12 clever tips on how to find hidden profiles on social networks for free!

Finding social media profiles is generally not too much of a challenge—that is unless they’re hidden.

It’s so frustrating having to look for someone’s profile with or without prior details—how and where does one even start?

I’ve been there, and I have to say: it is not a pleasant feeling.

That makes us wonder: is there any other way we can uncover secret profiles without spending a fortune on them?

Yes, there is! And I’m here to tell you 12 super clever ways to find hidden profiles.

1. Use reverse image search to uncover hidden profiles for free.

If you’re looking for a quick, effective, and free method to find hidden profiles, then look no further because I got you covered!

Reverse image search tools are online tools that help people search for similar-looking pictures or the original one’s source.

You see, most social media are visible to search engines, meaning that online tools can scan the web and pull out any useful information on them.

—including pictures.

Google has a feature that works similarly!

And if you’re wondering what that little camera icon on the search bar does, it lets us search using an image!

If you have a picture of the person whose hidden profile you’re looking for, upload it on Google’s feature.

You will be shown results and links of where that picture—or similar ones—is being used, aka, which profiles.

You can also visit sites specifically designed to finish these tasks, like TinEye, etc!

2. Search their name, nicknames, and existing usernames on Google.

Another cool trick with Google is that you can find people’s profiles in the blink of an eye.

Simply type the site and name you’re looking for on the search bar, here are some examples:

  • site: facebook.com shawn
  • site: instagram.com shawn
  • site:linkedin.com shawn james

By doing this, you’ll get results for everybody on these social media who goes by “Shawn”.

This is quick, useful, and best of all, free.

Also, if you don’t know what to search, nicknames and other existing usernames are a good start.

For a more specific and detailed result, we can also give Google Advanced Search a try!

All that needs to be done is fill the respective boxes with the information it requires.

For example, under This Exact Word or Phrase, write down the first/last name, username, and nickname of the person you’re looking for.

Under Site or Domain, you can choose to specify the social media account you want to look in.

3. Sync your contacts on your social media accounts.

Sync your contacts on your social media accounts

Have you ever been spending time on your socials, and you suddenly get a notification saying “Sync Contacts”?

That’s the platform offering to let you discover more people you know using your phone number.

Basically, if you have the person you’re looking for added to your contact list and you enable this feature, there’s a high chance they’ll get suggested to you.

Most social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc, have this feature and it can usually be accessed on the apps’ Privacy & Settings.

So, if you’re hoping to uncover someone’s hidden profiles, give syncing your contacts a try!

You can also enable this feature from your phone’s Settings, in the Apps section.

Turn the feature on and look through the newly-suggested people that have shown up; there’s a high chance you’ll find exactly who you’re looking for.

4. If you’re looking for someone on Facebook, you can further specify your search!

Yes! Facebook allows us to give more details regarding the person we’re searching for.

I cannot recommend this method enough—especially if you want to find someone’s profile while having a handsome amount of information!

If you’re 100% sure that this person has a Facebook profile but is keeping it hidden, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to Facebook’s search bar and type their first and last name.
  • Click on People, then choose what you want to specify.

    You can give information about where the person lives, works, goes to school, and more.

This is a smart way to tell Facebook who you’re looking for and which people to suggest.

As opposed to simply typing a person’s name and scrolling through countless pages of people with the same name while trying to pinpoint somebody.

5. Take a peek at their following.

Hear me out!

A lot of people have 2nd or even 3rd accounts that they don’t show to other people—or they do, but only to specific people.

Such is the case with “finstas”: fake Instagram accounts people use to interact with others more privately.

I know people with such accounts, and they sometimes follow them on their main one.

Of course, this isn’t the case with everybody, but there’s no harm in trying.

Check the person’s following and see if you can hint at an account that might belong to them.

Pay close attention to their username, friend list, and other details that direct you to them.

6. Check their friends’ friend list.

Check their friends’ friend list

Following up on what I previously said—while you’re at it, give a quick peek at their friends’ friend list.

As we know, some people keep certain profiles—or even their main ones—a secret from other people.

Though, I highly doubt they’re not following at least some of their good friends.

That’s the point of social media, after all!

And when you think about it, it makes sense: we enjoy interacting with our close friends online.

Go through the friend list of that person’s friends and see if you can find an account that looks familiar.

Check for any pictures, posts, and/or usernames that ring a bell and make you think “That’s definitely something [name] would do.”

This is an especially smart thing to do if you already know the person and their social circle!

7. On your account, scroll through the suggested people list.

Social media platforms are always on the lookout for people we potentially know; they suggest those people and aim to keep connections going.

If you know this person and you think you have some sort of connection with them, then you can find their profiles on the suggested people list.

For example, on Instagram, you can go to your profile and click the little button—Discover People—next to the Share Profile button.

On Facebook, from your feed, click Friends in the left menu, and scroll down to People You May Know.

And on Snapchat, simply click on the top right button and view the Quick Add section.

And many more!

The point is, if we want to uncover somebody’s hidden profiles, we have to make the most out of the algorithm.

If you have some sort of connection with this person, like:

  • Friends in common;
  • Saved contact details;
  • Similar interests;
  • The same place of work/school, or more, social media networks will try suggesting them in the hopes that you know each other.

And chances are, that you do know each other.

8. Use online tools that help uncover hidden accounts for free.

The beauty of technology!

Finding someone’s hidden social media accounts can be a hassle—especially if done manually.

Nonetheless, we can make it easier by working smarter.

I’m talking about online tools that help pinpoint people (e.g. people-lookup sites, browser extensions, etc).

Tools such as Swindlerbuster, SocialSearcher, Picuki, and Epieos, for example, require limited information to find a person’s social media accounts—for free.

All we need to do is fill in the boxes, and we’re good to go!

There are also browser extensions that find people’s socials—including the ones they want to keep a secret.

Extensions such as ClearBit which finds what social media accounts are linked to a specific email address!

But before picking an online tool, I highly suggest doing research on it.

Some sites/apps may not give satisfactory results or even be safe to use; read about the service or see if someone else has already reviewed it online.

9. Scan the socials you already know about for mentions of other profiles.

Scan the socials you already know about for mentions of other profiles

Another way you can find a person’s hidden profiles is through their public ones.

A lot of people who have more than one account leave some sort of traces behind—it could be:

  • A follow;
  • Some sort of interaction between the two profiles (e.g. a like);
  • A similarity in social media activity;
  • Similar handles/profile pictures;
  • Or even a mention.

For this, we need to get our thinking caps on and thoroughly analyze how a person’s main account is linked to their secondary ones.

Check—again—their following list, their posts, their interests, and overall account to see if anything fits.

See if someone from their following or if someone from your suggested list fits the description—you’re seeing them for a reason, after all.

Also, since a lot of people link their other accounts on their socials’ bio, check for that too!

It may be a long shot, but it’s worth trying.

10. Manually search on social networks.

If no other shortcuts work, then maybe it’s best we take the long way.

I’m talking about going on social media and manually searching for the person you’re looking for.

Type their first/last name, nickname, username, and or/email address on social media and look through the pages.

To maximize the chances of finding someone’s secret profiles, make the most out of sites’ filter systems.

For example, if the person you’re looking for goes to a specific school, if given the option, filter the results of people in that school.

Facebook offers features similar to this!

11. For a partner, you can snoop around their phone.

If the person whose secret accounts you’re looking for is a partner you suspect might be cheating, you can ask to go through their phone.

Well, that or go through their phone without telling them—which I don’t recommend.

It’s very toxic, and that’s why I believe it’s for the best if you either ask for permission or don’t do it at all.

But yes, technically, you can find out if a partner has secret profiles by checking their phone.

Check their downloaded apps, texts, Password Manager apps/features, and other indicators.

However, keep in mind that this is unhealthy; it should never come to this.

If you ask your partner to go through their phone, they might decline or feel offended.

And if you decide to just go for it without asking them, then they might notice or catch you red-handed.

So, all in all, not a very good method; consider other ways.

12. Create a different account and try searching again.

Create a different account and try searching again

I think it’s time we consider that the reason we can’t find somebody’s profile is because they have restricted us in some way.

Maybe they’re trying to cover up something they’re doing, or maybe they have their reasons.

In this case, we can’t find their profiles, no matter what.

It might take a while and it’s going to be super annoying, but if you’re that determined to find a person’s—potential—hidden accounts, consider making a new account (with a different name) and try again.

Search for their name and/or usernames and see if anyone new shows up.

Who knows! With enough luck, you’ll find what—or who—you’re looking for.

– What apps find hidden social media accounts?

As I mentioned above, we can use free alternatives to online tools.

However, if you’re looking for a more detailed and accurate search, there are pay-to-use sites you can look into, such as:

Put down the required information, and expect results on social media accounts—including hidden ones.

– How can I find social media accounts by phone number?

If you’re looking to find someone’s socials—for whatever reasons—by phone number alone, it can get a bit tricky.

However, you can enter the phone number on a reverse phone lookup feature offered by third-party sites, such as Spokeo, or PeopleLooker.

You can also try typing the phone number on Google’s search bar; if a person has mentioned their phone number somewhere on their profile, results could resurface.

– Can I find someone’s social media accounts by email?

Yes, you can find someone’s social media accounts by email!

Aside from paid methods such as online tools, you can find someone’s accounts on social networks by email—for free!

Similarly to phone numbers, you can look the email address up on Google’s search bar or sites such as Epieos; if a person has provided their email address on their profile, it will show up.

If you’re suspecting a partner might be online dating, you can check their Email app and search for any notifications, codes, or promotions from a dating app.

You can also find out if a partner is on a dating site by logging in with their email address and writing down a random password!

All things considered…

As hard and tedious as finding someone’s secret profiles can be, there are free methods that help make the task more doable.

However, I want to mention a couple of things.

There are times when it’s okay and when it’s not okay to find someone’s socials! 

For example, if we suspect a partner has secret dating profiles, it’s reasonable for us to do some investigating.

Otherwise—we should put ourselves in others’ shoes! What would you do if you’d want to keep a social profile hidden?

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