8 Tips on How to Tell if Someone is an Active OurTime User

Have you heard about the Art of Observation lately? Well, you need to use that skill to find out which profiles are active on OurTime.

Yeah, you can check their activity status, but what if they disabled it?

Even so, don’t worry. There are other ways to find out if someone’s active on this rather populated dating platform!

Whether you found their dating profile using SwindlerBuster and want to see if they’re active, or if it’s a stranger you’re infatuated with.

1. To tell if someone is active on OurTime, you should check for updates on their profile.

To tell if someone is active on Ourtime, you should check their activities on this app

To begin with, the relationship psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz claims that people who are using Ourtime are more open than people using other dating apps

So, don’t be shy! Try to check out their profile because people on this app don’t mind it as they’re ready to connect.

  • You should check if they have updated their photos or the information on their bio or if they’re using the newest features that this app provides.

However, don’t be fooled! They might be active, but using older photos.

2. Send them a message (if you’ve already matched).

Send them a message (if you have already matched)

Another way to tell if someone is active on OurTime is to send them a message.

Yes, be bold and try to talk to them. The moment you send the message and they respond to you means they’re active.

To get this feature, you need to purchase a Premium Subscription to be notified whenever someone opens your messages on OurTime.

3. Keep an eye on the “Online Now” feature.

Keep an eye on the Online Now feature

You can’t see who’s active on Bumble, but luckily, the same cannot be said about OurTime!

The simplest way to check whether someone is active on OurTime is to keep tabs on their activity status…should they be using it.

If they choose to keep their profile visible to anyone then you can notice a green dot on their profile when they’re online and can receive messages.

You will be able to see this green dot under the state (e.g. Dallas, TX).

According to OurTime, these are the types of activity indicators you might encounter:

  • The solid green dot, which means that this particular member has been active up to 45 minutes ago.
  • The empty green dot, which means a member was active 46 mins-24 hrs ago. In some particular areas, you will be able to see statements like “Active 1 hour ago”.
  • And finally, no dot or circle means that they weren’t online for more than 72 hours.

4. You can send them Virtual Gifts.

You can send them virtual gifts

To check if someone is active on Ourtime, you need to grab their attention.

  • You can send presents! These virtual gifts are purchased in bundles that have different prices e.g. 55 tokens are $2.99, and 110 tokens are $5.99.

But still, I recommend you be careful when it comes to attracting their attention to check if they’re online. 

A lot of catfishes can stay constantly active just to get your attention and move forward faster with your relationship.

5. To see who’s active on Ourtime, you can use the “Who’s Viewed Me” feature.

To tell if someone is active on Ourtime, you can use the Who's viewed me feature

If you’re a paid subscriber, you can see the users who have viewed your profile. How is this useful, you’re asking?

Well…how can an OurTime member check your profile without being active on their own account?

It won’t tell you when they exactly stalked you, but it should do the trick if you periodically check the ‘Who’s Viewed You’ tab on your profile.

6. To check whether someone is active on Ourtime, search for “Online Members”

To check whether someone is active on Ourtime, search for Online Members

After you select your preferences, you can select Online Members and you’ll get results for profiles that fit your preferences and are online.

Go to the Discover Page, click on Advanced Filters, and scroll down to Online Now.

After you’re done with your preferences, go back to the homepage.

The matches shown according to your preferences are the ones that are currently active or have been active within the last day.

7. Try to join the Live Cafe on Ourtime.

Try to join the Live Cafe on Ourtime

Just like MeetMe, Ourtime offers a feature where you can go live and connect with others.

This is also a chance to tell if someone is active on Ourtime.

You can choose the chat group based on your interests and up to 30 people can be a part of one chat room.

  • You can try to enter different live rooms during different times of the day and you might encounter them if they like to join Live Cafe too.

Here is a more detailed video that’ll help you learn how to use Live Cafe to find an active profile:

Get Ready For Your Close-Up: Live Cafe on Ourtime!

8. Periodically check your Discover page.

Hinge deletes profiles inactive for more than 2 years, and so does OurTime! But they usually try to keep inactive users in general away from people’s Discover page..with a few exceptions.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about the fact that if you see a specific user on your Discover page, they’re probably active.

It might also mean they’re using OurTime Boost, a paid feature that puts users at the top of people’s results.

– If their OurTime profile is hidden, you won’t find it.

Users can change their account visibility on their Settings, making it so that only people who you’ve communicated with can see you.

If the user in question is doing the same thing, you may not be able to figure out anything about their activity unless you’ve matched.

They may have been inactive for months, for all you know.

The signs of an inactive OurTime profile.

Since I showed you how to tell if someone’s active on OurTime, I think it’s only fair I gave you some pointers on inactive profiles.

  • – They don’t respond to your texts.
  • – Your messages remain unread.
  • – Their profile stays the same—images, bio, and all.
  • – There’s no activity circle, which means they’ve been inactive for at least 3 days. 

More or less, figuring out if someone’s not active on OurTime isn’t too hard, as their profile will be a ghost town.

Signing off and wishing you the best!

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