9 Accurate Social Catfish Alternatives: Avoid being scammed!

Social Catfish has been proven to be a valuable site and if you’re seeking other pages of the same value, who offer the same service, SwindlerBuster has your back.

First, you need to decide whether you want to check free or paid alternatives.

I assume that now you’re wondering if there is a difference between the paid and free versions of Social Catfish alternatives.

Well, there is a slight difference between these two. If you use the free alternatives you need to focus only on one function. 

Hence if you use the paid alternatives, you find similar Social Catfish functions in one place.

Without further ado, here are 9 accurate social catfish alternatives:

1. As a paid Social Catfish alternative, you can use Spokeo.

As a paid Social Catfish alternative, you can use Spokeo.

The first Social Catfish alternative that we present to you is Spokeo.com.

This is a page that has similar features to Social Catfish and it might help you to spot a catfish or learn more about someone.

  • You can search them by their name, email, phone number, or address.

The only feature that is missing here is the feature of searching by image as on Social Catfish.

Nonetheless, the results that you get from this page are pretty accurate.

  • Spokeo offers you information about someone’s background, job, family, associates, criminal records, and social media.

To use this web page, you need to pay $19.95 monthly. 

2. Try for free a simple alternative called Facecheck.id.

Try for free a simple alternative called Facecheck.id.

Now, if you want to search for someone by using their photo, you can choose another Social Catfish alternative named Facecheck.id.

This page is quite practical and it offers you information about Sex offenders, Scammers, their social media, Mugshots, and News and Videos.

  • All you need to do is to just drag or upload a photo and then this page asks you to agree to certain Terms and Conditions.
  • Mainly these terms and conditions are about not confronting or harassing another person and just staying safe in general.
  • Then you need to put a piece of puzzle and complete it so the page can confirm that you’re not a robot.
  • Lastly, you can click search.

This site is free, which is why sometimes it has high demand, and you need to wait a few minutes until it’s your turn to make the search and get results.

3. Google.com is another free alternative to Social Catfish.

As you might heard about the most popular search engine Google, you can use it as a free Social Catfish alternative.

Just like Social Catfish, Google collects all public information regarding one person.

Thus, you can search for someone on Google, just by entering their name, surname, username, phone number, address, email, and even their photo.

So, Google is Social Catfish but free.

  • If you want to check someone by their username then you can write Site:instagram.com/theirnameandsurname
  • If you want to search for someone by their phone number, you need to simply enter their phone number and click search.
  • If you want to search for them just by doing a Reverse Image search, you can click on the Lens (that is located on the right side of the search bar).
  • After you click on that, upload the photo and just click search.

4. You can use SwindlerBuster to make an online verification just like Social Catfish.

You can use SwindlerBuster to make an online verification just like Social Catfish.

Swindler Buster is the goat when it comes to spotting a Tinder profile. Sometimes, you might use Social Catfish just to check whether your boyfriend is on Tinder.

Thus, to receive faster and pay less, you can use Swindler Buster to spot a Tinder Catfish or even just a random Tinder account.

  • You can use this web page just to fill out some specific information.
  •  You need to enter someone’s name, last name, age, gender, and email address.
  • Then you can click Search Tinder.

In this case, you need to wait a few minutes until the system collects and defines the results, and sends them to your email.

5. Don’t hesitate to use Instant Checkmate.

Having unlimited time to search for something or someone, Instant Checkmate is another Public Record Search site that might be the right choice for you.

Through this site, you can make the same search as you might have done or did with Social Catfish.

According to ConsumerAffairs.com, this page has good reviews and customers are sharing mostly positive comments on Instant Checkmate’s page too.

  • To do a background check, you need to write someone’s name, surname, city, and state and click search.
  • When you click search, you will get a few questions regarding this person.
  • If you know and decide to answer these questions, you will help this page to narrow down results and give you more precise ones.

You can get just simple information like how many profiles are with that name but to have a more detailed report, you need to pay for a subscription.

So, just like using Social Catfish, you need to pay $35.12 per month, to have access to unlimited reports.

6. Use TinEye as an alternative to Social Catfish.

Use TinEye as an alternative to Social Catfish.

Tin Eye is an image reverse search engine.

Just like Social Catfish and Google, you can upload a photo and search for it.

You can also add this web page as an extension to your Google Chrome page.

  • This app is more advanced because it can track and find where that image was taken and on which pages is published right now.
  • To use this page, all you need to do is upload the photo and click search.

Then within a few seconds, you will see on which pages this particular photo is used.

You don’t have to pay anything to use this site. Don’t stress about it!

7. United States Courts can help you do a background check for free.

Social Catfish offers you the service of collecting and providing you with criminal records.

If you want to just check someone’s criminal record and not pay for it, you can go to UScourts.com.

From this page, you can get accurate and detailed information if someone has committed a crime or if they have been sued for any type of activity.

  • All you need to do is click on Court Record.
  • Then click on the first option that is named “Find a case (Pacer).
  • After this, you have a few options, you can either click on Public Access to Court Electronics Record or Access Federal Case Documents.
  • Then you can create your account where you can have access to certain documents.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for older documents and want to find someone’s ancestor then you can use National Archives and Records Administration.

9. Get the inside scoop: Clustrmaps.com.

Get the inside scoop Clustrmaps.com.

The page ClustrMaps is very helpful when it comes to finding someone by searching for their name or address.

This page is free and all you need to do is write their name or surname or address and click find.

  • The page will make sure that the connection is secure and they can allow you access to their page.
  • Then the US map is shown and you can select any state and city that you need to.
  • Then you can find the search button on the left sight of the page, on the top of the page.
  • You can search for that or other names and wait for results.
  • The results include their full address, phone number, state, city, age, and associates.

10. You can also take a look at TruthFinder.com.

Another Social Catfish alternative is Truth Finder.

This page offers you information regarding someone’s criminal background, photos, birth and death certificates, court records, and so on.

Pages like ClustrMaps are accurate but Truth Finder will offer you more detailed information.

For example, Truth Finder will help you find out if that person is part of the Dark Web.

This is a piece of information that Social Catfish doesn’t offer to you.

  • You can search for someone on this page by entering their name, surname, reverse phone number, or photo, state, and click search.

To use Truth Finder, you need to pay $28.05 per month, for the standard membership.

How to choose the right Social Catfish alternative?

Choosing the right Social Catfish alternative depends on the features and cost of these alternatives.

~The first thing that you should check when deciding which Social Catfish alternative to use is to determine your purpose for using this app.

If you are trying to use an image to find someone you’ve been dating online, you need to focus on apps offering this service.

Some free Social Catfish alternatives might be focused only on helping you find their social media and not their other dating apps or vice versa.

Thus, if you want to find someone by searching for their phone number, make sure to use that specific web that gives 

~If you’re using a paid Social Catfish alternative then make sure that they offer you a trial period where you can check whether their service fits your needs or not.

Some Social Catfish alternatives might not offer trial periods so this might make the process of testing their service harder.

In this case, I recommend you choose a service that will allow you to check whether what they provide will help you or not.

Are these sites legit and can they be used anywhere in the world?

Yes, the mentioned Social Catfish alternatives are legitimate and most of them you can use anywhere in the world.

But sometimes if you reside in certain states, some web pages might block you from accessing their web pages due to cyber attacks.

Thus, all the web pages above follow the rule of respecting legal and ethical purposes and personal boundaries.

This means that these pages don’t collect their information by performing unethical activities such as harassment, accessing private properties, or private information.

The information is taken and combined from public records only!

Also, on the other hand, your information won’t be misused or they won’t leak your data.

The End!

There are plenty of Social Catfish free and paid alternatives.

The reasons for using Social Catfish alternatives might vary from one person to another.

Som to find the best one to use,  you need to check what you’re looking for, their service, and your budget.

Each of these web pages has unique features that will help you to check someone’s background either by searching their photo or their username.

No matter which site you choose to use it’s important to fit your needs and to not cross other’s boundaries or privacy.

Be safe out there!

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