20 brilliant ways to catch a cheater in style!

Cheating isn’t a new concept; we’ve come to a point where it’s more surprising for a person to stay loyal.

It’s the sad reality of things—I’m positive that the majority of people have had their doubts regarding a partner’s loyalty.

And if your gut feeling is so intense it’s making you want to take action, I got some methods that’ll help catch a partner red-handed.

If you aim to catch a cheating partner, I got the perfect tips and tricks that’ll ensure your success!

1. Catching a partner cheating by showing up unexpectedly (when you said you wouldn’t).

If you are 100% sure your partner is having a secret affair and hoping to catch them red-handed, consider the element of surprise.

Suddenly change your plans and show up wherever and whenever you’re not expected.

For example, tell your spouse that you’ll be having a business meeting later that night, and won’t be home early.

Instead, return home as usual (if not, earlier); if your partner is cheating, they might’ve seen your “business meeting” as an opportunity to invite their lover over.

2. Text your partner from somebody else’s account.

One thing’s for sure: serial cheaters don’t pass up opportunities.

Text your partner from a fake account, or a friend’s (whom they don’t know) account.

Flirt with them a bit—stroke their ego and even initiate a meet-up.

If your partner flirts and continues talking to a stranger plus is willing to meet up for a random fling, then they’ve most likely done it with other people too.

They are cheaters.

3. To catch a cheater, look for clues they’ve had another person in your house.

The audacity some cheaters have to bring an affair partner into their and their partner’s house—it happens way too often.

If you and your partner live together, look for any useful clues, such as:

  • Jewelry;
  • Things that aren’t yours;
  • Locks of hair;
  • Clothes;
  • Food your partner doesn’t eat;
  • Untidied rooms;
  • Condom wrappers;
  • A different number of condoms, etc.

If your partner has been having people over, they’re bound to leave clues sooner or later—keep an eye out.

4. Implant a GPS device in their car.

Note that this could get you in hot water with the law; you can do this only if you own the car jointly.

But yes, you can put a tracking device in your spouse’s car if you’re worried they’re up to no good.

This way, you’ll be able to see where your s.o. goes, and how often they go there (e.g. hotels, strip clubs, people’s houses, etc).

5. Ask trick questions that’ll mess with their brain — observe their reaction.

The 5th method Ask trick questions that’ll mess with their brain observe their reaction.

“Innocently” ask your partner questions that will make them paranoid:

“Hey, this is a bit random—but, what’s your opinion on cheaters?”

“Apparently, over 70% of men cheat! Can you believe that?”

“I know what you’ve been up to. Haha, just messing with you!”

Something like this will keep them on their toes and alarm them.

Observe their reactions—do they panic, act aggressively, or try to change the subject?

If so, we’re onto something; their guilt is making them act up.

6. Trick them into believing their cover is about to get blown.

You can try this trick:

Buy or borrow something like a bracelet, a water bottle, or anything your partner doesn’t use.

When you’re together with your partner, pretend like you just found the thing in their house/car.

Ask them who it belongs to; if your partner lies and tells you the thing belongs to them, a friend, or a relative (even though it’s yours), then it’s clear.

There’s a high chance your partner is cheating, thought their lover left something behind, and panicked.

7. Look them up on Swindlerbuster.

Catching a cheater can happen in indirect ways too!

Looking them up on Swindlerbuster will help you find out whether they’re using dating sites.

We all know what using dating sites signals!

One simple search is what it takes to find out the truth!

8. You can catch your partner cheating by looking at their bank and phone statements.

If possible, check your spouse’s bank and phone statements for any suspicious activity (this works best if you have joint accounts).

On the bank account, see if any purchases have been made from places your partner doesn’t frequent—or if they bought stuff you didn’t receive.

You can also check your significant other’s phone statement to see if they’ve been calling suspicious numbers.

While you’re at it, check just how often those calls are made and how long they last.

9. Don’t let them walk away after an argument.

For many cheaters, it’s routine to start an argument, act hurt, and run away from their house—this is their opportunity to cheat.

If your spouse exhibits similar behavior, don’t let them get away with it.

Instead, insist they stay and talk things over—observe your partner’s reactions closely.

If they:

  • Make excuses to leave;
  • Refuse to sort things out;
  • Get defensive;
  • Act aggressive;
  • Ignore you;
  • Make the situation bigger than it is, then chances are they’re cheating and really want to get out of the house.

Though this in itself doesn’t 100% mean they’re going to cheat, this paired up with other signs and behavior is a dead giveaway.

10. Consider using keyloggers to track every keystroke.

The 10th method Consider using keyloggers to track every keystroke.

Keyloggers are tools used to track keyboards!

And this may not sound all that impressive until we realize we can uncover passwords, browsing histories, and overall online activity. 

Consider getting hardware keyloggers, which can be plugged into your partner’s computer to track their keystrokes;

Or software keyloggers, software purchased online that inform you what your partner has typed on their keyboard.

11. Private investigators will catch them for you!

It’s a bit pricey and complicated, but you can hire a private investigator to do the job for you.

Some agencies specialize in catching cheaters—with many clever strategies.

Do your research on a reputable agency, contact them, and tell them what needs to be done.

12. Not the best way to go about this, but you can try following your partner.

It may be risky, but if you have no other way, you can try following your partner wherever they go.

This means secretly following them and trying your hardest not to get noticed.

Pick a good (and not ridiculous) disguise, and follow their tracks; see where your spouse goes and with whom they’re meeting up.

If your s.o. is having a real-life, sexual affair, you’ll most likely bust them and their affair partner.

13. Catch a partner cheating by checking their phone.

We all know that this very toxic method never goes unnoticed; I would say that going through a partner’s phone has a very high success rate in this aspect.

Nowadays, most cheating is done and/or initiated via electronics, and if your doubts have to do with your partner’s phone, going through it is an option.

For this, you will need their password, permission (unlikely), and for your partner to be asleep/away.

Check their texts, pictures/videos, and contacts, and see if any dating apps are installed.

Find any evidence that points to your partner being an online or in-person cheater.

14. See what your partner does on their phone by using spying apps.

If you’re hoping to get a glimpse into your partner’s phone, there’s another toxic solution for that…

Download spying apps used to catch cheaters and have a look at their

  • Location;
  • Browsing history;
  • Texts;
  • Social media;
  • Gallery, and more!

Apps such as Eyezy, Mspy, Spyera, uMobix, and more, are popular spyware used by many internet users who are dealing with a similar dilemma.

They’re pay-to-use, however completely discreet and effective.

Though, you do need physical access to your partner’s phone to download the app, and from then onwards, you can track their every online move.

15. Check your partner’s emails for any dating sites or purchases.

Many online purchases and registrations for sites are done by email—this is what you need to look for.

On your partner’s phone, check their emails and see if you can find any purchases, reservations, and/or dating sites your partner uses.

If your partner is truly cheating, there’s a possibility they’ve left some sort of evidence in their Email app.

If you get the chance to check your significant other’s phone, give their emails a look!

16. How to catch a cheater that deletes everything!

Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to recover deleted messages on iOS and Android—let me show you how:

– On iOS, go to the default Messages app, click on Edit, and tap on Show Recently Deleted.

Here, you’ll see all the messages your partner has deleted—if they haven’t removed them from the trash bin, that is.

– On Android, go to Messages, tap the three-dot menu, and click on the Recycle Bin!

If your partner exchanges text back and forth with their lover but delete them, you’ll be able to view those messages regardless.

17. Catch a cheating partner by going through their devices’ trash bins.

This is another method for the online cheaters that delete everything: go through their devices’ bins.

This includes:

  • The gallery app “Deleted” folder;
  • The Email app bin;
  • Messages deleted in the Messages app (using the method I mentioned above);
  • Apps that have been uninstalled on Google Play and the App Store.

Many cheaters are smart enough to hide evidence, such as dating profiles, however, some don’t bother with the extra steps.

Meaning that, regardless, something could have slipped up on their end.

18. How to catch a cheater through an iPhone? — making their phone automatically answer calls.

This is yet another cool feature that not many know about:

Grab your partner’s phone, and on Settings, click on Accessibility.

Go to Touch and scroll down to Call Audio Routing, and click on Auto-Answer Calls.

Turn the feature on, and set the lowest amount of time.

If you’re sure that your partner is out cheating, and not doing whatever they said they would be doing, give them a call.

They can’t let the call ring and eventually stop as their phone will automatically answer.

And if your spouse is “busy” with his affair partner, then—to your horror—you’ll be able to hear.

An extra trip: turn their phone’s volume down so your partner doesn’t know you’re calling.

19. Seeing if your partner is cheating on Instagram.

It’s really easy to delete messages on Instagram (it literally takes 2 clicks); we also can’t see a person’s likes and comments.

—not without this trick, at least.

On your partner’s phone, go to the Instagram app, click on the bottom right profile icon, and click on the three horizontal lines at the top.

Go to Your Activity, and here you have it—your partner’s likes, comments, and many more.

Check if they’ve liked or commented flirtingly on a stranger’s posts—if so, there’s a possibility they’re cheating.

20. In case they’re online cheating, call the numbers that call your s.o.

If you’ve noticed that your partner often gets calls from unknown/unsaved numbers, then this method is for you.

Call the number from your phone, or a friend’s phone, or see who it belongs to by looking it up.

(I suggest the other two methods in case your partner’s love affair knows of you and/or has blocked your number).

See if the person is anyone suspicious, and assess whether their connection with your partner is appropriate or not.

Easy-to-spot signs a partner is cheating — how to tell?

Before jumping the gun and being set on catching your partner red-handed, you need to evaluate the whole situation!

I’m talking about confirming that your partner is, in fact, acting in a way that leads you to believe they’re cheating.

I’m talking about signs of a partner’s suspicious behavior that makes you feel iffy—such as:

  • 1) They have grown distant—both physically and emotionally;
  • 2) They often call you another person’s name;
  • 3) They’re suddenly paying much more attention to their appearance;
  • 4) They get angry and defensive whenever you question them;
  • 5) A spouse spending less and less time on their home (and making up excuses) is a telltale sign;
  • 6) Whenever you’re using their electronics, you see suspicious ads (e.g. ads about hotels, sex products, dating sites, etc);
  • 7) Them being always on their phone is really suspicious;
  • 8) They start fights over the most trivial things;
  • 9) They have these weird patterns of being overly nice (a sign of guilty conscience);
  • 10) They won’t let you touch/see their phone—no matter what.

Catching a cheater is an incredibly difficult task.

Even with the most effective methods, catching a cheater is an incredibly difficult and risky task—but confrontation is necessary.

For starters, there’s a chance (as slim as it may be) that you can get caught—if your partner is innocent, this won’t sit well with them.

And though many people wouldn’t think of hiding some really elaborate evidence, some cheaters do know their way around cheating.

They will do whatever they can to leave no room for suspicion.

But even so, the methods I’ve mentioned above are clever and extremely low-key—they’ll most definitely help uncover a partner’s infidelity.

With that being said: good luck, and stay vigilant!

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