9 brilliant tips on how to find someone on dating sites! Conducting a proper dating profile search.

Whether it be a significant other or somebody else, I’m sure you have your reasons for conducting a dating profile search.

And if so, let me tell you—it’s not easy, at all.

Dating sites nowadays are invisible and discreet in more ways than technical, so much so that finding someone there is very tricky.

Don’t lose hope, though—I said tricky, not impossible.

We just need to know the right steps and methods, and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 9 methods of finding someone on a dating site!

1. Use Swindlerbuster and other online tools that help you find dating profiles!

With the never-ending advancement of technology, we are now able to track people’s socials—including dating profiles.

Although they tend not to be visible to search engines, specific online tools dig up even the most well-hidden info.

This will get rid of your doubts in one single search!

There are also services such as:

Simply put down the required information (e.g. email address, phone number, first/last name, etc) and you’ll get useful results.

Note that most of these services aren’t free and don’t usually resurface information about people outside the US or under the age of 18.

Also, since they’re pay-to-use, I suggest doing thorough research about the site you’ve picked; make sure they’re safe, legit, and effective.

2. If you’re looking for someone’s profile on Tinder, check out CheaterBuster

If you’re looking for someone’s profile on Tinder, check out CheaterBuster

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps, with a large number of users; a big portion of those users aren’t exactly single, though.

And that’s exactly why CheaterBuster was created—to catch said cheaters.

All you need to do is visit one of the two pages and enter somebody’s first name, age, and location and you’ll be able to find someone on dating sites.

Enter your email address to receive the results, and you’re all set!

Results of people who match the description will show up, and if your person is using Tinder with their identity, they too will show up.

3. For Bumble users, give BuzzHumble a try!

 And if you’re looking for someone on Bumble—another very popular dating app—try BuzzHumble.

If the person you’re looking for is active on Bumble while using their authentic details, you’ll be able to find them with BuzzHumble.

Similarly to CheaterBuster and SwindlerBuster, BuzzHumble aims to catch cheaters in the act—with a limited amount of information.

But that’s not limited to just couples; if you’re looking for someone whose first name, age, and location you know, you’ll be able to conduct the search.

Visit BuzzHumble and write down the person’s first name, age, and location they most likely use Bumble.

Enter your email address and scroll through the results!

4. Find someone on dating sites by using Google.

Luckily for us, there are ways to find someone on a dating site using Google—let me show you how.

– Reverse image search with Google Lens.

If you have any selfies of the person you’re looking for, say, on social media, you can search the web using their pictures—on Google.

Click on the little camera icon on Google’s search bar, drop the picture you’re thinking of using, and expect the results!

You will be shown all sources using that picture, and even visually-similar ones.

– Search their name on Google’s search bar.

Another way to use Google in this aspect is to write the name/username of the person together with the site’s URL.

For example tinder.com/@ethan or site:tinder.com ethan.

This way, we’ll get all the results of people named “Ethan” on Tinder!

– Use Google Advanced Search.

On Google Advanced Search, write down the necessary information, such as names, sites, languages, etc.

Click the blue “Advanced Search” button and scroll away!

– Type down other contact info on the search bar.

I’m including this method due to the fact that a lot of people provide personal contact info on their dating profiles!

I’m talking about email addresses and phone numbers.

On either Google Advanced Search or Google’s search bar, type down any email addresses and phone numbers—if you know any.

If your person has mentioned them on the dating profile, the dating profile will most likely show up.

Before you proceed, just a quick heads-up: a lot of dating sites aren’t visible to search engines, Google included.

So these methods may not prove effective, however, it’s proven to work for Tinder specifically.

5. Look for any mentions of dating profiles on their social media.

Look for any mentions of dating profiles on social media

As I mentioned, a lot of people provide their contact details on their dating profile bios.

And you can use this to your advantage to find someone on dating sites.

They do this in a way to broaden their circle and opportunities as well as to give other people more ways to communicate with them. 

If you have this specific person added to social media, check their socials for any mentions or handles of alt profiles—dating alt profiles.

It may be a long shot, but it’s worth the try!

Look for any handles, mentions, posts, or other hints that indicate they have (and still use) dating profiles.

6. Consider giving reverse image search tools a go!

Similarly to Google Lens, there are online tools specifically developed to conduct reverse image searches.

Tools such as:

All you need to do is grab a picture from the person’s socials and run it through the search tool—pretty effortless!

How they work is that by being provided with an image, they then continue to show results relevant to the image.

I’m talking about sources across the web using that same exact image or similar ones.

This also includes dating profiles visible to search engines.

7. If you have no idea how to start your search, use existing usernames!

Now, if you’re feeling a bit stuck because you have no idea where and how to start, I don’t blame you.

Sometimes, people use different names for different socials—especially dating ones.

And meanwhile, they can technically use whatever name they please, using preexisting names, nicknames, and usernames is a good start!

Using the methods I have provided above (e.g. online tools, Google, etc), search someone’s dating profiles by what they go by.

If, say, a person whose full name is Daniel goes by the nickname “Danny”, or “Danny95” online, chances are he’s also using those as usernames for his dating profiles.

Search for already existing handles or nicknames and start scrolling to see if that specific person has any dating profiles!

8. The not-so-easy way: creating a fake dating profile and looking for them.

The not-so-easy way creating a fake dating profile and looking for them

It may be tedious, but it could work.

Create a pseudo, dating account and start swiping until you find the person you’re looking for.

Use a fake name for your account, and if possible, a different email address, and fix the preferences.

Set the preferences based on the person’s characteristics:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Appearance (if given the choice);
  • Location;
  • Personality traits, and whatever helps.

Maximize the chances of coming across the person you’re looking for by using the algorithm.

It sounds tiring, no doubt, but the chances of this working are pretty high—if our person is being truthful, that is.

9. Seek your friends’ help!

Another great (and free) method to find someone’s dating profile: ask your friends to keep an eye out!

Simply ask them if they could notify you in case they come across a specific person.

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, and on top of that, the chances of completing our mission will increase.

Ask them to snap a picture of any evidence they come across and show you.

The more, the merrier!

– How can I find someone on dating sites by email for free?

As secretive as dating platforms are, there are ways to find profiles by email!

  • As a free method, you can try logging in using a person’s email address to see if they’re a user on the site, to begin with.
  • Search the email address on Google; if they’ve mentioned it anywhere in their profile, it will show up.
  • And if you’re okay with paying for a service, consider online, third-party tools that find people’s hidden profiles!

– Is there a free way to find dating profiles by phone number alone?

The answer is, again, yes!

You can use Google’s search engine and the log-in method with phone numbers too—if that’s what they signed up with.

Also, you can check your partner’s phone for any messages or confirmation codes from dating sites.

– Will somebody know I’ve searched for their dating profiles?

Mainly, no.

If, for example, you use online tools or other search methods, the other person won’t be notified.

The only case that comes to mind is going through a person’s devices.

If you’re not careful enough, the other person will notice their electronics have been tampered with.

What to keep in mind when conducting a dating profile search!

Many people who use dating sites, or any other forms of online dating, usually use a different identity and contact details.

Not only that, but it’s also possible they temper with different settings that better hide their profiles and ensure privacy.

Also, if you’re suspecting your partner is online dating, then that needs to get sorted out properly.

Through communication and re-evaluations!

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