Behind SwindlerBuster is a hardworking team that is committed to bringing the most accurate results for any heart in doubt.

Our team started off as small, however, we keep expanding our family day after day.

We felt the need to build something people could rely on for accuracy and speed regarding Tinder searches.

Hence we built a system that works specifically for Tinder. Considering that it doesn’t have a search bar, think of SwindlerBuster as your Tinder search bar!

Seeing how there is a vast number of sites and services that claim to provide accurate results regarding Tinder searches, however, few of those claims are true, and we felt the need to do something about it!

Technology keeps advancing and it keeps offering us new ways of finding solutions to our issues.

So why not use them?

Despite this vast advancement, searching for a person on Tinder is an issue for many sites. Yet they claim accuracy at all costs.

We worked hard to design this program, test it, and make sure that it provides you with accuracy, and most importantly, peace of mind.

We saw this as a great opportunity to help people out there, anyone who’s looking for a service they can rely on to find the truth that’s been hidden from them!

How SwindlerBuster Functions

We see people’s privacy as sacred, hence we work on high morals and values.

This means we don’t collect data that Tinder doesn’t provide for public search engines. We do not violate regulations regarding users’ privacy!

We collect any information accessible by search engines on Tinder, yet difficult to be found by a Google user.

This makes SwindlerBuster a system with an advanced algorithm that collects the most recent information, categorizes it, and provides the searcher with narrow results rather than scattered ones.

Can you use SwindlerBuster for free?

No, SwindlerBuster isn’t for free. However, it is cheaper than most services out there!

The reason our service isn’t free stands on the fact that the system can be overloaded with requests and it risks outages.

On the other hand, there’s a lot of hard work going on behind this system, hence we need something to rely on financially to keep the system working and on track!

It’s only 9$. That’s all it takes to get rid of your doubts!

Why should I use SwindlerBuster?

Our system is highly accurate, and we work on advanced algorithms when it comes to establishing a search that’s specific and faultless.

With over 90% accuracy, we keep striving for more as we continue working harder to further advance the search system and algorithm, helping anyone out there bust a swindler!!

It’s time to reveal the cheaters!

The internet has become highly beneficial to everyone, unfortunately, including people with intentions of infidelity as well.

Statistics have shown that more than 40% of people who use dating sites are taken (in a relationship or married).

Creating a Tinder account is very easy. People with intentions of cheating in a relationship are quite well aware of this.

The odds of them getting caught decrease ‘if they play the cards just right’. Yes, they can go unnoticed regarding their behavior and practices.

However, a single search can change everything and it can reveal their true colors.

It’s time that we bust the swindlers!

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