Online dating statistics in 2023 — The shocking facts and numbers about online dating!

Over the past decade, online dating has become more and more common—so much so that it’s become the most popular way people meet.

The most common forms of online dating are dating apps or sites. Such platforms have a whopping number of users monthly.

There are a couple of factors on which the overall online dating experience depends, in terms of enjoyment, reasoning, and overall experience.

Countless research studies have been conducted on online dating, providing us with many useful statistics and data.

Let’s see some of the most mind-blowing, interesting, and recent online dating statistics together!

2023 vs 2022 online dating statistics!

Dating apps and the concept of online dating become increasingly popular each year.

– In 2022, the number of users on dating sites reached 366 million.

– By the end of 2023, that number is expected to reach a whopping 441 million!

In terms of each app’s popularity, it changes throughout the years—however, in the US, Tinder has had the throne for a while.

In 2022, here’s which dating apps were mostly being used in the US:

Percentage (%) of dating apps used in 2022

Tinder has long been the leading dating app in the market, but over the last few years, Bumble and Hinge are rapidly climbing the ladder.

They’re on their way to sharing a huge chunk of said market!

Dating app statistics from a demographic standpoint.

With the number of online dating users rising, there is so much we can be curious about.

The age of these people, gender, relationship status, and much more!

Well, let’s dive right in, shall we?!

In 2022 the number of dating app users reached 366 million! Who’s using dating sites more? Men or women?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that dating sites have a handsome number of users.

– Related to that, 30% of US adults have reported using dating sites—34% of which are men, and 27% are women.

As we know, there is a bit of a difference between gender usage in dating platforms.

Dating apps are notorious for their imbalance in gender usage, and to put it into perspective:

– Tinder has only 21.9% of female users, as opposed to 78.1% of male users;

– Badoo’s ratio is 35% (women) with 65% (men); 

– And bringing balance to the table, Bumble has 43% female users and 57% male ones.

Percentage (%) of men and women who use certain dating sites

The age factor in dating apps.

As for people in different age groups, the findings have been quite interesting.

– Online dating is most commonly practiced by people under the age of 30, making up more than half of the market (53%)!

– Meanwhile, people aged 30-49 reported using it in a smaller amount (37%); 

– 20% of people aged 50-64 reported using dating apps;

– Only 13% of people on dating platforms are over the age of 65.

Reportedly, people in different age groups are more prone to online dating than their counterparts.

A preference for specific dating sites has also been linked with different ages.

eHarmony and religious dating sites, for example, are most commonly used by adults socially perceived as mature people.

Dating app usage based on sexual orientation. Who uses them more?

Other exciting findings regarding sexual preferences have been found in this area.

– Research shows that regarding sexual orientation, gay, lesbian, or bisexual adults are more likely to have ever used dating sites (51%).

– And 28% of straight adults have reported ever using dating sites or apps.

Online dating statistics worldwide: race and ethnicity.

When it comes to factors such as race, a significant difference in online dating hasn’t been found.

Meaning that in this aspect, all’s fair in terms of numbers!

The percentage of dating app users based on race is:

  • 34% black,
  • 29% white,
  • 26% Asian,
  • 34% Hispanic.
Percentage (%) of dating app users based on race

Aside from race, people in different countries use dating apps in different numbers.

  • US (21.9%);
  • UK (19.1%);
  • France (12.7%);
  • Japan (9.5%);
  • Brazil (10.0%);
  • Germany (11.8);
  • South Africa (10.2%);
  • India (5.8%);
  • China (9.1%).

The shocking marital and relationship status of online daters—not everybody who uses dating sites is single!

The sad truth that many of us know: not everybody who uses dating sites is single.

Some—more like a lot—are in relationships or even married.

– 52% of dating app users claim to have never been married;

– 46% of adults who are currently living with a partner and 36% of divorced adults are more likely to use dating apps than actual married people.

– 16% of married people are – sadly – currently online dating without their partner’s consent.

– To be more specific, 6% of people in relationships who use dating sites do so with the intention to cheat on their significant other.

The percentages themselves may not seem all that high, but when we remember the millions of users who date online, we get a clearer number.

Online dating success rates: do people achieve their goals?

So many people around the world use dating sites, and it is only logical that we ask ourselves. Are dating apps really worth our time?

Well, the statistics have the answers! Here’s what the online dating success rate is according to online dating statistics!

Why do people use dating sites, to begin with? Taking a look at some of the reasons.

People use dating sites for different reasons; if we think they’re only looking for something casual, we would be wrong.

Their reasons for using dating sites vary, though, and it depends on a couple of factors, such as gender.

– For example, when it comes to casual sex, 36% of men and 14% of women reported using dating apps for that very reason.

Percentage (%) of men and women whose reasons for using dating apps is sex

Americans have also reported going on dating sites for other reasons as well:

  • – 54% of people reported using dating apps with the intention to find a romantic partner;
  • – 34% of people are looking for something fun to do;
  • – 26% are looking for casual sex;
  • – 25% of dating app users are hoping to form platonic connections;
  • – 23% are simply trying the app out;
  • – 20% are looking for non-exclusive, romantic partners;
  • – 18% want a self-esteem boost;
  • – 18% of the people are also looking to find someone for a friend;
  • – 6% of dating site users are cheating on their partner;
  • – And 5% have other reasons.

Just how successful are dating apps? Completing the puzzle!

Shockingly, dating apps are quite successful.

– In 2020 alone, 25% of couples met online, and that number is rapidly increasing.

– That being said, recent numbers show that 39% of couples meet through online dating as opposed to other ways.

– Not only that, 14% of the couples who meet through online dating couples also get married.

– 54% of users claim that dating apps are as successful as other ways of meeting people; 41% think they’re less successful; and 5% think they’re more successful.

– 19% of those users also report talking to 11 or more people, and 29% claim to meet matches right away.

Impressive, really—a lot of couples are formed from online dating.

But if we want to know the actual success rate of online dating, we need to get down to the nitty-gritty!

The longevity of relationships formed online

As we can see, the longevity of relationships formed from dating sites varies—it also depends on factors such as lifestyle, people, and/or compatibility.

But that’s not what we’re looking at!

  • 23.7% of people only go on 1 or 2 dates together, and that’s it;
  • 14.5% of people’s relationships last less than 6 months;
  • 7.2% of people who meet online stay together for 6 months up to a year;
  • 14.7% of people’s relationships last for over a year;
  • 13.6% of people who meet on dating platforms end up getting engaged or married;
  • And 26.3% of relationships have other durations.

Dangers of online dating statistics: the negative side of dating sites.

Online dating isn’t all fun and games; online daters are met with a lot of negative experiences.

– 57% of people, actually, say their experience has been positive, and 42% say it’s been negative.

Almost half of dating sites’ users claim that they’ve had a bad experience while using the service—in what way, though?

Well, to be more specific:

– 71% of people say that other users lie to seem more desirable;

– 50% of users also say that scams are very common on dating sites;

– 48% of people reported having received sexually explicit content they didn’t ask for;

– 25% of users say that bullying and harassment take place;

– And 18% of people there have had their privacy violated.

Frightening experiences—and even scarier numbers.

On average, younger women who use/have used dating apps are more likely to report negative experiences.

– 53% of women are also saying that dating apps are not a safe way to meet people.

Meeting people online is, generally, unsafe; we can never fully know who we’re actually talking to.

And meeting up with them (especially right away) is a dangerous thing to do.

Aside from that, dating app users are most likely to experience some sort of data breach from hackers or scammers.

Stay safe!

Online dating statistics: sources and references.

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