How SwindlerBuster Works

People use Tinder to find a special someone there. That gets harshly contrasted if you’re trying to figure out if your special someone is using it.

Whether you’re having doubts that your partner is using Tinder, or if you’re trying to search for someone on Tinder, SwindlerBuster is for you!

Someone can get away with using Tinder regardless of your attempts to find ‘glitches’ in their practices.

If you keep finding yourself in doubt and restless regarding this person’s activity on Tinder, Swindler Buster is here for you. It’s why it’s designed. Here’s how it works!


Begin with the look-up and pick your method!

Once you enter SwindlerBuster, you begin your Tinder search! You’ll have two options for searching Tinder.

This is where you choose between searching Tinder by name or by phone number.

Each method has different fill-in requirements. The phone number Tinder search is simpler and requires the phone number only.

Meanwhile, if you’re going to search by name, you’ll have to fill in other information as well.

Once you pick the method, you begin your search!


Fill in the information.

The next step after choosing your method is taking a look at the information that’s required to be filled in.

If you chose to search Tinder by name, enter this person’s first and last name, age, gender, and address.

If you chose to search Tinder by phone number, all you have to do is enter this person’s phone number.


Search Tinder Profiles!

When you’re ready, and think you’ve completed all the steps accordingly to the guide, press Search Tinder.

You’ve completed all the steps, now it’s time to search for that Tinder profile!


Get the results.

You’ll have access to the results within a few seconds to minutes after pressing Search Tinder!

If you searched Tinder by name, you’ll be shown with results of people who have similar information.

Go through profiles and find one of the people you’re looking for on Tinder!

On the other hand, if you searched Tinder by phone number, the results will be tight, and you’re likely to find this person on Tinder right away.