9 Free Ways to Check Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without His Knowledge

The dilemma of spying on a boyfriend’s phone has been around for a while now—and it’s all potential cheaters’ fault.

Many take the opportunity to be as unfaithful as possible on their phones, and why? Because phones resemble privacy and convenience!

Everybody knows that “spying” on a significant other is unhealthy, but despite that, people feel they have no other choice left.

If you’re dealing with a similar dilemma, thinking about spying on your boyfriend’s phone, there are a few things you need to know:

Cyber-spying on your boyfriend is very toxic!

Cyber-spying on a partner is very toxic

Before we take any further steps, we need to know the downsides of spying on a boyfriend’s devices!

The reason you feel the need to do this is most likely because you suspect he’s cheating—if such doubts are involved, there are healthier methods to solve this problem.

It’s always better to talk to your boyfriend about your feelings and what they’re doing to make you feel this way. It encourages a healthy relationship—still, I do understand that people lie, making their boyfriend want to take action!

Spying in some places is also illegal, and it could get you in trouble. And one more thing: your boyfriend may find out you’ve been spying on them, and trust me, he’s not going to appreciate it.

If you’re still curious about how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone, here are 9 clever methods to do it for free!

1. Carefully going through his phone is perhaps the best way to spy on him!

If you’re looking to spy on your boyfriend’s phone for free, then snooping on it while he’s not there is the only way.

This includes checking his gallery, social media apps, folders, and other tricks I will be showing you shortly!

  • For this to work, we need to be extremely careful and discreet—even the smallest mistake could alert your boyfriend.
  • If you’re thinking of trying this method out first, after you’re done, make sure to erase all of your traces and leave his phone exactly how you found it.

And I would like to go back to the toxicity of the situation—checking a boyfriend’s phone without their permission is really toxic!

So much so actually, that people have broken up with their s.o. if they found out their privacy has been compromised like that.

Granted every form of spying could be perceived as toxic, keep this in mind when going through with it!

2. Rigorously check all of his social media apps—if he’s cheating, you’ll find something!

If there’s anything unfaithful people love to use, it’s social media.

They like and comment on people’s posts, try out dating apps, talk to online strangers they find attractive—the list goes on and on!

When you have the opportunity to check your boyfriend’s phone, the first thing you want to do is thoroughly check all of the social media apps he uses:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram (we’ll come back to this later);
  • Snapchat; 
  • Twitter, etc.

What you need to focus more on is who he’s talking to on his social profiles, and in what way!

Is he friendly? Flirty? Or even sexual? If it crosses your boundaries, then it is considered cheating.

Regularly spying on whom he texts, what posts he interacts with, and other social platform activities will answer all of your questions.

3. Spy on what he typically does on his phone by looking at his browsing history.

Spy on what he typically does on his phone by looking at his browsing history

Spying on his browsing history can reveal a lot about what he does on his phone!

You can find this information by either asking to use his phone for something or just going through it when he’s not around.

Here’s how: Open the web browser he uses, go to Settings, and then select History.

If he doesn’t usually clear his browsing history, you’ll see the websites he visits. For instance, if he’s been on dating sites, they’ll appear in his history, giving you a clue about his activities.

Understanding his browsing habits can help you keep an eye on his online behavior without much effort!

4. Check his Instagram activity as well! People behave inappropriately on Instagram

Online infidelity is very common.

We’ve all been there—It’s not rare for arguments to start because someone liked another person’s photo on Instagram.

Some people (even though they’re already in relationships) behave inappropriately on Instagram.

This happens quite frequently too! So spying on your boyfriend’s Instagram activity might just help you make a definite decision.

  • Snatch your boyfriend’s phone and go to the Instagram app.
  • Click on his icon at the bottom right of the screen and then go to the three horizontal lines at the top.
  • Choose Your Activity, and that’s about it! You can view the posts he’s liked, commented on, and other useful information.

5. Check his Safari website data.

You’ll most definitely find something there!

  • On his iPhone, go to Settings and scroll down until you find Safari.
  • Click on Advanced, and then tap on Website Data; here you’ll see all of his sites.
  • See if you can find any suspicious sites that definitely make you uncomfortable—such as dating or sexual ones.

You’re not required to tap on anything; all you need to do is look if your boyfriend has visited any inappropriate platforms!

Be cautious, though! I doubt he has thought of it, but it’s possible for him to have deleted his website data.

6. Check what messages your boyfriend has deleted.

On iPhone and Samsung, check what messages your boyfriend has deleted

To really expose his actions, you have to dig deeper.

And once again, he won’t be able to know you’ve checked this information! Unless you’re not careful at all, of course.

Spying on the deleted content on his phone is yet another method to effectively spy on what he typically does—especially deleted messages.

  • If your boyfriend has an iPhone, this is how you can check what messages he has deleted: Go to Messages > Edit > Show Recently Deleted.
  • As for Samsung: Go to Samsung Messages > three-dot icons > Recycle Bin.

This way you can see if there’s anything your boyfriend has deemed important enough to hide, such as text exchanges between him and his lover.

7. Spy on who he talks to by forwarding his messages to your iPhone!

Really, convenient, right? But it’s also very risky because it’s fairly easy for your boyfriend to find out you’ve done this.

Also, this method only works if both you and your boyfriend use an iPhone!

  • Go to your boyfriend’s iPhone Settings, click on his Apple ID (where his name is), and click on the Name, Phone Numbers, Email option.
  • On top of his numbers/emails, click Edit, and add your email address or phone number.
  • Every text he receives will now be automatically forwarded to you!

This is an excellent method to spy on his phone—plus it’s free.

The only downside of this method is that it’s not too discreet, so use it with caution!

8. Check if he has saved his passwords anywhere!

You can log into his social media accounts and spy if you know his credentials, technically speaking.

If your boyfriend uses any password manager tools (e.g. apps or built-in browser features) check them for any saved passwords/accounts.

If he uses similar apps, simply click on them and view his information.

He may also be using browser built-in features:

  • For example, on Google, you can view his saved passwords by clicking on Settings > Autofill and Passwords > Google Password Managers.
  • And on Microsoft Edge, you go to Settings again and click on Passwords.

Knowing a person’s social media account credentials is important information—they let you spy on your boyfriend’s social media, which as we established, cheaters use a lot!

9. See if he’s hiding any images in his gallery.

See if he’s hiding any images in his gallery

If he is, those pictures are probably inappropriate ones.

When spying on his phone, don’t let this method go unchecked!

  • When you get the opportunity, go to his iPhone photo gallery and scroll down to Hidden—enter his phone password.
  • If your boyfriend has an Android phone instead, don’t worry! Here’s how you can find his hidden files: Go to Samsung Files > Internal Storage > click on any folder you’re curious about (most likely Pictures) > click on the three dots at the top right > Settings > Show Hidden System Files.

5 spying apps to Spy on a Boyfriend’s phone

Other than spying on your boyfriend directly from his phone, there’s another way: spying apps.

These apps are designed for this purpose: if you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, you can monitor their phones!

These apps aren’t free—because they offer many benefits, they come at a cost.

Spying apps let you know where your boyfriend is at all times; they also show you what he does on his phone.

This is exactly what someone suspicious would need!

Let me give you some great examples of effective spying apps that give the best results!

1. Famisafe.

This is a remote monitoring, award-winning spy app that can be used on many devices (mobile phones, computers, tablets)!

Some of the many useful features Spyera offers are:

  • Live call recording;
  • Remote camera;
  • Keyloggers;
  • Social media tracking;
  • Access to call logs;
  • Access to messages;
  • Email tracking, and more.

It’s easy to use and completely hidden; you’ll need access to your boyfriend’s phone for about 5-10 minutes to install the app.

You will receive an in-depth manual about every step you have to take until you get the program up and running!

2. mSpy.

Mspy is a very popular phone tracker originally meant for parental control!

  • It allows you to know your boyfriend’s location at all times;
  • It lets you monitor their every keystroke (very useful for finding out passwords, cheating, etc).
  • mSpy tells you who a person is calling;
  • This spying app also tells you who they’re texting and what;
  • It gives you access to images being sent and received, etc!

As you can see, a lot of advantages come with this app—and you can do all this without being detected.

You will need to create an account, pick your preferred plan, and—again—be able to get on your boyfriend’s phone.

It’s fast, easy, and secure!

3. Eyezy.


Another very popular pick is the Eyezy phone monitoring app!

It’s a very tech-forward software with very interesting features:

  • Social media monitoring;
  • Screen recorders;
  • Messages/call monitoring;
  • Keystroke captures;
  • Real-time alerts
  • Geofencing, and the list goes on!

The installation and set-up are pretty much similar to the other spying apps: install the app on the other person’s phone and follow the steps!

4. uMobix.

This app is another cell phone tracker meant for parents, but it’s also commonly used to bust a cheater!

It’s an excellent choice for people who want to track a boyfriend’s calls, messages, photos/videos, location, social media, and other online presence.

It’s easy to set up and it updates users in real time about what the other person is doing—and don’t worry, everything is discreet!

Relationship issues related to the urge to spy on a significant other…

If you strongly feel the urge to somehow spy on a significant other, it usually signals issues in a relationship.

It could be that he’s somehow contributing to those doubts—probably by behaving in a suspicious way or even having a history of being a cheater.

It could also be a lack of communication between you; aside from the obvious reasons, trust issues deriving from your past may be inducing anxiety.

Regardless, spying on your boyfriend is only an option, not a good one, but still! If you’re thinking of giving it a try, these methods will help.

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