7 free ways to find someone on dating sites by email

Dating sites have caused an uproar over the last few decades—they’ve changed the dating scene once and for all.

That sounds great and everything, but that very convenience is what makes dating platforms the easiest forms of cheating.

Little do cheaters know, though, that we can find dating profiles by email!!

Today I’m going to show you 7 innovative tips on how to search for dating profiles using an email address.

1. Use online tools to search dating sites by email.

Use online tools to search dating sites by email

One very popular method of finding online profiles is online tools.

Sites like:

They offer a reverse email look-up feature that lists hidden social media profiles—including dating sites!

Just visit the site of your choice, write down the email address you’re curious about, and get the results.

  • These services gather public information from different dependable sources—a report including all the information linked to that email will be formulated.

It’s quick, easy, and spot-on—depending on the site, of course.

However, keep in mind that services like this aren’t usually free because it is difficult to get personal information

2. Login using the other person’s email address.

Login using the other person’s dating email address

One way to find out if someone is on dating sites for free is by logging in with their email address—it’s a classic.

Go to the log-in page of a dating app (e.g. Tinder), and select the Login using email address” option.

  • Write down the email of the person you’re curious about, and type a random password.

If it says something like “An account with that email address doesn’t exist” then that means the email isn’t being used.

But if it says “Incorrect password” then an account exists, but the random password you picked for it is incorrect.

3. Click on the “Trouble Logging in” option to find out if they have a Tinder account.

Before you attempt to find someone’s dating profile, why not confirm they have an active profile to begin with? This method can be used on Bumble, Tinder, OKCupid, PlentyofFish, etc.

Let’s take Tinder as an example:

  • Go to Tinder’s main page, click on “Log in” and then on “Trouble Logging in”—write the email address of the person you want to find.

Note that to find this out, you need to access their email address.

If an email comes containing the log-in link, then this specific email address is being used for a Tinder profile.

However, if it’s an email saying “No Account Found”, then the profile doesn’t exist.

tinder no account found email

Be cautious! This person might find out if you do this while they’re on their phone—wait until they’re gone.

Here’s our video on how to do this method step by step:


4. Use Google (and other search engines) to find their dating profile by email.

Use Google to find their dating profile by email

Searching for someone’s dating profile by email can be done for free through search engines e.g. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

1. Type the email address on the search bar:

Go to the search engine of your liking, type the email address on the search bar, and hit the search button!

This might sound ineffective, but not so much if that person has made their email address public on their dating profile.

Since Google pulls information that corresponds to our search, it will do the same with their dating profile. 

2. Use Google Advanced Search.

Advanced Search works the same way: type the email address on This Exact Word or Phrase and decide whether you want to specify the site or domain.

I recommend filling in the Site or Domain box!

5. Check what dating services are being used with your partner’s email address through their phone.

Check what dating services are being used with your partner’s email address through their phone

This is a risky one because it involves going through your significant other’s electronics.

Visit your partner’s email service (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc); if they’re logged in, see what services have access to their email address.

This is how you can see this information on Gmail:

If they’re logged in (app or browser) click the profile icon < Google Account Settings < Security < Your Connections to Third-party Apps and Services.

On Outlook or Hotmail:

Visit Account Page < Privacy < Other Privacy Settings < Apps and Services.

And on Yahoo, follow these steps:

Click on the profile icon < Manage App and Website Connections.

Note that some services may not show up at all—so if you don’t see anything, don’t let them off the hook just yet.

6. Find out if your partner is on dating apps by checking their Email app.

What we’re doing here is putting the email address to use in another way…

And this one’s another risky method!

Snatch your significant other’s phone (I’m assuming you’re dating them) and open their Email app.

  • Browse through the Email app(s) on your partner’s phone and see whether they’ve received any emails from a dating site or app.

Search for any confirmation emails, promotions, and other notifications.

While you’re at it, make sure to check the Bin, Promotions, and Spam as well just in case.

7. On Gmail, look if your partner has saved any dating site passwords.

On Gmail, look for any saved email passwords

If your partner uses Gmail, I have a (toxic) trick for you:

Go on the Gmail app or site, and if your partner is logged in, click on their icon; go to Manage Your Google Account, and tap the Security section.

Scroll down to Your Saved Passwords and view Password Manager.

  • There, you’ll be able to see all the accounts whose passwords your partner has saved.

A lot of internet users use this feature to better manage their online accounts; if your partner is the same, you’ll figure out if they’re online dating.

Once again, this involves snooping on a person’s electronics which as we know, is not too healthy.

It’s also not guaranteed that your partner uses this feature.

– The downsides of finding dating profiles by email.

Remember that as practical as these methods are, there are numerous downsides.

  1. For starters, the average person has more than one email address for different services, especially for dating sites.
  2. Secondly, most dating sites aren’t visible to search engines, so they don’t naturally show up; we have to use different means.
  3. Dating platforms are private by nature, so that’s why profiles are difficult to find, especially by email!

It’s a trial-and-error process, thus I recommend starting your search when (and only when) you have proof that someone’s using dating apps.

What other methods can I use to find hidden profiles on dating sites?

If the option of using their email address isn’t presented to you, don’t sweat it: there are various ways to find a person’s dating profiles.

– Use their name and phone number on people-search online tools.

I mentioned online tools in which you can write down someone’s email address to see what profiles have been created under it.

And meanwhile, that’s a pretty effective way of finding someone’s dating profiles, those online tools can be used in different ways.

If we don’t know which email address a person is using, we can also look them up on SwindlerBuster by first/last name and phone number!

You can utilize people-search sites in a similar way (SocialCatfish, Spokeo, etc.) to gain a broader spectrum of info.

Search your partner’s username together with the dating site’s URL.

Another free method worth trying is using the person’s name and the site’s URL!

It should look something like this: datingsite.com/@name or datingsite.com name.

The thing is, though, that it only shows results if the site you’re searching on is visible to search engines.

– Run your partner’s selfies through a reverse image search tool.

To find someone’s Tinder profile, all you need is a picture to locate them—it requires little to no effort on your part.

Run their image through a reverse image search tool and visually similar results will show up instantly.

Sites like DupliChecker, LabNol, and TinEye search images and show results about the image’s source.

– Make a fake account and manually find them on dating sites!

Make a temporary, fake dating profile and use it to manually find this person on dating sites.

  • I suggest using a different phone number/email and fixing your preferences so that you and that person match.

Pick the same interests, hobbies, and other stuff that might help bring you closer to your goal.

– Or, just talk to your partner.

Chances are that you’re trying to avoid this, but, at the end of the day, it’s the best—and healthiest—method.

If you’re in a relationship with a person you believe is still online dating, you two need to have a talk.

Discuss with them about the suspicions and negative feelings you’ve been experiencing lately.

Ask for their sincerity, but don’t point fingers yet; calmly communicate.

When push comes to shove…

As problematic as searching for dating profiles can be, it’s not entirely hopeless.

There are other ways to find a person on dating sites, and their email address will be helpful in the long run.

If you’re set on finding someone, these methods will help you out!

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