6 Easy Ways to Find Your Tinder Match’s Profile on Facebook

Do you want to know how to find easily a person from Tinder on Facebook?

Then you’re in the right place.

The key focus of this article is to instruct you how to use the Facebook Search Bar, Third-Party apps, and Google Search to find someone’s Facebook from Tinder.

To avoid any potential scamming, here are 6 practical techniques to find someone from Tinder on Facebook:

1. To find a Tinder match on Facebook, you can use Facebook Graph Search.

You can use Facebook Graph Search

The Facebook Graph Search is a very useful tool when it comes to finding someone from Tinder on Facebook.

This tool will help you combine any type of information that you have about your Tinder match and find them on Facebook.

Mind you, that Facebook Graph search might not work in all regions.

Here are a few details and a guide on how to use this to find someone from Tinder on Facebook:

  • Via this tool, you can search places, people, tags, check-ins, and pages.
  • If you don’t have this tool activated on your FB page then go and click this link: www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch.
  • Then you can go to the search bar and use keywords so you can get the info you need.
  • For example, if you want to know about your Tinder match, you can search their name, city, and profession: “Tom, North Carolina, Engineer.”

The founder and CEO of Facebook (Meta) Mark Zuckerberg explains that Facebook Graph Search is only another pillar of the app that gets you closer to the information.

2. Find a Tinder match on Facebook by searching for their Tinder profile pic.

Copy, Paste and search their Tinder profile pic

If you want to find a Tinder match on Facebook then you can use their profile pic.

  • Take a screenshot of their profile pic on Tinder and then crop it.
  • The next step is to take that photo and use a search engine like Google to check if they are a real person.
  • On Google, you have the search bar, and on the right side of it, you might notice Google Lens.
  • There you can upload the photo or post a link to their profile and then click search.
  • If you search for this photo on Google and their profile photo on Facebook is public, it might immediately link you to their profile.
  • You can use another third-party app such as SocialCatfish or Spokeo to find out if they have Facebook with another username just by entering their photo.
  • Also, with the help of Social Catfish you can find out if someone is on Tinder through Facebook details.

You can write on this third-party app, their name, their phone number, or their Facebook username, and that might link you to their Tinder profile.

3. To find someone on Tinder through Facebook or vice versa, you need to know their preferences.

Try to search for restaurants and other places they have mentioned.

I know that might seem a bit crazy and impossible to find someone’s Facebook from Tinder, but here you go.

Most people that visit a particular place or restaurant and they like it much would either:

  1. Post a photo;
  2. Make a check-in on Facebook;
  3. Like their Facebook Place;

Either way, if you remember any detail from your past or recent conversations or even their photos or bio, you might use it as a starting point.

For example, if they mentioned that last year I went jogging with a club called “Heartless Men”.

Then you might search on Facebook about their page and go to the year 2022 and check their posts from that year. You can check the likes and you might find them.

4. To find their Facebook profile from Tinder, you should ask them directly.

If you can’t find their Facebook profile because they choose to be private and none of these tools help then you can ask them.

  • Yet, before doing it make sure that you build some type of connection and move your conversation from Tinder to other social media.
  • If you move your conversation to other social media then you might notice that they might be serious about you.

Otherwise, if they refuse to do it and immediately ask to meet up or block you then you know that something is fishy.

They might have either wanted to deceive you or wanted to just have fun.

5. To find a person from Tinder on Facebook, search them on Google – site:facebook.com name.

If you accidentally unmatched someone on Tinder and now you want to find them on Facebook, you can use search engines such as Google or Bing.

If you know their first and last name, then this could be one of those effective ways to find them from Tinder on Facebook!

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Go to Google.com.
  • Search site:facebook.com name last name.
  • Take a look at the Google results.
  • Then, take a look at the Google Images results as well.

Any comments they made, or profiles in this name will show up on Google. So pay close attention!

On the other hand, if you want to find out if someone is on Tinder through Facebook, you can check their Facebook username and search on Google.

Or, you can adjust location on Tinder within the dimension where this person lives and you might find their Tinder profile. 

6. To find a Facebook account from Tinder you can use the “Friends of Friends” feature.

You can’t always access someone’s other social media such as Instagram and Facebook directly from their Tinder account.

That’s because not everyone feels safe to link their social handles on their Tinder bio.

Thus, to find someone from Tinder on Facebook, you need to use the Friends of Friends Feature on Tinder.

  • To use this feature, you need to sync your contacts first.
  • Now, open Tinder and click on your profile.
  • Go to Settings and scroll all the way down.
  • Then click on the Friends of Friends feature.
  • You can let Tinder know if you want to block any of your contacts.
  • Then you can follow Tinder instructions to import your contact to Tinder.

People who are using the same feature will see your profile as a mutual friend too.

So, check mutual friends and maybe you will encounter a Tinder profile that might be a mutual friend on Facebook.

According to Tinder, they are still testing this feature and it works only in certain locations.

Can Tinder be seen on Facebook?

Can Tinder been seen on Facebook

If a person doesn’t choose to have Tinder visible on their Facebook profile, then no, Tinder cannot be seen on a Facebook profile.

However, if this person chooses to show Tinder on their Facebook profile—be it purposely or by accident—then yes, you can see Tinder on their Facebook profile.

If they have logged in on Tinder with Facebook then yes you might see their profile on Facebook.

You cannot see their Tinder profile or details from it on Facebook, yet Facebook might put them on your Suggested Friends list.

~If they set their settings private on Tinder so you can’t see their profile on Tinder (if they’re not your match) then you might not see them on FB.

Even though Tinder has paused their Facebook Common Connections feature, the Facebook algorithm might show you their profile.

When you or someone else opens a Tinder profile, this app doesn’t ask you anymore to add Friends of Friends on Facebook to Tinder.

And even though this feature doesn’t exist anymore, sometimes the Tinder user might take it into their hands and make all their Facebook activity invisible.

They might go to Facebook Settings and choose “Only Me” as their audience.

~On the other hand, if they have linked their Tinder profile with Facebook then the details that they have on FB will upload to Tinder.

This means that their age, name, and even their Facebook photo will be uploaded to their Tinder profile.

~If they have mutual friends with you or are in the same city, or college then the chances are that their profile to be seen on Facebook.

If you want to check that someone from Tinder is on Facebook Messenger you can search for their name or just copy-paste their Tinder profile link.

There is a chance that on Messenger many pages or businesses have certain groups and they might be a part of their group.

If your friends are friends with your Tinder Match then you can go to Search People on Facebook Messenger and you might find their name.

Which technique was more effective according to one of our clients?

If they are quietly mysterious or using fake details, third-party or background-checking apps such as Swindlerbuster will help.

Sammy is a 30-year-old woman, who lives and works in Manhattan. 

She asked for my help to know how can she find out someone from Tinder on Facebook.

The first thing that I recommended her to do was to interact more with her match on Tinder and get to know more about his background.

I made her a specific plan that she should follow.

  • The number one thing she did was talk more with her Tinder match and ask about his passion, interests, past, present, and future.
  • Then, to find this person from Tinder on Facebook, she started to write down, collect and filter the information that she got from him.
His AgeWhere he grew upWhat job is he doing or what he has worked earlier onWhat does he do for fun?
Does he like sports or going to concerts?
What does he think about politics or a random thing that is happening now?
  32Canada but is living in LAHe used to work at Five Brothers but graduated in 2020 and works in a Law Firm.He likes to run in the morning and go golfing on the weekend.He doesn’t agree with what is happening regarding air pollution in NY.
  ✅     ✅      ✅    ✅  ✅

This might look like hard work but you need these details to check their Facebook profile, it helps a lot to connect the dots.

While searching these details, you might run to a group, a comment that he might have left, or anything that leads you to find his Facebook Profile.

Final Statement: How to find a Tinder match on Facebook?

You can find a Tinder match on Facebook by analyzing their Tinder profile and talking to them.

If you have a gut feeling that your Tinder match might be someone else or cheating on their partner, you can find them on Facebook and take a peek.

Facebook allows you to use advanced filters so you can narrow down the expected results.

So, to enjoy online dating and find someone from Tinder on Facebook, you need to focus on their profile details that you can search on Google or other social media. 

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