How do you search for a profile on Plenty of Fish without registering?

In a world filled with thousands of dating platforms, Plenty of Fish is one of the more unique ones with its “There’s plenty of fish in the sea” premise.

But the real question is, what happens if you want to find someone specific on there? Is there a way?

We already know search bars are frowned upon by dating platforms…but POF has generously presented us with some options.

You can browse Plenty of Fish without signing up, but it limits your experience.

You can browse Plenty of Fish without signing up, but it limits your experience

I get it. You don’t want to have your phone number or email associated with a dating platform for safety reasons.

If you’re wondering whether you can browse POF without an account, I am happy to tell you that yes, you can!

Even though your options are limited, you’ll still be able to find the profile of the user you’re looking for—hopefully.

Method No.1: Services that find dating profiles.

Services that find dating profiles

Multiple services have been created for the sole purpose of finding people’s social media and dating profiles…but for a price.

Some of the most popular ones are SocialCatfish, which also supports reverse image searching, and Spokeo.

Both of these services find hidden dating profiles (Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Hinge, and so on) based on the information you provide:

  • First name;
  • Email;
  • Phone number;
  • Username;
  • Address;
  • Photos (in SocialCatfish’s case);
  • Address. 

To get things started, you just need to pick a service, put down the details you know about this person, and pay the required fee (or a membership).

Method No.2: Check reputable POF Facebook Groups.

A quick note before we carry on: just because you can’t find someone on similar groups doesn’t mean they don’t use Plenty of Fish.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for an acquaintance or someone you saw on the platform by chance, browsing through POF Facebook Groups like this one might help you find them.

People are posting there daily, looking for like-minded enthusiasts of the platform or looking to get some advice for their profile.

Again, it might work or it might not, but it deserves a shot.

Method No.3: Open the Plenty of Fish app on their phone.

Open the Plenty of Fish app on their phone

Assuming you want to know whether your partner is cheating online, you can check their phone for the Plenty of Fish app.

If they have it installed (which you can see by going to Settings > Apps), then they’re most definitely fishing for something on the side!

Secretly enter the app and do what you need to do: check their profile and chats.

I also recommend you open your partner’s browser history on either mobile or PC and look for the Plenty of Fish site link; while you’re at it, check the Saved Passwords feature.

All in all, very risky, but it’s one of the few ways you can catch a POF cheater without joining the platform yourself.

More ways to search on Plenty of Fish…but this time with an account!

Are you sure you don’t want to create an account for your search? It will raise your chances of success significantly.

Your account doesn’t have to be real—you can pick a different name and photos that don’t have you in them.

This way you can anonymously browse the dating app. 

If this sounds like a plan, then here’s how you can carry out a Plenty of Fish search within the platform.

1. Get a Plenty of Fish upgrade.

Plenty of Fish is actually one of the few dating sites that offer a username search, but only for Premium users.

Yes, that does mean that you’re going to have to pay for a Premium Subscription, going for around 20 bucks a month.

This gives you quite a good deal and even more effective perks. To name some:

  • Unlimited Likes;
  • Extended Profile Viewing;
  • Access to your Likes;
  • And most importantly, Username Search.

Notice the last feature? Well, that’s what’s going to help you search within POF!

2. Try out the Basic Search and Advanced Search.

Try out the Basic Search and Advanced Search

Do you remember the details of the person? Their age, distance, or when they last were online? If you do, go to the Search section.

You should see a Filter & Sort tab containing different filters regarding:

  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Intent;
  • Photos;
  • Location;
  • Bio;
  • Lifestyle, etc.

Be as specific as possible whilst describing the user and you’re sure to stumble across them again eventually.

3. Opt for the “Dating in Your City” version of POF.

Opt for the “Dating in Your City” version of POF

Since most dating app users are looking for someone who lives close by, Plenty of Fish has made it possible for them to find them.

Dating in Your City part of POF lets you pick your state and city before making your account—do try this if the person you’re trying to find lives near you.

Friendly reminder that you’re going to need to create an account to access the singles in your area.

– You can also use Plenty of Fish while having your activity status off.

If you’re a private person, you can use the platform without fellow users knowing you’re online.

To do this you simply go to your profile > scroll down to Profile Visibility > disable your activity status.

Side note: other users will have a harder time finding you, so you won’t get as many matches if you disable your activity status for too long.

Taking everything into account, do you need a POF account to search for someone?

Having an account is quite useful for Plenty of Fish specifically, but you can do a ton from a distance.

You have third-party services like Spokeo that make searching on POF without registering possible—and effective, might I add.

If you don’t want to go fishing on this platform, know that your options are abundant!

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