7 effortless ways to find dating profiles by phone number!

Finding dating profiles isn’t as easy as finding social media profiles; dating sites are a bit stricter regarding users’ visibility and privacy.

They’re not too visible to the public eye and if they were, I doubt people would use them as much.

However, there are ways we can find dating profiles.

And one of the ways is by using a person’s phone number.

Keep in mind: a lot of dating apps and sites do the most to protect their users’ privacy.

As we already all know, one of the best things about dating platforms is how discreet they are.

With social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s possible to look somebody up by using their details.

However, with dating apps/sites, things get a bit more difficult.

You can’t simply look somebody up on the app or site itself—most dating platforms don’t even have a search bar.

So, searching someone’s dating accounts by phone number alone can be a bit tricky, but not impossible.

With that in mind, let’s look at ways to find dating profiles by phone number!

1. Try logging in on the dating site with the person’s phone number.

Try logging in with the person’s phone number

If you’re trying to find a dating profile by phone number, we’ve got to start from the classics.

This one’s a classic!

What we’re basically doing here is posing as the other person by logging in with their credentials.

If a person has linked their phone number to a dating account, they will get the option to log in using it.

And you might be thinking: “How does that help?”

Good question! So, if we try this method, we won’t actually be able to access their account—especially without a password.

But we’ll know if somebody has an account, to begin with, and if we’re romantically involved with that special somebody, that’s all we need to know.

To do this, download the app or visit the dating site and punch in the phone number as a way to log in and put down a random password.

If you get a notification saying that an account with this phone number doesn’t exist or that the phone number is incorrect, then that specific phone number isn’t linked with any accounts.

However, if a notification pops up saying that the password is incorrect, then an account with that phone number does, in fact, exist.

2. Use Swindlerbuster’s phone number lookup feature to find dating profiles by phone number.

One other popular—and effective—method is searching dating sites through third-party apps.

There are sites specifically designed to look people up and it’s really useful in the scene of online dating.

All we have to do is visit their page, click the reverse phone number lookup, and type the phone number we’re curious about.

Information will show up regarding the owner of that specific number, such as personal and contact information, plus all social media profiles.

Including dating profiles.

Besides Swindlerbuster, some of the most popular and productive sites among many others are:

It’s quick, helpful, and overall effective; it’s worth a shot!

3. To know if your partner has a dating profile by phone number, check their inbox for confirmation codes.

For a partner, check their phone for confirmation codes

Entering toxic territory, here!

You can find out if your s.o. is using dating apps by checking their electronics.

Specifically, checking their phone for any confirmation codes from dating platforms.

A lot of dating apps require a phone number upon signing up, and when provided with one, they’ll send a notification containing the confirmation code.

And, as you guessed, the notification will pop up on users’ phones.

If your partner hasn’t deleted the notification and used a different phone number, you’ll be able to find the confirmation code in these two places:

  • Notification center (if you suspect they recently joined a dating network);
  • Messages app.

And I know that since we’re taking this risk we might as well just check their phone for dating apps.

And yeah, that’s valid. However, not every person who cheats leaves traces behind; they may delete the app and reinstall it again when needed.

Not a “search by phone number” hack per se, but this cool little trick uses a phone number to find the most important information: presence on dating apps.

4. Type the phone number in Google’s search bar.

This might sound like a long shot, but when you think about it, it could work.

Since a lot of search engines answer questions by showing information relevant to what’s being asked, if a person has their number mentioned in their dating profile, the profile can show up.

Type the phone number in Google’s search bar and see if any dating profiles come up.

This only works if the person you want to find has mentioned their phone number anywhere in their profile.

5. On the dating app, “update” your phone number.

This is another trick that helps us see if someone has a dating account through their phone number—for free.

A lot of dating apps require a phone number to make an account; for verification processes, dating apps require some sort of detail.

However, in dating apps like Tinder, the same phone number can’t be used for more than one account—let’s use this to our advantage.

After making an account, go to Tinder—or any app/site—and click your profile icon.

Scroll to Account Settings and tap on Phone Number, then Update My Phone Number.

Enter the phone number of the person you’re curious about.

If it says that the phone number isn’t available, then that means that an account under it already exists.

This should work for the majority of dating apps, however, note that if an account with that phone number doesn’t exist, the other person could receive a confirmation code.

6. Allow the dating app to sync your contacts.

Allow the dating app to sync your contacts

A lot of dating apps have a feature that allows users to stop their contacts from getting suggested.

Rightfully so—nobody wants to have their friend or relative suggested.

However, if you want to see if someone whose contact you have saved on your phone has a dating profile, syncing your contacts might help you find them.

Make a dating profile (preferably under a different name) and look for the place where this feature lies.

For a lot of dating apps, it can usually be found somewhere in the Settings area.

Tweak the settings regarding who you want to be suggested and who you don’t want to be suggested to you.

To minimize the chances and awkwardness of coming across someone you know, you can block contacts from seeing you.

For example, Tinder offers a similar feature.

Simply go to Settings and scroll down to Block Contacts.

From there, you can select the people from your contact list you wish to avoid!

7. On Tinder, enable the Friends of Friends option.

If you want to find someone you know on Tinder, say, your friend’s friend, you can enable the Friends of Friends feature.

So basically, how this works is that if you and somebody both have a friend’s contact saved, that somebody will get suggested to you.

If your friend is also on Tinder and/or has enabled the feature, their name will be shown as the person in common.

However, if not, when you see somebody after enabling the feature, it will only say that that person has a specific number of people in common.

To opt-in, go to Settings and scroll down to Friends of Friends.

Note that this only works if you and the person you’re looking for have someone in common and have both opted into Friends of Friends.

More ways to find somebody’s dating profiles.

If you think that you can make it easier for yourself to find someone on dating apps, regardless of the method, here’s what you can do about this!

– Reverse search their name and email address.

As I mentioned above, we can use third-party apps to look somebody up.

Aside from the “reverse phone number lookup” feature, these sites offer numerous features, including search by first/last name, residential address, email address, or even vehicle.

Simply go to sites such as Swindlerbuster, Socialcatfish, Intelius, Spokeo, BeenVerified, etc, and choose how you want to look somebody up.

For more detailed and fruitful results, I recommend using their first/last name and/or email address!

– Type their name with the site’s URL.

You can also try typing their name together with the site’s URL—it’s quick, easy, and free!

For example www.datingsite.com/@name

Or search on Google: datingsite.com name

By doing so, we’ll get results and links to people’s profiles that use the same name.

Do also consider trying this with a nickname they go by as a lot of people put their usernames based on their actual nicknames.

Say, the person you’re looking for is named Alexander but everybody calls him Alex; search ‘Alex’ on the URL too.

Note that although this method may not work for every dating site, it’s worth a try!

– Not recommended, but, you can try checking their phone and/or pc.

Not recommended, but, you can try checking their phone and or pc

If you’re curious about a partner and suspect that they might be using online dating sites or apps, as an absolute last resort you can check their electronics and see if they have any dating apps installed.

Of course, I don’t recommend this one bit; the risk is too high and it’s an invasion of privacy.

Not to mention, very toxic and unhealthy.

But at the end of the day, it’s still a sure method to see if a partner is being unfaithful.

Though, lately, cheaters are getting better at hiding evidence.

– Check their browser history.

Once you’ve—somehow—gained access to their electronics, one of the first things you want to do is check the browser history.

In most search engines, you can check the browser history in Settings.

Investigate and see if any dating sites have been visited or other suspicious links; a constantly deleted browser history can be suspicious too.

– Check their password-managing features/apps.

Remembering and keeping up with passwords is one of the most tedious tasks; we use different services with different accounts.

That’s why a lot of apps and features have been created to make password management more doable.

Check if your partner has any similar apps or uses search engines’ built-in features.

Because Google is one of the most used search engines, of course, it has a password manager feature.

Go to Google’s Settings, click on the Autofill feature, and go to Passwords.

If your partner is logged in, you’ll be able to see all sites he has saved passwords for—if any.

To sum it all up!

Dating profiles aren’t too visible to the public eye; they’re usually very well hidden and I believe that contributes largely to their popularity.

We’ve all had worries regarding a partner’s loyalty—especially now with the convenience of online dating.

As hard as finding dating profiles by phone number can be, it’s not impossible!

And one of the methods I’ve shared today with you will surely be of help.

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