5 Successfully find social media profiles by phone number!

Social media has become an irrevocable part of our day-to-day routine.

You’re part of the many people who are struggling to find a specific person in the vast sea of social media accounts by phone number.

Syncing your contacts is one of the few ways this can be achieved…but what else is out there?

I’m here to prove it’s possible to find social media accounts by phone number alone—let me demonstrate:

1. Sync your contacts to find social media accounts by phone number!

Sync your contacts to find social media accounts by phone number!

Social media makes it possible for users to connect their contacts with their accounts to find people they know.

If you’re looking for a particular person, and you have their phone number saved to your contacts, this will be helpful.

And if you don’t have these features enabled, let me show you some examples of how to sync your contacts on different social media platforms:

a)  Finding an Instagram account with a phone number.

There are two ways to sync your contacts on Instagram, and both of them are done within the app!

1. The first one is clicking on the profile icon at the bottom right of your screen, and then clicking the 3 horizontal lines icon.

After that, click on Settings and Privacy, and scroll down to Follow and Invite Friends.

Tap Follow Contacts, and follow the instructions!

2.  For the second method, you first need to go to your profile and click the Discover People button next to Share Profile.

Click on See All, and go to Connect Contacts.

Click on Connect, and again, follow the necessary steps Instagram tells you.

Exit the app, and re-enter it; now, you should get other (more) Instagram suggestions.

b) Using the “Upload Contacts” feature to find a Facebook account.

You can find people on Facebook by using a similar feature, called “Upload Contacts”—it helps users, well, upload their contacts and find people to add!

Open the Facebook app, and click on the bottom right Menu icon.

There, you should see an option called Friends; tap on Friends and click Upload Contacts.

Follow the necessary steps and enable Contacts for Facebook.

c) Enabling contacts on Snapchat to find more people!

If you’re mainly focusing on finding someone on Snapchat, then luckily for us, we can find people whose phone numbers we’ve saved.

Firstly, open the Snapchat app, and then click on the Add Friends icon (it’s located on the upper, right side of the screen, right next to the three dots icon).

Click on it, and next to Quick Add, tap on All Contacts.

Doing this should take you to Snapchat’s Settings on your phone; enable Contacts, and now you’ll be able to see the people from your phone’s contacts!

2. Find someone’s socials by looking their phone number up on search engines.

Find someone’s socials by looking their phone number up on search engines

People sometimes make other information (such as phone numbers) public on their profiles.

That’s why looking up on search engines social profiles by phone number could help us in our mission!

Go to Google, and type the phone number on the search bar. 

You can write the phone number by itself, or together with the social media platform you’re looking for.

It should look something like this:

site:facebook.com (555) 555-5555.

3. You can search for the phone number within the platform as well.

Unlike finding someone on dating sites, we can search for people’s profiles within the apps using phone numbers.

On a social media of your choice, click on Search and type the phone number you’re curious about on the bar.

—that’s it, simple as that!

4. Searching for free: the Google Advanced Search method.

If you’ve never heard of it, Google Advanced Search is a Google feature that lets us specify searches in a way we normally wouldn’t be able to.

Visit Google Advanced Search and fill in the boxes with the corresponding information!

For example, on This Exact Word or Phrase, you can put the phone number you’re curious about.

Under Site or Domain, you can put the social media platform you’re looking for, and so on.

5. Run the phone number through social media searching apps.

Run the phone number through social media searching apps.

Technology has come so far, to the point there are now services that help dig up online information—and they only require limited details, such as phone numbers.

However, such services do cost money and aren’t typically free due to how complex the whole process is. 

TruthFinder, Spokeo, and SocialCatfish are some popular picks among internet users!

It finds people’s Tinder profiles based on the very thing they use to sign up: their phone number. All you have to do is write it down.

Extra clever ways that help you find people’s social media!

Finding somebody’s socials with little to no information is a tedious task, however, there are methods to make the task easier.

Yes! There are plenty of methods we can choose from—and they’re rather successful.

– Find people’s social profiles by manually searching for them.

Let’s get the most obvious and tiring one out of the way; one of the methods is manually searching on social media platforms.

This includes putting any information you know down and scrolling through the numerous pages of people who fit the search.

If you know the person’s first and last name as well as what they look like, their city, and education, this will be a breeze.

– If you have an image of them, you can reverse-search it.

Another surefire way to find a person’s other socials is to reverse-search their images.

Tools such as Google Lens and DupliChecker help find images’ sources, including social media.

All we need to do is run the images through the tool, and if they’re being used by someone on social media, results will show up.

– We can find social media accounts by using other details as well.

All the methods I’ve mentioned above work well with other information—not just phone numbers.

Let me show you.

On Google’s search bar, type their first/last name, work/school, state, etc.

You can also find them using their email address.

Once again, you can choose to include the specific site you’re searching on.

– If you’re looking for someone’s Facebook profile, you can choose to specify your search!

The social media giant, Facebook, allows its users to better specify their search by filling in more information.

If you’re looking for someone on Facebook, give this a try:

Go on the Facebook app, and click the little magnifying glass icon—after that, click the name of the person you’re looking for.

Hit enter, and go to People.

On the top right, you should see a little icon that when clicked, says “Filter People”.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t work for Facebook Dating.

– Search them up by their existing names, usernames, and/or nicknames.

As we all know, finding people on social media is difficult—at times, we don’t even know where to start.

However, a good start could be searching for them using existing names, usernames, and nicknames.

If you want to find a person’s other socials or dating profiles (while knowing their current ones), use their username as a hint.

For example, a person named Elizabeth could put their nickname as their username. For example, “Liz” or “Liz98” on social media.

– Find their socials through mutual friends.

Find their socials through mutual friends.

If you suspect that your person has friends in common with you, then use that to your advantage.

You can use this method in 3 ways:

  • 1) Consider asking your friends whether they know the person or not;
  • 2) Check Suggestions and see if you can find them—if you have friends in common with that person, they should show up in your suggested list.
  • 3) Go through your friends’ friend list and see if you can find them there.

Can I find social media accounts for free?

The answer is an easy yes!

Though it can be time-consuming, it is possible to search for social media profiles for free.

Firstly, you can Google them using their name, username, phone number, etc, and include the site’s name.

Reverse image search tools are also a helpful, effective method.

As tedious as it may be, you can also manually search for them on social media!

These, and the many methods I’ve provided above will help you achieve the desired results.

Good luck!

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