7 Ways to Find a Specific Profile on Hinge

Hinge describes itself as “the dating app designed to be deleted”—interestingly, it aims to keep you there as little as possible.

One catch, though: you can’t search for a Hinge profile inside the app.

But what if you want to find a specific person? A match you accidentally skipped or a cheating partner? This is how you search for people on Hinge!

1. Google whatever you have at your disposal (e.g. names, last names, or addresses)!

Because dating apps are so secretive, we have to learn how to use the information we already know.

  • First/last names;
  • Email addresses;
  • Usernames/nicknames;
  • Workplace or school, etc.

Look them up on Google or search engines specifically designed for this purpose! 

For instance, if you want to find your partner on a dating app, you can enter his or her email address on third-party apps, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

2. Open a phony account that doesn’t use your real information.

Open a phony account that doesn’t use your real information

Create a separate profile you can swipe on singles on—I recommend that it’s a fake one, especially if your goal is to catch a cheater.

  • Download the Hinge app and make your account—you can sign up using your Facebook profile or a phone number.

Once that is done, polish your profile; you need to choose 6 pictures so that the platform verifies you’re not a bot.

3. Describe your personality and pick your preferences appropriately.

And when you’re describing your personality and picking your preferences, pick what that person likes

When the choice comes, describe your personality based on their preferences; however, when picking your preferences, describe them.

Update your preference by going to Settings and Preferences.

If they’re, for example, a man of a specific height with certain political views who does not consume alcohol, fix the preferences accordingly. 

4. Check the Discover and Standouts tab on Hinge

Check the Discover tab on Hinge—you can find your person there

It’s the little H icon at the bottom of your screen—after you’re done setting up your profile, click on it and scroll down your suggested matches list.

Once again, those people are being suggested to you based on your compatibility.

Other than the “compatible” tab, and “nearby” tab to improve the chances. For an active Hinge profile, the “active today” section should work!

Go to the Standouts tab!

Go to the Standouts tab

The second icon at the bottom, the star icon, is a section in which the most popular Hinge users and users Hinge thinks you would like are.

This means people with whom you share a lot in common with, especially dealbreakers. 

  • To find a Hinge profile, check out the Standouts tab—if that person has a reputation on Hinge and/or if they are compatible with you, you’ll find them there.

5. Third-party services that find Hinge users by name, email, or phone number.

This method is a bit pricier, but it will show you all of the dating profiles linked to someone’s identity.

You can use sites like SocialCatfish to look up a person’s social media accounts as well as dating ones.

What you need to do is use their username, email address, or phone number and your report will come up.

You can also try using reverse image search tools like PimEyes, but since Hinge is a very private app, it may not work.

6. The more, the better! Have your friends look for them.

And if you’ve reached a dead end with your search, worry not! There is one more thing you can try, but it requires asking others for help.

Tell your friends (or other trustworthy people) who you’re searching for on Hinge, and have them keep watch.

  • If your friends use Hinge, ask them to keep an eye out and tell you whenever that person shows up on the Discover tab.

How to find someone on Hinge again!

How to find someone on Hinge again

On the top-right corner of your screen, there is a black arrow that shows you the last match you have skipped.

As for older matches, you’re going to have to wait until you run out of fresh suggestions.

  • Hinge only temporarily removes the people you have skipped because according to them, people’s minds often change—after you’ve gone through every suggestion, past suggestions will show up once again.

Can you search for people on Hinge? This is the final judgment…

You can’t search for a Hinge user inside the Hinge app (no shock here), so you have to use different means.

Try creating a fake account, finding them on the Discover section, or seeking your friends’ help.

Just be aware of the fact that if the Hinge profile has been inactive for a while, Hinge may not show it at all.

Good luck!

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