If you swipe left on Bumble are they gone forever? Experts give you the ultimate answer!

Have you swiped left on Bumble accidentally or maybe on purpose at that moment but now you want that profile back?

No worries. There are plenty of ways to find someone on Bumble who you might have swiped left.

You can use the backtrack option on this app which is only available for the members who paid for Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost.

I can almost sense that you might want to give up. Let me stop you right there! You can do this for free as well, so no worries!

Here are 5 ways to explain that if you swipe left on Bumble, those profiles aren’t gone forever:

1. Delete and recreate the account.

Sometimes we swipe right accidentally without looking at their profile properly and we need a quick solution to get out of this situation.

The same happens when you swipe left on Bumble and you’re afraid that they might be gone forever.

Thus, what I did myself in a similar case was delete my account.

The moment that you delete your account, the second time around, you will start fresh, and all the possible matches will appear.

  • To delete your Bumble account, tap on your profile.
  • Go to the gear Icon, click on that, and go to Settings.
  • At the bottom of the page where the Settings are, you can find the Delete button.
  • Click on the Delete button and then choose the reason why you want to delete your account.
  • After choosing the reason, you need to click on Delete Account to confirm your decision.

Others might suggest you use the Incognito mode. 

Hence, if you have already swiped left on them and started using the Incognito mode, your profile will be shown to them.

2. If you accidentally swiped left on Bumble, you can use the Backtrack feature.

If you accidentally swiped left on Bumble you can use the backtrack feature

You can ‘unswipe’ on Bumble very easily if you use the Backtrack feature.

Indeed, to use this feature, you need to pay for Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost, yet it will be all worth it.

Using Backtrack will give you better and quicker results.

  • All you need to do is click on the Arrow that is located at the top of the page (on the left side).
  • Yet, if you’re using Bumble on Web then you need to click on the two arrows that are located next to X on the page.

The backtrack feature works after the purchase of Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost.

To use Bumble Boost for one month you need to pay $24.99. Yet, if you want to use Bumble Premium for just one week then you need to pay $19.99.

Also, keep in mind that you have three backtracks every three hours and you cannot use this feature to undo a right swipe on Bumble.

3. Continue swiping and adjusting the location of the area that you were looking for.

Continue swiping and adjusting the location of the area that you were looking for

If you accidentally swipe left on Bumble they will come back.

All it takes is to continue swiping and adjusting your location and preferences the same.

  • To do it you need to go to the settings, scroll down to find the location, click on travel to, and pick the location that you want.
  • You can use the Travel mode only if you are using Bumble Premium.
  • You can also allow Bumble to use your location.
  • To do it you need to go to settings on your phone. Go to the apps. Then click on Bumble. You might see “Allow Bumble to access”.

    Then you click on Location and choose how you want to connect it with the app.

Bumble will show you a profile more than once that you swiped left on because they want to make sure that you really don’t want to match that profile.

4. If you accidentally swiped left or right on Bumble try to turn off Date Mode.

If you accidentally swiped left or right on Bumble try to turn off Date Mode

If you don’t want to spend much time deleting entirely your account and reopening it again, you can try turning off the Date Mode.

  • Even though this is risky if you want to keep the matches or conversations that you had before.
  • Because all of your conversations and your matches will be deleted on Bumble if you turn off the Date Mode.
  • Yet, you will still be able to hang out on Bizz and BFF.

If you delete your account your matches will see you as a deleted account but your conversations won’t disappear.

With the Date Mode off, you and them will be able to see the conversations that you had.

The account will be refreshed and you might encounter new matches or the ones that you’ve already encountered earlier when you turn on Date Mode.

5. To find someone on Bumble you swiped left, you can also use third-party apps.

If you want to find someone on Bumble you swiped left and none of the above methods might not work for you, try third-party apps.

Third-party apps just like Buzz Humble are created to help you find any profile that is on Bumble.

  • To use it, you need to go to BuzzHumble.com and enter any type of information that you remember about them.
  • Sometimes, on Bumble, you might swipe left on a person that you already know, and sometimes someone you don’t.
  • Thus, after you add their name, surname, age, and location, you need to write your email and click on Search Now.

I would suggest you also use Swindler Buster and you might find their Tinder profile too (if they have one).

So that might help you to find their profile on Bumble too.

In the end, you can also use SocialCatfish.com where you can use just a simple detail like their name and location and you will receive results.

Yet, you should know that the Bumble swipe left is gone forever only if they have turned on Snooze Mode after you have swiped left on them.

When they’re using Bumble in the Incognito Mode, it will be impossible for third-party apps to detect that profile.

If my backtrack isn’t working what can I do about it?

If the backtrack feature isn’t working for you on Bumble, there might be a glitch or you have tried to use it before purchasing Bumble Premium.

Nevertheless, don’t worry, we got your back!

To fix it, you need to

  • Sign out of Bumble First.
  • Then Delete the Bumble App. Again I need to highlight it, you need to delete only the app and not your Bumble account.
  • If you’re using Bumble from the Web then try to delete the cookies or if you’re using it from your phone then try to delete Cache.
  • Now, download the app and sign in.

You need to swipe right first and then left so the Backtrack feature will appear at the top of the page.

FAQ: If you accidentally swipe left on Bumble will they come back?

~Does Bumble recycle left swipes?

Well, Bumble recycles left swipes and lets you see a few times until those profiles are gone forever.

If you ask when you’ll see that profile again that depends on your area and how popular that profile is.

Bumble just like Tinder tends to show more potential matches the ones that are active, and more popular.

Thus, you need to be patient or just pay to use the Backtrack feature so you can undo the left swipe in a few seconds.

Or you can find out if they’re on this app or other dating sites even by writing their names on search engines.

~If you swipe left on Bumble can they still see your profile?

Yes, if you swipe left on them, they can still see your profile on Bumble.

Bumble shows your profile to them in case you change your mind and swipe right on them.

Still, if you don’t want them to see your profile, you can swipe left on them and use Incognito Mode or Snooze Mode.

You will be able only to talk with the matches that you have. 

Or if you don’t want to do this you can only block their profile on Bumble and your profile won’t be shown to them.

Coming to an end!

If you swipe left or right on Bumble and want to undo it then you don’t have to panic because that can be done very easily.

First, if you want to find someone on Bumble that you swiped left, you can continue swiping until you come across that profile again.

To achieve good results, you should adjust the location and age or other preferences, the way that you did before.

Other than this, you can also delete your account and even sign up with another account.

Then, those profiles will be shown to you again.

It might seem like a difficult procedure but trust me if you choose just one method that fits your situation, you’ll get good results.

All the best!

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