5 smart ways to see who he’s texting + 5 useful apps to help you out!

I’m certain every person who’s ever been in a relationship has doubted their partner’s loyalty at least once.

As harsh as that sounds, it’s fairly common.

In the online world, a lot of people in relationships test the waters—it’s easy and discreet.

Especially while texting; there’s a high number of people in committed relationships who text other people.

And if you’re having similar suspicions, I got your back!

Here’s how you see who he’s texting!

1. Check his phone/computer notifications.

Check his phone computer notifications.

You can do this by simply having a peek at his phone when he gets a notification or by checking his Notification Center on his phone.

As we know and love, whenever we get a text message, our devices notify us with a pop-up notification—this will be helpful to us.

You can click on the drop-down menu, or even simply peek whenever his phone rings up.

If he has his notifications on – unless he keeps his phone on silent mode – you’ll hear some sort of sound or vibration that indicates someone has texted him.

And if he has notifications disabled—for whatever reason—consider turning them on to keep yourself up to date.

2. Go through his phone to see exactly who he’s texting.

It’s toxic, but, going through his phone will greatly increase our chances of seeing who he’s texting.

The infamous “snooping around his phone” method—sadly, it has a high success rate.

It’s a high-risk, high-reward situation.

It is a breach of trust, toxic, and a serious invasion of privacy; doing so will cause a great obstacle in your relationship.

And getting caught could lead the relationship to end.

You can choose to go through his phone to check his Messages and Phone app as well as other social media networks to see who he’s texting.

For that, you’ll need access to his passcodes; if you do, you can check if he’s partaking in any unloyal activities.

Say, texting or calling other people—in an inappropriate way.

A milder form of this method is simply asking permission to go through his phone; couples usually make phone-sharing a common thing to earn trust.

He may or may not accept, though, and even get defensive.

That, and he most likely deletes all evidence—all things considered, this method should be kept as an absolute last resort.

3. On WhatsApp, you can link your partner’s devices.

However, note that your partner will most likely notice it.

But yes, on WhatsApp, you can link different devices and receive those specific devices’ content.

Including calls and messages.

On WhatsApp Settings, go to Linked Devices, and link your partner’s account on your phone, tablet, or PC.

From then on, you’ll have access to his call and message log—on WhatsApp.

4. You can also read their messages on WhatsApp backup.

Another method to read a partner’s messages on WhatsApp is to check their backup.

WhatsApp backup is the place where all our chats are saved and secured from deletion.

Meaning that if your partner hasn’t deleted and does regular backups, you’ll find his chats there.

Go to his WhatsApp Settings, click on Chats, and navigate to Backup; there you’ll find a list of all the conversions he has backed up.

Depending on the circumstances, you might have to log into their iCloud and Google Drive accounts to access the information.

5. See who your boyfriend is texting on iPhone through the iCloud method.

How to see who your boyfriend is texting on iPhone—the iCloud method

If your boyfriend has an iPhone, there are a couple of ways to read messages he’s sent, and who he’s sent them to.

To try this out, though, you’re going to need access to his phone and iCloud account.

Log into your partner’s iCloud account and make sure that he’s backing up his chats and other socials.

Then, choose the folder containing the backed-up data and download it.

Now, you can read your man’s text messages and the people he talks to; you can choose to save the data to your computer.

Again, keep in mind that it’s possible for your s.o. to find out you’ve been snooping around—use with caution.

6. Use spying apps to see who your partner is texting.

One surefire way to see who your boyfriend is texting (and read his text messages) is to use spying apps.

The thought of a partner texting another person inappropriately is enough to bring anyone’s spirits down—especially if those suspicions have basis.

That’s exactly why various tools that track people’s online activity have been created!

These 5 apps will be useful in finding out who a partner is texting, and what exactly he’s texting:

Mspy Phone Spy App.

Mspy Phone Spy App.

Mspy is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective picks when it comes to spying apps.

Mspy allows you to track messages, calls, and even locations—all while staying invisible!

It lets you check compatibility in terms of devices and versions, plus it has great reviews.

All you need to do is visit Mspy’s site, enter your email, and pick a plan of your choice.

From then on, you’re going to have to pick the mobile device—which you need to have physical access to—and you’re good to go!

After following the on-screen instructions, you can navigate the control panel and view your partner’s online activity.

Do note that like most spying apps, Mspy is pay-to-use.

The service also offers different plans with different prices, fit for whatever we’re looking to accomplish!

Eyezy Phone Monitoring Software.

Eyezy is another very well-reviewed monitoring software that will definitely prove useful in our mission!

Originally a parental control app, it also works for finding out who a partner’s texting!

Eyezy helps us find out what a partner is up to; we’re able to see their device’s content (e.g. texts, photos, calls, history, etc).

All you need to do is create an account and follow the necessary instructions.

After that, you’re all set!

Eyezy is another popular pick with lots of useful technology; it’s also discreet to ensure effectiveness.

And if you’re looking for a way to read your boyfriend’s text messages, all of these factors make Eyezy a solid pick and method.

Spynger Cheating Tracker App.

Another great pick for seeing who a partner is texting: Spynger is productive and completely undetectable.

With a lot of amazing features, Spynger is specifically designed to catch cheaters in action.

It monitors:

  • Keyboard usage;
  • Chats;
  • Calls;
  • Locations;
  • Search histories;
  • Messages (including deleted ones);
  • And pictures.

All discreetly.

Spynger also offers a hidden screen recorder, GPS tracker, and keylogger features; it’s easy to use and super effective!

Simply pick your device, goal, email address, and a suitable plan—after that, you can start tracking your partner.

UMobix Cell Phone Tracker.

Yes, we’re going to use another parental control app to find out who a significant other is messaging—can you blame us?

If you’re looking to see who your boyfriend is texting on iPhone or Android, give UMbobix a try.

UMobix lets us monitor over 30+ social media platforms—including dating sites—in real-time.

This service offers a lot of helpful, monitoring features that make it possible to track potential cheaters, such as access to:

  • Keyloggers;
  • Contact list;
  • Browser history;
  • Photos/videos;
  • Text messages;
  • Remote controls;
  • Social media apps, and many more.

You can pay for a plan of your choice, and you’re good to go; you will have access to real-time information regarding your partner’s texting habits.

It’s, again, pay-to-use, with offers and deals haggling the initial price.

Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker.

Hoverwatch is a well-received mobile phone spying app frequently used to track a partner’s text messages.

It allows users to view data sent and received on a mobile phone device—all while remaining invisible.

It offers a free 3-day trial, and a cost-effective monthly fee: personal, professional, and business.

Simply sign up and follow the necessary steps to continue your tracking mission!

Hoverwatch offers:

  • Call recording;
  • Phone internet history;
  • Social media messages tracking (e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc);
  • Location tracking, etc.

Log into your account, download the app on the preferred device(s), and monitor all the data.

The pros and cons of using spying apps to see who your partner is texting.

If you’re thinking of spying on your partner’s online activity using spyware, there are some things to consider beforehand.

As many things do, spying on a partner’s phone has its pros and cons.

And knowing those pros and cons will help you decide whether you should take certain actions, or not!

                              Pros:                             Cons: 

They get the job done,

They help ease your worries,

They resurface important info,

Some are cost-effective.

They’re usually pay-to-use,

You need access to your partner’s devices,

In some places, they’re illegal,

Your partner could find out they’re being spied on,

They could pose troubles in relationships,

Being found could lead to a breakup.

That being considered, spying apps should be your absolute last resort, or you must consider not even relying on this last resort.

Spying apps promote toxicity, and healthier ways should be considered regarding this issue.

If you find yourself seriously considering using spying apps to find out who your boyfriend or husband is texting, then that might be a signal for a relationship reevaluation.

This often tends to hint at deeper relationship issues.

Knowing the disadvantages of doing something is equally as important as knowing the upside—if not, more.

Also, knowing this will help clear our vision and decide whether we want to pursue this.

In this case, ignorance is not bliss.

If you feel like looking them up on dating sites, you can do it without invading your partner’s privacy. All it takes is one single search to find out the truth!

Trust is one of the main foundations of a relationship.

A lot of the ways to find out who he’s texting include snooping around your partner’s phone, which as we know, it’s really toxic.

The need to spy on a partner hints that the foundation has been compromised.

I keep using the phrase “last resort” because I think that’s what it is; many more healthy actions should be considered instead of spying.

It’s much better to tackle relationship issues head-on, healthily—and I wouldn’t exactly consider spyware a “healthy” way.

Keep in mind that broken trust can’t be simply swept under the rug. Talk about it, clearly, openly, and gently. Tackle your concerns with your partner.

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