How SwindlerBuster Works

If you’re concerned about your partner using Tinder or want to find someone, SwindlerBuster allows you to perform a Tinder profile search.

It’s designed for those who can’t find any signs of dishonesty in their partner’s Tinder activity. If you’re always worried about this, Swindler Buster is here to help. Here’s how it works!


Begin with the look-up and pick your method!

Upon entering SwindlerBuster, you can start your Tinder search with two options: by name or by phone number.

If you choose the phone number option, you only need to provide the phone number.

However, if you opt to search by name, you’ll need to input additional information.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can initiate your search.


Fill in the information.

After selecting your method, you’ll need to provide the necessary information.

For a name-based search, you should enter the person’s first and last name, age, gender, and address.

If you’re conducting a phone number search, simply enter the person’s phone number.


Search Tinder Profiles!

When you’re ready, and think you’ve completed all the steps accordingly to the guide, press Search Tinder.

You’ve completed all the steps, now it’s time to search for that Tinder profile!


Get the results.

You’ll receive the results within a few seconds to minutes after clicking “Search Tinder.”

For a name-based search, you’ll see profiles of people with similar information. Browse through the profiles to find the person you’re looking for on Tinder.

If you conducted a phone number search, the results will be more specific, and you’re likely to find the person on Tinder immediately.