Reverse Image Search to Verify Matches on Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble

Reverse image searching is a safety precaution that should absolutely be taken before meeting online strangers.

Searching for a Tinder user (or any other dating site) provides valuable information about that person—it’s rather easy to do as well.

“How can I possibly do this?”— good question! You can use everything at your disposal, including Search Engines.

Reasons why reverse image searching is critical.

According to a BBC article that touches on the topic of online dating dangers, survey shows that around 33% of dating app users have encountered harassment/abuse by an online date.

Reverse image searching is really important: Dating apps are breeding grounds for catfishes, scammers, and other dangerous criminals alike.

If you’re being catfished, reverse image searching a dating app user’s pictures will also preclude physical, emotional, and financial harm.

Let’s learn about the ways we can reverse image search dating profiles.

1. Find a Tinder profile by reverse-searching it with SwindlerBuster.

If you’re looking for a quick, but successful way to find a Tinder user, then SwindlerBuster using Face Recognition technology will help you.

Upload your image that you want to scan over the internet and click the Face button.

If a Tinder member using that specific image exists, the SwindlerBuster face search will dig out their account.

2. You can use Bing for this purpose!

Some search engines support reverse image searching you can use Bing for this purpose

To check a Tinder picture, you can use Bing this way:

First, go to the main page of Bing; at the top, you will see a bar with different sections (Chat, Images, Videos, Shopping, Maps, and more).

Go to Images (this is where the reverse image searching is done) and click on the camera icon on the search bar.

  • You can drag the selfie of the person, copy & paste the URL, or even take a picture in real time.

3. Use Google to reverse image search on Tinder.

Use Google in a similar manner to reverse image search on Tinder

The very popular search engine, Google, has an element that lets you search the web by images: Google Lens.

  • On the search bar, click the camera (the “search by image” option)—like Bing, you can choose to upload an image or paste its URL.

Google Lens is good at what it does: if the dating app you’re searching on indexes users’ images, you will see all the users who display the same images.

4. Both dating profile reverse searching and image lookup are possible with SocialCatfish.

SocialCatfish is a site of many talents.

  • There, you can check if someone is who they say they are; SocialCatfish confirms their identity by showing you demographic data and social media/dating accounts.

If your goal is to reverse-search a Tinder profile, for example, what you need to do is visit SocialCatfish, and pick your method of searching: Image.

Doesn’t matter where the image is being used—with its advanced technology, SocialCatfish will pull out all sources.

5. FaceCheck makes for a suitable reverse image search tool.

FaceCheck is an online investigative search engine that lets people search using a face: it uses AI to detect faces.

Based on that, it will show you a person’s identity, their social media accounts, or all the places where the same (and similar) pictures are being shown.

  • If you’re interested in trying this out, go to FaceCheck, click on Browse, and press the Search button.

6. Reverse search an image from Tinder using PimEyes.

Reverse search an image from Tinder using PimEyes

As far as reverse image lookup tools go, PimEyes is one of the most practical.

It works pretty much the same: you upload the image you want more information about and click Search!

PimEyes gives you a precise report about your image, and you can even pick the thoroughness of your search.

  • You can pick the “Safe Search” option which gives you surface-level knowledge, or “Deep Search” which delves deeper into that specific person.

7. For a similarly effective experience, try TinEye!

TinEye is another popular tool in the “reverse-image-searching world”, and that’s because of how useful it is.

  • Pick an image, click on Search, and end of story—look through all of the pages to reach a conclusion.

If you want to catch a partner cheating on Tinder, or if you want to know the deal with your Tinder date, give TinEye a try.

8. You can give these additional reverse image search tools a shot!

As I’ve made clear until now, I’m sure you have your reasons for doing this; if your reasons are self-protection, then I am glad!

The “stranger danger” mindset applies to online strangers as well—and yeah online dating is popular now, but that doesn’t mean it’s all that safe.

Try to reverse image search an online stranger’s selfies using tools specifically designed for that. Here are some additional reverse image search tools:

– How to perform a Bumble reverse search?

How to perform a Bumble reverse search

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that you can look an image up from Bumble using the same exact methods I mentioned above (the reverse-image tools)!

The bad news is that, unlike Tinder, Bumble doesn’t make information about its users available to search engines.

However, you can find users on Bumble with this one method:

  • With investigative sites such as SocialCatfish, Spoeko, TruthFinder, etc.

    Other than SocialCatfish in which you can search using an image, our best shot is searching a Bumble user by their phone number, email address, or name.

    SocialCatfish, Spokeo, TruthFinder (and other similar sites) offer these options—feel free to pick another reliable service, though!

– Reverse image searching on Hinge and OKCupid.

Unfortunately, the same goes for Hinge and OKC—both are very secretive dating sites, and reverse image searching might work with only SocialCatfish.

Going back to what I was talking about: if you want to find someone on OKCupid or Hinge, you can try (and pay for) third-party apps (e.g. Spokeo, BeenVerified).

Can I reverse the image search from within Tinder?

No, it’s not possible to do that from Tinder itself! Instead, we have to use other means:

  • Google’s or Bing’s image-lookup feature, or;
  • Reverse image search tools such as TinEye.

Looking someone up by their picture is a good idea.

Not to sound like a broken record, but if you’re given the opportunity, definitely reverse-search an online date’s pictures.

The possible dangers of online dating are not a pleasant thing to think about, but being cautious never hurts anybody.

There’s no such thing as being “too careful”, so keep these methods in mind for when you need them.

Stay safe!

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