If he likes me, why is he still online dating? 18 shocking reasons why he’s still on dating apps!

Boundaries and labels become a bit hazy when it comes to online dating.

You’re talking to this nice guy who’s made it clear he’s interested in you; he seems to be perfect, but there’s only one problem.

You know for a fact that he’s still online dating despite having a thing for you—why’s that, though?

What pushes people to keep swiping even after really liking someone?

This can be confusing, and it’s about time we pointed out why this recurring phenomenon happens! Here are 18 shocking reasons that explain it all:

1. He only claims to have feelings for you but doesn’t actually.

He only claims to have feelings for you but doesn’t actually

I know that this is probably not what you want to hear right now, but if he’s still active on dating sites, we need to consider the possibility.

This is all it is, after all: a possibility!

The majority of people on dating sites use them to date, meaning that if your guy is still using them, there’s a good chance he’s online cheating.

And this sort of disrespectful behavior would never come from a person who likes you—not only out of respect but also because they wouldn’t be interested in other people.

If you’re not 100% sure this guy likes you because aside from his words, and he hasn’t made the effort to prove himself, then this is most likely the case!

2. Or he’s simply not serious yet.

When it comes to online dating, he’s not serious enough to stop it—this is usually what happens when people just start talking to each other.

  • He probably doesn’t see the point in dropping everything for someone he just started talking to; he wants to wait a bit.
  • When it comes to unseriousness, it’s also possible that he’s not fully committed to you yet, which pushes him to keep his dating profiles up and running!

Or maybe he’s a player; he’ll most likely never stop online dating and other unfaithful behavior, no matter how uncomfortable you feel.

Give him the boot!

3. Similarly, the reason why he’s still on dating apps could be because he thinks you aren’t serious.

Person A thinks Person B isn’t serious and Person B thinks the same about Person A—this makes them both lose the will to stop online dating.

  • It’s perfectly possible for him to be thinking that you aren’t all that serious yourself, in which case he’s thinking, “Why should I quit dating sites?”
  • He thinks you’re only passing your time by talking to him—and though that could be a result of your behavior, his trust issues could also be the culprit.

And hopefully, this isn’t the case, but if it is, we need to ask ourselves, “Am I behaving in a way that makes the other person think they don’t matter to me?”.

4. If he’s still on dating apps after months, it’s possible that he’s unsure how he feels about you.

He has yet to figure out what exactly it is that he’s feeling about you—is it love, or something else?

  • Indecisiveness can be playing a part here; he’s going back and forth trying to make sure that he wants to commit.
  • He hasn’t deleted his dating profiles because he’s trying to keep his options open just in case he decides you’re not the one.

Don’t feel down, though, as this is something a lot of people go through.

They meet someone good, but they end up being indecisive or emotionally immature; those two factors make people refuse to give up their singlehood!

5. People who have a fear of commitment may have a harder time giving up online dating.

People who have a fear of commitment may have a harder time giving up online dating

When a person has commitment issues, they will have a more difficult time getting into a serious, long-term relationship.

The thought of giving up their single life represents a relationship moving too quickly for comfort—your guy may not want that.

  • He can’t or doesn’t want to commit for whatever reason, and those feelings are urging him to keep swiping left and right.
  • You two aren’t in a relationship yet, and if he truly has commitment issues, you most likely won’t be in a relationship for a long time, or even ever.

Don’t be mistaken though, just because a person has a fear of commitment doesn’t mean they don’t like you—they might just fear getting hurt.

6. Insecurity might also be pushing him to online dating.

Something is making him insecure enough to keep using dating apps—it could be that he thinks you’re way out of his league.

That, or he’s not too sure whether the relationship will work out or not!

  • He wants to prove that he too can attract people, just like you, and he’s doing that by online cheating.
  • His insecurities are pushing him to stay on dating sites for an ego boost; he doesn’t want to put you on a pedestal.

He’s low-key trying to keep you on the edge or even make you jealous—I mean, God forbid he doesn’t add a bit of toxicity, right?

7. He’s still on dating sites because it’s his habit.

And habits are hard to break!

He’s a notorious online dater; he’s been doing it for a long time now, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon.

  • The will to quit dating sites even after finding you, the one he’s interested in, has completely left his body.
  • He regularly checks his dating profiles and sees what’s new!

    Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s talking to other people, but we can’t ignore the possibility.

Still, this behavior can’t be excused; your feelings are more than justified.

8. He’s still on dating apps because he’s quite literally addicted to them.

Believe it or not, people can get addicted to online dating, and this might just be the deal here!

Dating apps present people with a lot of different options; they’re a great ego boost, not to mention very convenient.

  • The man you’re talking about is addicted to how dating platforms make him feel—desirable, entertained, and important.
  • He’s addicted to the thrill of online dating and just how easy it is; he talks to fellow users and is showered with affection and compliments.

9. He’s an attention seeker.

And nothing makes attention seekers happier than being noticed by multiple people!

It’s no surprise that dating platforms have millions of users, making it the perfect pastime for attention-seeking men.

They like it when people hit on them and make them feel good about themselves—they can’t have enough of it.

This is the kind of attention they don’t feel satisfied getting from only one person; quitting online dating means they have to quit that part of their lives.

10. Because he doesn’t want to look desperate, he’s playing mind games with you!

Because he doesn’t want to look desperate, he’s playing mind games with you

Another reason we need to talk about is that your guy might be trying to play mind games with you—he doesn’t want to look too desperate.

He’s doing this weird thing of trying to “keep you in check” and not be too sure that he’ll drop anything to be with you.

As I said, he is trying to prove he can get other people if he wanted to, so his trying to online date is a caution, of sorts.

  • He doesn’t want you to know he’s too into you or else you’d feel too comfortable—this type of thinking is outrageous if you ask me!

11. He gets the validation he wants/needs on dating platforms.

There’s quite a large number of people who go on dating apps just for validation—maybe this applies to your guy as well.

He goes there to talk to multiple people and seeks their approval, which he gets, hence doesn’t want to quit online dating.

Now, the constant need for approval hints at low self-esteem—if your crush has low self-esteem, he’ll most likely continue seeking others’ approval.

12. Dating apps offer options, and that’s exactly what he’s looking for.

He enjoys having different “options” he can choose from, and dating apps are known to offer them.

They’re easy to use and have a lot of daily users—your guy doesn’t want to miss out on that.

  • He feels the most uncomfortable having lots of people he can talk to and be romantically involved with at all times.
  • He might even be on the lookout for someone who, in his opinion, is better.

It could also be that he’s looking for a backup plan in case your relationship fails—all in all, not the type of person suitable for a relationship.

13. He’s confused about where you two stand—you haven’t made things exclusive yet.

Though, I believe that’s no reason to still be active on dating sites while having feelings for another person.

  • You haven’t made things official yet, and he’s seeing that as an opportunity to still use dating sites!
  • That, or he’s genuinely confused about the nature of your relationship and what you want, so he’s not giving online dating up just yet.

He doesn’t know where you two stand, or even if you’re into him like that—he doesn’t want to assume either, so instead he uses dating sites as usual.

14. Blurry boundaries: he doesn’t know that his presence on dating apps bothers you.

I know that you’re thinking, “Shouldn’t this be known, though?”, and I wholeheartedly agree.

You’d be surprised just how many people lack common sense. 

  • Your guy may not know that what he’s doing is making you uncomfortable—as inconsiderate as it sounds, empathy isn’t everybody’s greatest trait.
  • If this is the case, he’s not intentionally trying to hurt you; he’s doing what he usually does and accidentally hurting you in the process.

I highly recommend communicating your boundaries with this person, especially if you’re looking to form a relationship with him!

15. He intends to remain friends with benefits.

He intends to remain friends with benefits.

He’s not looking for a deeper connection, even though he likes you.

And because of that, he doesn’t see the point in deleting his dating profiles for someone he’s not going to commit to.

He only sees you as a friend with benefits and not a romantic partner, hence why he thinks it’s okay to continue online dating.

This is a bit tricky! If he has made his intentions clear from the very start, then we can’t exactly blame him for staying true to his word.

However,  your feelings toward the situation are extremely valid as well!

16. He’s the type of person who gets bored easily.

Especially in relationships.

He’s always seeking some excitement, and being tied down will make him feel as if he can’t get it!

  • To him, dating platforms are fun, fresh, and exciting; he enjoys meeting new people and forming relationships with them.
  • He likes you, but at the same time likes the thrill of online dating.

If the man you’re talking about is anything like this, keep in mind that it’s not you who’s boring—he’s simply the type who gets bored easily.

17. He still goes on dating sites because they’re his source of entertainment—nothing too serious.

Small as it may be, several people go on dating sites for no reason, even though they’re involved with someone.

They don’t go there to cheat or anything—they go there out of boredom, or most likely just to pass the time.

It may sound unlikely, but there’s a chance that your person is still on dating sites for the heck of it; he gets in there to joke around or see who’s online.

If so, he’s not looking to cheat or even to interact with others at times—he’s curious but not aware of how it might look to you.

18. He forgot to delete his dating accounts.

Or maybe he forgot to delete his dating profiles—it happens.

This is most likely the case if his profiles are deserted; you notice that he hasn’t been active ever since you two got serious.

And the only logical explanation is that he either didn’t properly delete his profiles or that he completely forgot to!

If you two, for example, met on a dating site and you check in to see if he’s still there, don’t panic just yet! The thought probably hadn’t crossed his mind

How to catch someone online cheating? 5 clever ways to find someone’s dating profiles!

5 clever ways to find someone’s dating profiles

On the other hand, if you’re trying to find his dating profiles, I got a solution for that too!

A lot of people, despite being in committed relationships, go on dating sites—it’s the sad truth.

You might be almost 100% certain that the guy you’re talking to is online dating, all that’s left is finding his dating profiles.

Let me show you how! Here’s how you can find a person’s dating profile(s:)

– If you want to find someone on Tinder, SwindlerBuster will help you.

To find a person’s Tinder account, write down their information on SwindlerBuster and get the results.

For this, you will need a first and last name, age, gender, and location where this person most likely logged in.

Click on Search Tinder and you’re good to go!

– Know if he’s still using Bumble by using BuzzHumble!

As for Bumble, you can use BuzzHumble.

Simply enter your guy’s first name, age, gender, and address—you will receive a list of people who match your description.

Write down your email address to receive the report and click Search Now.

Bumble users’ accounts that match your description will resurface!

– You can also use other third-party services that search for people on more sites!

Pay-to-use services such as SocialCatfish, Spokeo, and others find people’s profiles based on limited information.

You can use his name, email address, phone number, or even vehicle—after all is done, you will receive the results.

For this method to work best, pick a well-trusted, popular service and expect a detailed report on the person you’re curious about!

– Ask your friend(s) to notify you if they come across your guy!

If your friends use different dating sites, ask them to keep an eye out for the guy you’re talking to.

Ask them to tell you when and if they ever come across him; a screenshot of his profile should be all you need.

– It’ll take a while, but try finding him by creating an account!

Not exactly the most ideal (or easiest) method, but once you’ve tried everything and failed, take matters into your own hands!

Create an account for the dating app you suspect he’s using and tweak the preferences based on his demographic info, personality, state, and interests!

Manipulate the algorithm as much as possible, and get to swiping—it might take a while (and you might not even find him), but it’s worth a shot.

Should you trust a guy who acts as if you’re dating but still actively updates his online dating profile?

That’s going to be a hard no for me.

Some people want the best of both worlds: messing around with people online and having the security and comfort of being in a stable relationship.

Having a dry, deserted dating profile that hasn’t been active since the dawn of time is okay—he most likely forgot to delete his account.

But regularly updating his dating profile although he wants you to be his partner?

That doesn’t sit right with me—that’s exactly how an immature cheater would think and act!!

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