8 ways to tell if someone has an Active Hinge Account

If you want to find out if someone has an active account on Hinge then you should sign up and take a peek at their profile.

If you don’t want to join the app, however, you can use third-party apps to check if they have a profile: this won’t tell you if they’re active or not, though.

But first, let’s check the difference…

An Active Hinge Account: Active Now and Active Today!

Thankfully, Hinge makes it possible for us to see which profiles are active and which are AFK, but be not confused!

The three statuses each indicate different activity timelines:

  • Active Now: the user in question is currently ON the Hinge app.
  • Active Today: they’ve been active in the last 24 hours.
  • Last Active: if this feature is enabled, it’ll show the exact timeframe in which they’ve been active on Hinge.

You can turn your Activity Status off.

In your account’s Settings, you can turn any indications of your Hinge activity off…why am I telling you this?

Well, because the person you’re inspecting might have done the same thing, which will render all attempts on your end useless.

This won’t matter, though, because I’m going to show you all the tricks you need to know to pinpoint active Hinge accounts.

1. Check if they are changing or have changed their prompts.

Check if they are changing or have changed their prompts

Prompts are a favorite Hinge feature, and they just happen to be strong signs someone is active on the platform.

We can choose to fill them out upon creating an account, but we can do this later on as well, which leads us to the conclusion:

  • Remember your person’s prompts so that when you go back to their account after a few days or weeks, you’ll know they’re active if they have changed.

How else could they have changed their prompts if not by logging in?

2. Checking the Compatible and Standouts feature to see if they’re active.

You can see if someone is active on Hinge by checking the Compatible and Standouts feature

Let’s first start with the Standout tab.

This tab is home to the most popular, attention-getting Hinge users, so you automatically know someone is active if they’re a part.

It’s very unlikely for a desert profile to earn its place in the Standout tab or even the Compatible tab.

To make a long story short, Hinge places all of the users it deems the most compatible with you in the Compatible tab.

3. You can see if someone is active on Hinge by checking the “Active Now” status.

You can see if someone is active on Hinge by checking the “active now” status

Remember how I was teaching you what each status means? You can see if someone is active on Hinge by checking the “Active Now” status.

  • Just click on their profile and on the top left side of their profile, next to their name, to find this label.

To the core, the “Active Now” feature is accurate and helpful but can be quite misleading too.

Sometimes this app might get false signals that the user is online because they might have Hinge opened in the background

4. Try to interact with them at some point.

To end your doubts, I suggest you message them on Hinge…I did the same with someone I matched on Tinder!

I was waiting impatiently for them to be online and at some point, they hid their online status.

Then, one day I said “Screw it!” and decided to reach out first—lo and behold, they responded.

  • I must warn you, though. Unlike on OurTime, Hinge doesn’t offer you the opportunity to pay for a feature so you can see if they have opened your message or not.

5. Check if they’ve changed something in their profile.

If your boyfriend or husband is cheating and is lying that they aren’t active on Hinge, you might want to look at their bio or profile picture.

  • If someone is constantly switching up images, prompts, and other deets on their profile then their account is most definitely active.

In this case, I would advise you to check their profile from time to time and screenshot things that they might have changed in their profile.

6. To know if someone is active on Hinge, compare their photos.

To know if someone is active on Hinge, keep an eye on their photos.

If they have connected their Facebook or Instagram account with their Hinge account, then you might be able to tell if their account is active.

There is one way that you can tell, and that is by comparing their social media photos to their dating profile ones.

If they’re the same ones, it means Hinge is constantly updating their images and that the person is active.

  • You should know that people might link their accounts and forget that they have a Hinge account altogether.

7. You should also explore the “Active Today” feature.

You should also explore the “Active Today” feature

Active Today on Hinge means the user was active during the last 24 hours.

But to unlock this feature, you need to subscribe to Hinge for $14.99 monthly.

  • To have access to this feature, go to the home page, and click on the H symbol at the bottom of the page.

You can pay for this if you want, but keep in mind that you can see active profiles on the Standout and Compatible tabs as well…for free.

8. Active Hinge Accounts get email notifications.

To tell if someone has an Active Hinge Account, you should check their email notifications.

If you have access to their email or if you can have a peek at their email, you can see if they have an active Hinge account.

  • If they have turned on all notifications to receive emails regarding New Likes, New Matches, New Messages, and Promotions then you’ll notice that their account is active.

You can also be on the lookout for phone notifications: if they get any from Hinge, they’re a regular user.

Hinge’s algorithm is truly impressive!

Hinge does its best not to show you the inactive profiles, so don’t gamble everything on seeing one.

If an account hasn’t been active for, say, months or years, Hinge will pick up on it and immediately send that account to the shadow realm.

The only way you’ll ever see an inactive profile is if you’ve rejected literally every single compatible user, but even so, it’s very unlikely.

And seeing how you can turn off your status, your best bet is relying on the other signs of an active Hinge account.

Find out if they have a Hinge account in the first place.

We’ve looked at multiple ways of finding dating profiles effectively, such as using SwindlerBuster for Tinder, but Hinge is a bit different.

Because of how private the whole platform is, you’re better off using third-party apps (e.g. SocialCatfish, Spokeo, and TruthFinder) which just happen to be non-free.

Free methods are very unlikely to work, but I guess there’s no harm in trying.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, then feel free to take my advice on noticing active Hinge accounts!

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