How to spot a fake Hinge account? 8 tips to filter out Hinge profiles!

To spot a Hinge profile, you should analyze it and interact with them as much as you can.

You should ask questions and be very careful of what you share.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are dealing with scammers on Hinge because these scammers have become very careful and have developed their techniques.

But, never back down and give up. With our help, you can date safely on Hinge.

Here are 8 tips that you should use to spot a fake Hinge account:

1. Make an analysis of their profile photos.

Make an analysis of their profile photos

To spot a Hinge fake profile, you should keep an eye on their photos.

I know that you might be thinking “Is this superficial and judgmental”?

Well, not at all. Their photos will tell you a lot about whether they are a Hinge fake profile or not.

  • Check if they have normal photos because the ones that are fake profiles on Hinge tend to post close-ups or only photos of their body.

If you start talking to them, just to make sure, you might ask them for more spontaneous photos as you’re having a conversation.

If they ask in return for nudes or send d*ck picks and aren’t interested in getting to know you better then they might just be a fake profile.

2. Spot Hinge Fake profiles by asking them to Facetime more.

Another tip that I would give you while spotting Hinge fake profiles is to interact with them more.

Ask them to Facetime and try to get to know one another better. 

A catfish would avoid video calling you or taking spontaneous pictures.

  • You should be straightforward when you ask them to Facetime.
  • Hence, try to connect a little bit more with them and then ask them to Facetime.
  • If you immediately ask them to video call then if they are a scammer, they will notice it and might not continue to talk to you.

On the other hand, if they aren’t catfish then they might stop talking to you too because they might not want to be that intimate at this moment.

3. Try to ask them more questions about their life and check if they fit their description.

I know that online dating might be overwhelming and all you need is to be secure and not get catfished.

Well, what would I recommend you to do is to view their profile in detail and check what they have written regarding their religion, age, city, and so on.

  • If you notice that they have written that their birthplace was New Jersey, start asking questions regarding that place.
  • Try to ask them something specific that has to do with that place and their childhood so you can notice if they link with one another.

4. To tell if a Hinge account is fake you need to do a background check on them.

If you want to spot a fake Hinge profile, you need to search their background.

  • You can start by using Google Search.
  • Try to write their Hinge username or name and surname and click on search.
  • You can also search their Image on Google and check if they are the person that they claim to be.
  • Then you can try to use another third-party app such as Social Catfish.
  • You need to write either their name, or surname, upload their photo, or just enter their phone number if you have it.

Third-party apps are very helpful in catching a scammer because they are able to dig deeper into who they are and present you 

5.  Check their prompts if they are believable.

Check their prompts if they are believable

The moment you spot a Hinge fake profile, you will notice that their prompts might seem quite generic.

Try to look for red flags through these lines.

  • I’m not implying that every generic profile might be labeled as a Hinge fake profile.
  • Not all people are word smiths and they might not know how to beautifully explain their personality.
  • Yet, if that is a Hinge fake profile, you will notice that their prompts sound like AI wrote them.
  • These words lack empathy or are not that heartfelt, you will notice that something is missing.

Other than this next to their prompts, check if they have any type of videos.

Hinge doesn’t have facial recognition they will require you to take a video when you introduce yourself.

Yet, this isn’t obligatory which means that they might not upload an introductory video.

If they have videos, they don’t have introduction videos or any type of videos only one photo then that’s for sure a scammer.

6. Check their relationship goals or why they’re using online dating.

Check their relationship goals or why they are using online dating

Let me tell you that relationship goals might be a huge cue of whether they’re fake profiles or not.

Let’s check out this example the actor and podcaster Bill Burr gives.

  • A guy was dating on Hinge and he was looking for a quick fling and just a one-night stand.
  • He just stumbled into a hooker’s profile on Hinge that he thought might do the work.
  • Yet, the hooker’s Hinge profile might have seemed pretty decent and the goals were clear but there were still hidden detail that she was a scam.

After they asked him to pay a half hour upfront, they constantly asked for more and never met with the guy.

Thus, when you check the relationship aims, try to talk to them more and ask questions regarding long or short-term relationships.

7.  To spot Hinge fake profiles, check if they have social handles attached.

Many Hinge fake profiles won’t insert their social media such as Instagram or Facebook into their Hinge bio.

Usually, someone who has a fake HInge profile will attach Telegram, WhatsApp, or Snapchat only chances are that they’re scammers or fake profiles.

They use these types of apps because it’s so much easier for them to scam you.

They will delete or encrypt messages on these apps whereas on Instagram and Facebook, you can delete the messages but there will still be evidence.

8. Fake profiles on Hinge are spotted if you pay attention to scripted messages.

To tell that a Hinge profile is fake, you need to talk more with your Hinge matches and check how your conversation goes.

Fake bots can produce scripted messages. If you haven’t heard about fake bots yet, they are chats programmed to scam people on dating apps.

To define whether you’re talking to a bot on Hinge, you need to check these signs:

  • They type faster than every human being can type fast.
  • Usually, they kind of repeat the words that you’re writing.
  • They will lead you to continue your conversation immediately to another platform.

You will notice that the conversation might look strange and very generated.

Does Hinge have fake profiles? Are there any AI profiles on Hinge?

Yes, Hinge has fake profiles just like other dating apps such as active accounts on Bumble or Tinder.

Even though Hinge requires you to verify your phone number and email there might still be people that will open fake profiles.

According to the British Newspaper The Independent, there are many profiles that use stilted language. 

The language in their bio and on their prompts feels very abnormal and inappropriate.

And many people will classify these profiles as bots on Hinge.

People have been talking about this on online communities such as Reddit.

One person claims that the ones who scam on dating apps or Hinge use a similar strategy to other scammers.

They might have a photo with their dog or another animal, a selfie, a photo of them in a bikini, and so on.

Still, they might seem full of their life or their prompts and goals might not click with their photos.

What to do when you spot a fake profile on Hinge?

When you spot a fake profile on Hinge, you should reflect on what type of information you have shared with them.

  • Make sure that they are fake profiles while using Social Catfish or Spokeo and try to learn more about them.
  • If you have shared personal information with them then try to receive legal advice and report your case to the FBI, if necessary.
  • You can also report that profile to Hinge.
  • To report their profile on Hinge, you need to select three dots on their profile (at the top right) and click on Report.
  • Then you need to click on the reason why you’re reporting that profile.
  • You can also directly communicate with Hinge through their support team.

The summary: Fake profiles on Hinge!

There might be a lot of fake profiles on Hinge. They might and might not be discoverable.

What you need to do is not share any personal information with them until you meet in person.

Yet, along the way, you might notice that something doesn’t fit and doesn’t seem right.

You might notice that either their profile or their interactions seem too good to be true or it seems like everything is staged.

Either way, never give up on using Hinge to date. Just remember to follow the mentioned tips and be careful.

All love to you!

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