4 ways to view Match.com without signing up (free and paid).

Being the oldest dating site, Match.com for sure hosts a lot of users—the question is, how do we find them?

You can actually view Match.com users without signing up, but our options are quite limited.

There are 2 approaches you can take: paying to find the user you’re searching for or creating a Match.com account yourself.

1. Reverse search with SwindlerBuster!

SwindlerBuster is an advanced investigative tool that, with the help of powerful technology, can locate dating profiles across the web.

In this case, I suggest you try the ‘Face’ search method to find a specific Match.com profile. All you need is a selfie of the person.

It costs only $4.95 and lets you effortlessly find the accounts using that specific image—you’ll see which Match.com profiles are using it, or even if they’re using it at all.

SwindlerBuster has been specifically designed to catch cheaters. If you’re worried your partner is using dating sites, SB will come to the rescue!

2. Look them up on the Search Engine of your choice.

Look them up on the Search Engine of your choice

Though limited results, you can surprisingly look someone up from Match on the Search Engine of your choice.

Here, let me show you how:

Go to the Search Engine of your liking and type ‘@name site:match.com’ on the search bar. E.g., @anna site:match.com.

You need to know their exact username for this to work. If you don’t, go out on a limb and guess!

There are 2 places you need to look through: the links and images corresponding to your search…you might find the profile you’re looking for.

3. Search for users directly on Match.com.

Search for users directly on Match.com

The only direct way to look for Match users ON Match is through here.

Match offers non-users a way to view profiles based on the filters they provide:

  • Basic;
  • And Refined.

On ‘Current Search’, specify their gender, age, and location; if it helps, go to ‘Refined Search’ and provide specifics regarding their appearance.

You can even see the active profiles.

After you think you’ve done your person justice, click on ‘Apply’ and see if any of the results are useful.

4. Make an account using their email address.

Every Match account that’s been created has an email attached to it for identification processes.

Match themselves admits users are allowed ONE email address per account…how about we use this to our advantage?

If you know their email addresses, you can see if they have a Match.com account this way:

  • Go to Match.com, sign up for an account, and put down their email address!

If Match.com tells you that a specific email address cannot be used, it means another user has already signed up with it.

Making a fake Match.com account: View profiles WITH signing up!

If nothing else works, I suggest you create a fake Match account to view the profiles on this platform.

  • If you really don’t want to be seen by other users, you can use different sign-up info, images, and even name (if possible).

Pick your preferences as usual (they should describe the person you’re searching for), and start scrolling until they’re eventually shown to you.

As with every other dating app, if Match thinks of you two as the perfect match, you’ll show up in each other’s feeds.

– Mutual vs. Reverse matches.

Once you make your Match account, you’ll see the ‘Search’ tab which gives you the option to see:

  • Mutual Matches;
  • And Reverse Matches.

Mutual Matches are the users Match.com thinks will fit your preferences nicely; Reverse Matches, on the other hand, are users whose preference is you.

Browse through these two tabs because you might just hit the jackpot.

– Match Standard and Premium: Are they helpful in finding Match users?

In general, most dating apps’ subscription plans are useful when it comes to searching for specific users.

Match.com is no exception with its two subscription plans: Match Standard and Match Premium.

I’m sure you don’t need me to give you a rundown of what each subscription does, so I’ll only show you the useful features.

– A profile Boost. Add-on feature. Your account will be seen by more people, making it easier to match with the one you’re trying to find.

– Anonymous Browsing. A premium feature. You can browse Match while invisible to others.

– See who likes you. Available in both plans. Seeing who’s liked your profiles will make finding your dream match more attainable.

– Unlimited Matches. Available in both plans. Another feature that will make finding someone specific easier!

  • You can purchase a yearly plan or a 6-month/3-month/1-month one. The longer your subscription, the cheaper it gets per month.

For instance, if you purchase a 3-month plan, a month may cost you well in the 40s.

So…can you look on Match without signing up?

Abso-fricking-lutely! You can browse Match.com without registering for free and paid.

For free, you can look their profile up on Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.), through a basic Match search, or by signing up with their email.

For paid, you can use investigative, online services like SocialCatfish or make a Match.com account and become a subscriber.  

This is it, more or less!

Good luck.

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