4 effective ways to see if someone is on Bumble without joining!

You can see if someone is on Bumble without joining but it will take more time and the results might not be as specific as when you browse using a profile.

You might search Bumble without a profile if you use indirect methods such as third-party apps or dating groups on Facebook.

Yet, if none of these methods don’t work for you, you can create a profile on Bumble and then choose Snooze Mode or Incognito Mode.

Your profile won’t be visible but you will be able to search on Bumble.

Try these 4 methods to see if someone is on Bumble without actually joining (or being seen):

1. You can search Bumble without a profile by using additional apps.

You can search Bumble without a profile by using additional apps.

Just like with Tinder, you can use third-party apps to search Bumble without creating a profile.

There are tons of possibilities but using Spokeo, Social Catfish, and Buzz Humble will give you the best results.

I used them myself while I was trying to find out if my husband was still a part of dating apps and I must say it worked.

I started to use three of these apps just to check the results and nothing much differed from one another.

  • If you want to use Social Catfish then you need to pay $5.73 to have access to limited search. 

To browse Bumble without signing up.

You can put their name and surname on the search bar on Social Catfish and click Search.

If you want more specified or faster results, you can add their phone number, their reversed email, or their photo.

  • Buzzhumble is pretty much like Swindlerbuster but for Bumble. It’s highly accurate, and the search is super easy.

    All you have to do is enter their name, age, and narrow the location down to where you think they used Bumble the last time.

    The services cost $25 and you can make searches for six months without having to pay again.

But, if you use Spokeo then you need to pay $19.95 per month. This monthly cost will help you to view Bumble profiles without an account.

All you need to do is add their name, phone number, and even the usernames they use on social media and click search. It will take a few minutes to get the results.

2. You can browse Bumble without an account if you join dating groups on Facebook.

This method might seem to you that it might not bring fruitful results, but you have to trust the process.

Groups like “Are we dating the same guy” are helping a lot of people find someone on Bumble without having an account.

You can choose the group that discusses the people of your region. There are groups based in L.A., New York, California, and so on.

The best thing about these groups is that they constantly post profiles from dating apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, and so on.

You can also interact and ask questions. I recommend you check the members of this group first, so you won’t make a wrong comment or decision.

3. Take their photos from social media and search them on Google Lens.

Take their photos from social media and search them on Google Lens.

According to Bumble, a user should be careful what they share because the information shared on this app is open to the public unless they choose differently.

This means that search engines can have access to Bumble profiles if that information is public.

To search Bumble without an account, you need to choose a photo that they use on social media and search.

  • You need to find the photo.
  • Go to Google.com.
  • Click on the Lens button that is located on the right side of the search bar.
  • Then Select the Image that you want to use and click search.

If they use the same photo on Bumble and their profile isn’t hidden, their profile might pop up on Google.

Your last resort: Create a Bumble profile and use the Incognito Mode.

To look at Bumble without joining is possible but if you want to search for a specific profile and get better results then you can create a profile.

But, if you don’t want to be found by anyone then you can use the Incognito Mode.

Sign up and then immediately after setting up the profile, go to Settings.

  • Tap the Profile Icon and then the Gear Icon.
  • In Settings, when you scroll down, you can find Incognito Mode.
  • Then just switch it on.

The incognito Mode will affect your ELO score. Having a low ELO score means that you will get fewer matches but that might not be your aim right now.

Also, I recommend you to create a profile and use Snooze Mode because if you create a fake profile then you will need to upload your photo.

Bumble doesn’t let you create a profile without a picture. If you put a fake photo, Bumble will detect you as a catfish and might ban you from this app very quickly.

The difference between searching Bumble without signing up and with an account!

The difference between searching Bumble without signing up and with an account!

Well, there are lots of differences when it comes to viewing Bumble profiles without signing up and while you have an account.

It will take less time and money to create a Bumble profile and use the Incognito Mode rather than use additional apps to search Bumble profiles for you.

~Indeed, the free version of Bumble doesn’t include the Incognito Mode but you can pay Bumble Premium for a week which will cost $13.99.

~You will be able to set the filters that you need and even use the Advanced Filters which means that your results will be more specific.

~Through these filters, you are able to add specific attributes such as if they smoke, their height, their education, if they drink, their star sign, and so on.

The Conclusion: Can you search Bumble without an account?

Yes, you can search Bumble without an account but you need to use other apps or create a profile and hide it immediately.

It’s up to you which method you choose. The range is between the cheaper, easier, and effective options.

If you choose to use other apps so they can search for you, that’s not a wrong choice.

You should know that it might cost you more money and time than just creating a profile and keeping it on a low.

Whatever the reason, don’t rush to use other apps to search for a Bumble account.

Choose wisely, choose what feels the best for you!

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