4 Tips on How to Run a Tinder Background Check

You might like using dating apps but when you remember stories like ‘Dirty John’ and ‘Tinder Swindler’, you tremble and that has you in a chokehold.

To avoid these types of situations, Tinder started a partnership with Garbo, an online safety platform.

This partnership aims to detect and stop gender-based violence and does not run a background check on other realms.

While Tinder does the background check there is not included traffic violations or drug possession charges.

To know how to do the Tinder background check, here are 4 crucial tips:

First step: go to new matches or conversations.

When you go to New Matches or to the conversations you had, you might notice a blue shield symbol.

This icon can be found either on the conversations or on the right side of the app.

When you click on this symbol, the safety toolkit opens and you have two options:

  • Report Someone;
  • Access Safety Center;

Second step: press Access Safety Center.

After you click on this option, you will see that on your phone you have three different options.

  • The first one is Guide;
  • The second option is Tools;
  • The third option is Resources;

To connect with Garbo services, you need to click on Tools.

Third step: from Tools you need to click on the Garbo article.

After you have clicked on Tools, you see that there is a Garbo article.

If you tap there, then that link will direct you to the Garbo page.

Now, that’s where the Tinder background check starts!

Fourth step: fill out the form!

There will be a fill-out form where you need to fill in basic information about your matches such as name and phone number.

Yet, if this type of information doesn’t give any good results, try to add other details such as their age or their city/state.

If it doesn’t work that way, try this link to go straight to the Garbo page where you need to follow these steps:

  • Open an account there (Sign Up).
  • Confirm your email. Check your Spam-Junk folders.
  • Then that link will get you to the page where you need to put your match’s name, birth date, or just phone number.

The results will show up within three minutes max.

Then you can try once again. After you get the results, don’t jump to a conclusion immediately.

Indeed, it’s scary to see that someone has a criminal record or a restraining order. 

Yet, also don’t stop with background checking until you feel at ease. If you feel better to report and unmatch them then you can do exactly that.

What does Tinder’s background check include?

The website of Garbo doesn’t investigate every inch of that person. 

The information that is collected is mostly from the past 13 years and is focused more on gender-based violations.

As Kathryn Cosmides, who is the Garbo CEO explains that they do show more things than only physical violations:

  • Fraud;
  • Offensive behavior on online platforms;
  • Violations;

Yet, drug arrests are kept out due to the results that will be presented because they think that the arrests are made more based on race.

Is a Tinder background check for free? How much does it cost?

Your first two searches regarding Tinder background checks will be free.

However, after those two free searches, Tinder is going to charge $2.50 per search plus the transaction fee.

Comparing it with other websites that do background checking, the cost is way cheaper.

Yet, there are a few things that might be missing from the results that you get back from this background check.

For example, using Swindlerbuster, TruthFinder, or SocialCatfish might cost more but the information that you get will be more detailed.

Just like you use it to find a match that you swiped left, on these pages you can use even a reversed pic or a nickname to find them.

Whereas, Tinder and Garbo background check requires you to put more specific information to offer you good results.

Should dating apps conduct background checks?

Yes, dating apps should conduct a background check. This can be beneficial for the users’ safety on dating apps in many ways.

When an app does a background check then it can positively impact its users and people can do and trust online dating.

Talking to a certain community regarding Tinder doing background checking, they thought that this might seem like trespassing.

For them, it seems that it looks like someone is violating their rights and privacy.

But, if this information is already in the public domain there’s nothing wrong with it.

– Tinder doing background checks has helped a lot of people avoid catfishers, swindlers, harm, bullying, or even abuse.

If someone is a fraud then they might not harm you physically but they might deceive you financially.

Just like the story on Tinder Swindler when that guy who was homeless but these women never found that out because he looked way too rich.

At the same time, he was deceiving a lot of women and using their money.

He had a perfect plan so the law could never charge or arrest him.

You can learn more about this if you watch the documentary.

– You won’t create false expectations.

Sometimes a guy or a woman might look like they are a 10/10. Hence that might be something missing that you might not notice straight ahead.

They might have criminal charges for all we know!

Thus, when you do the background check and you see the charges, you will get a glimpse of who they are and what your relationship might look like.

Sometimes, it might look like it’s messed up but it’s better to have a short trailer of who they are.

If you meet them in person then it’s easier to collect information about them because you might have mutual friends or live in the same area.

How safe is Tinder, do users need to do more background checks on their own?

Well, as said, Tinder and Garbo offer a limited criminal background check. Yes, there is still to dig a little deeper if you feel so.

The private investigator and former police officer, John Sancenito warns the audience that there’s no full criminal history database open to the public.

Many details are left out on public records. Thus, there’s definitely a need to check them up online.

  • You can search for their social media or their name on search engines;
  • Use their Tinder photo and search it on Google;
  • Try to move your conversation from Tinder to other social media or try more video chatting or Facetiming;

The sociologist Nicole Bedera claimed that many sex offenders might not have criminal records and the background check on Tinder won’t include it.

And she has another idea to give about this matter.

She says that instead of giving money on background checks, it’s better to use it to educate people on violations and sex.

How does one feel when someone has done a dating background check on them?

As Garbo and Tinder have been offering their service regarding criminal background checks, many people do not agree.

These are not only the people who have criminal records or that want to hide and deceive people.

  • Some people who are more introverted and maybe have a little experience with dating claimed that this is uncomfortable for them.
  • They might feel anxious and if they have low self-esteem then they might not know how to act during the first date.
  • Or, if they have the same name and surname as someone who has a criminal record then it might raise suspicion.
  • They might not feel appreciated and underestimated.

Thus, before asking immediate questions about their criminal record on the first date, try to ask more questions while talking.

Ask them to Facetime more and have online dates before meeting in person.

When you meet in person, choose a safe place, a crowded place, and share your location with your family or friends.

The conclusion: Tinder doing background checks!

Tinder doing background checks has made it easier and safer for people to do online dating.

What you need to do is just go to the Safety Toolkit on Tinder and check the tools that lead you to the Garbo page.

There you can add a few details of your match such as their name, phone number, or even birth date.

The more information you put into this, the more detailed results you will get.

Good luck and happy/safe online dating!

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