Does Hinge show inactive profiles? It does… After a specific period.

Yes, it’s proved that Hinge keeps showing inactive profiles for a period of three months up to two years.

How long it takes Hinge to make a profile inactive depends on whether you decide to deactivate or pause your Hinge profile.

If you pause your profile or delete it and then just go quickly to check it out, in this case, Hinge will still show your profile.

To see the bigger picture, please keep scrolling:

1. Hinge will show your account if just deleted the app but not your account.

You have only paused it and just deleted your account

Sometimes you might think that you have permanently deleted your profile on Hinge but you might have just paused your profile or just deleted the app and not the profile.

  • In this case, deleting only the app and not the profile will stop you from using Hinge but not from using it later on.
  • Also, if you pause your profile you prevent others who haven’t encountered your profile yet from seeing it.
  • This means that your account is not inactive or deleted permanently.

2. Hinge will remove and stop showing an inactive account after 2 years of inactivity.

Hinge will show inactive profiles three months after you delete your acount

Hinge doesn’t show only active users even though the majority that this app shows as potential matches are active users.

You have to be inactive on Hinge for two years for your inactive profile to not show up. 

To be more specific, if you didn’t delete your account but never used it, Hinge will automatically delete your account within 2 years.

Hinge’s user privacy doesn’t legally allow Hinge to interfere with user’s profiles without their permission.

This is why according to Hinge’s user privacy policies, they obtain the rights to remove your Hinge account if you’ve been inactive on the app for 2 years.

Side Note: If you already pay for a subscription on Hinge, you should cancel it before deciding to simply uinstall the app without deleting your account.

Even if you delete your account but don’t cancel the subscription prior, Hinge might continue charging you for that.

3. If you live in a smaller area then Hinge probably might show you inactive profiles.

If you live in a smaller area then Hinge probably might show inactive profiles

Just like Tinder, Bumble, or MeetMe, Hinge might repeat profiles if you live in a smaller area and there are just a few Hinge users.

In this case, Hinge will probably show you a profile that you might have not wanted to match or already swiped left and inactive profiles too.

Thus, until Hinge keeps controlling your account for a while (even after deleting it) and you live in a small area, Hinge might show your inactive profile to others.

  • You can go back after 6 months and check if your profile still shows to other users. 
  • If it does then you can go to the Support page and if you don’t find any answer, you might contact the help center of Hinge.

If there’s a glitch and your Hinge profile is still active after deleting, what should you do?

If there is a glitch and your Hinge profile is still active after deleting, what should you do

Two years ago, I was sure that I had deleted my Hinge account, but my friends and colleagues kept saying that they had been encountering my account.

I never received any email (as I should have if my account hadn’t been deleted from Hinge).

What I decided to do and what I advise you to do is to ask for help from your friends.

The moment that your account is deleted from Hinge, that means all your photos, chat history, and member interactions will be deleted.

Thus, try to ask your friends if you chatted with them on Hinge, if these details are still available.

Also, there are some sources that might claim, that a Hinge account will be deleted within 72 hours, but this information was never confirmed by Hinge.

Even though their slogan is Designed to be deleted, your account will be going on Hinge for a certain period until it is deleted permanently.

– You can contact the Help Center.

You can contact the help center

You can go to and go to the Help Center to learn more about Hinge’s inactive profiles.

On the right corner (at the bottom of the website), you might see a chatbot.

There you can ask specific questions regarding your inactive or deleted Hinge profile.

To receive better results make sure that you send screenshots of your Hinge profile or any type of media that would help them to give you a more specific answer.

How to check if their profile is active on Hinge?

These past years, Hinge has created a new feature called “Last Active” where you will be able to check if a profile is still active or not.

This feature is active only on the explore page while swiping. So, as you’re swiping, Hinge will ask you whether you want to check if that particular profile is active or not.

Yet, you might never know if these accounts are still active because they might be Pausing their profile or they might turn off the Last Active feature, and they might appear offline.

If they are already using this feature then you might see if they’re active now, were active today or this week.

If you want to catch a cheater and check if their Hinge account is still active, you can message them from a new account.

– Message them.

Your or their Hinge account stays active even if you don’t use it so to make sure, message them with a new account.

If they don’t respond to new accounts too, then probably they forgot about this profile or thought that they might have deleted the profile but deleted only the app.

Unlike which deletes inactive profiles within 60 days, Hinge gives users more time up to 2 years.

Thus, this increases the percentage of visible inactive profiles for a certain period.

– See if they’re using the latest or newest Hinge features.

Some of the newest Hinge features are filters like Zodiac Signs, Poll Prompts, Video Prompt, Languages, and Relationship Intentions.

If they are using these additional Hinge features then that means that they have an active profile and Hinge hasn’t deactivated that account yet.

Because if they have signed up before these features were added on Hinge then they have never deleted their account.

The conclusion: Does Hinge show only active users?

No, Hinge doesn’t show only active users. It might also show inactive users but the percentage of these accounts is lower than the percentage of active users.

Thus, if you don’t want your account to be shown on Hinge then you should make sure that you have already deleted this account and not only the app.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship with someone and you still encounter their Hinge profile after a year, they might have not deleted it.

In this case, they might have paused the account or they might have never deleted it.

Nonetheless, for further information don’t hesitate to contact Hinge too.

Good luck!

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