sites for free, I have the perfect method for you!

– We can use Google to find the person we’re looking for by typing their username with a site’s URL.

It looks something like this: datingsite.com/@name.

For example, tinder.com/@oliver.

By doing that, Google will immediately take you to Tinder’s site which shows all people whose usernames have the name ‘Oliver’ on them.

– And another way is simply typing the site’s name and a person’s name:

site:tinder.com oliver


It’s easy, effective, and best of all, entirely free.

Note: because of how private dating sites tend to be, this method may not work for every one of the dating sites you might have in mind.

Despite that, it’s deserving of an attempt!

2. Use Google’s advanced search.

Another useful trick has to do with Google: type the username on Google Advanced Search.

Advanced Search is a feature on Google that not many know about; it helps better specify what we’re searching for to get more relevant results.

  • Go to Google Advanced Search, and under This Exact Word or Phrase, type the name or username of the person you’re looking for.
  • After that, type the dating site or domain under the Site or Domain box.
  • You can also choose to give further information regarding your search, and after you’re done, click the blue button that says Advanced Search.

And here we have it! All the users who have the same username—for free.

Conducting a username search with this method also gives us results regarding images relevant to the search word/phrase.

All in all, this is a solid and effective technique for finding dating profiles by username alone.

The only downside with this method I would say is that it doesn’t show sites invisible to search engines—but again, that’s not the feature’s fault.

3. Use Swindlerbuster.


Another awesome and easy way to do a username search on dating sites is using Swindlerbuster to do it!

Although this one isn’t free, it specializes in the area. Doesn’t matter who you’re trying to search on dating sites, Swindlerbuster got ya!

Fill in the required information, and press that search button!

Accurate and fast results. All it takes is one single click, and the results are yours!

4. Online username search tools.

Online username search tools

Another productive and useful method that is sure to help us in our mission is the usage of third-party online tools that do username searches.

There are sites created specifically for similar functions; to help people conduct a search based on limited pieces of information.

Some sites offer their people-search services, and all we have to do is put the necessary information down (e.g. name/last name, email address, phone number, location, etc).

Including usernames.

Go to a carefully-picked site of your choice and pick the username search option that the majority of these services provide.

From then on, you can get different pieces of information about people using the same username—including websites.

And if you don’t know from which site to start, here are some popular recommendations: 

Also, if you’re planning on using this method, you’ll come across sites that aren’t free to use.

Before deciding whether you want to give a specific site a go, I suggest doing a bit of research regarding the site’s legitimacy and success rate; consider giving it a test drive, too.

5. Conduct a username search on the Match.com dating site.

Not many of you – nor experts in the field – know this, but Match actually has a feature that allows its users to look people up.

It’s not visible on the site itself, but you can access it here.

This method is great if you’re looking for someone on Match, however, the results aren’t always satisfactory.

A red text saying “Username not found. The member you’re searching for may have a hidden profile or a new username.” may pop up.

And although it’s possible, this doesn’t mean that the profile is hidden or nonexistent per se, so it’s not too reliable of a tool.

Nonetheless, there’s no harm in trying since it’s entirely free!

6. Use social media to your advantage!

Another free way to find someone’s dating profiles through their username is by making the most out of their already-existing socials.

I’m talking about snooping on their social media accounts and gathering necessary info!

We can do this in 2 ways:

  • Since there are people who leave their handles on their profiles, search for any mentions or links for other (dating) profiles, and;
  • If you can’t guess what username someone could be used on dating profiles, try looking them up by their Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat username.

A lot of people tend to use the same username across social media platforms to make it easier for others to find them.

Also, nicknames make for pretty solid usernames! So make sure to give that a try too.

The same goes the other way around as well: some people mention their social media handles on their dating profiles.

7. Give Usersearch a try!

Usersearch provides you with free searches regarding dating sites!

All you have to do is select ‘dating sites’ when conducting your search and you’ll be shown results.

Here’s the part where you should select ‘dating sites’


Search their username, and see the results in a matter of seconds!

It’s entirely free.

Although free, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely accurate. Hence take the results with a grain of salt.

You might have results claiming they found an OnlyFans or Badoo account under that username, however, that isn’t necessarily true!

It’s free, hence it’s worth a shot.

More smart ways to find dating profiles!

If we’re looking for ways to find somebody’s dating profiles, that “somebody” is most likely a partner we suspect is being unfaithful.

Even though—as we know—dating apps and sites are usually quite strict with their user privacy, there are ways to look people’s dating profiles up.

Aside from their usernames, of course.

Here are 6 clever tips on how to find someone’s dating profile(s)!

– Create a fake profile and set the preferences according to the person you’re looking for.

One of the best (and free) methods of finding a partner’s dating profile is to make an account and start swiping!

A lot of dating apps/sites offer a “Preferences” feature that allows us to find our perfect match (e.g. age, gender, location, interests, languages, etc).

Tweak those settings in a way that perfectly describes the one you’re looking for!

It might take a while, but if you’re 100% that your partner is online dating on the side, the algorithm will have no choice but to suggest them this way!

– Try logging in using their credentials.

Try logging in using their credentials

This trick has been around for a while, and it’s still going strong!

So, what we’re basically doing here is attempting to find out if somebody is a user on a dating site by logging in with their credentials (e.g. email address, phone number, username).

The first thing you need to do is install the dating app of your choice or visit the site.

Then, instead of signing up, we’re going to pick the login options.

Write down your partner’s email address and/or phone number and type a random password.

If it tells you that the credentials are wrong or that the account doesn’t exist, then that means your partner doesn’t have a dating account under that email address/phone number.

However, if it says that the password is incorrect, then an account likely exists but the random password you’ve provided is incorrect.

The only downside in this otherwise foolproof plan I would say is the possibility of a person using different contact details when engaging in unfaithful activities—which is usually the case.

– Request help from your friends.

If you have a friend or friends who are active on dating platforms, ask if they could keep an eye out.

It’s a small world we live in, and if the person you’re looking for and your friend(s) are on the same app, they could match!

Simply tell your friends what’s up and ask them if they mind telling you when they come across a specific person—I’m sure they won’t mind.

After all, two heads are better than one!

– Check your partner’s emails and messages.

Now, this is a risky one because it’s a serious invasion of privacy, to say the least.

If you somehow got a hold of your partner’s electronics, check for any dating apps installed on their devices.

If your partner is smart enough though, they would have deleted it; if you see nothing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your s.o. is in the clear.

If we want to be a bit more thorough, since we already took the risk of snooping on our partners’ electronics, we need to check the Gmail and Messages apps.

If your partner has signed up for a dating app, chances are they either used their email address or phone number.

Both of which they need to confirm to proceed.

Check your partner’s emails and see if they’ve received anything from a dating app; to kick it up a notch, also check Bin, Spam, and Promotions!

Also, check the Messages app on their phone for any SMS confirmation codes.

– Keep an eye out for the notifications your partner receives.

Keep an eye out for the notifications your partner receives

That’s so unhealthy and I’m fully aware of it.

However, a lot of us don’t just wake up one day and decide we’re going to be suspicious of the one we love.

Those suspicions usually come from somewhere, whether it be current or past behavior.

Whenever your partner gets a notification—or too many—sneak a little peek and see where those notifications are coming from.

There’s a chance that your partner has their notifications on—as slim as those chances may be, something could slip.

– Talk to your internet service provider.

This is a smart method if you live with your partner and you two are the only people who use your Wi-Fi.

Consider talking to your ISP about what sites have been visited with your internet connection and they will tell you.

To do this, you can also ask a tech-savvy friend who knows their way around this stuff!

Questions you asked frequently regarding username searches on dating sites!

– Can I search dating sites by username?

Unfortunately, no. You can’t search dating sites by username directly on the dating sites.

However, you can search dating sites by username by using search engines such as Google or Swindlerbuster.

Because a lot of dating platforms don’t have a built-in search bar, we’re left with no choice but to use other means.

We can use third-party online tools that search for people!

– Can I find someone by username alone for free?

Yes, you can find someone by username alone for free!

Although a lot of online tools are pay-to-use, there are free ways we can search for usernames on dating sites.

We can write down a username on Google’s search bar and Advanced Search feature.

– Does paying for a username search site give better results?

It all depends on the site!

Meanwhile, a lot claim that paying for a membership or some sort of fee offers more intricate results, but it still depends on the site.

Before giving any site a try, first, see its ratings and amount of people using it.

You can also ask Reddit and Quora whether that specific website works.


Conducting a username search for dating sites is tricky because of those sites’ privacy policies.

Don’t feel down, though—I said tricky, not impossible!

If you’re suspecting your partner might be doing something behind your back, you can look them and their username up.

And the methods I’ve mentioned above will help you do just that!


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