12 sleek ways to find out if your boyfriend is on Tinder!

If you want to see if your boyfriend is on Tinder then you have to search for his name or number on the app through search engines.

But, if he has signed up on Tinder with a fake profile or his profile is hidden then you need to use third-party apps to run a more detailed search.

This article is crafted to offer you not only tips from technology but also other tips to find external factors that show your boyfriend is on Tinder.

Check these 12 proven strategies to help you find out if your boyfriend is using Tinder:

1. Try to find his Tinder account by using Swindlerbuster.

If you want to know that your boyfriend is on Tinder then you can search for his name and age, or even phone number on Swindler Buster.

On this page, you can use his information, including his number, and check if he has a Tinder profile.

The more information you add the more detailed the results will be!

If he has signed up on Tinder with his number then you can easily find his profile even if it’s hidden from other Tinder profiles.

All you have to do is fill in the required information and press the ‘Search Tinder’ button!

2. The classical trick to find out if your boyfriend is on Tinder: put his email on Tinder login.

To find out if your boyfriend or partner is on Tinder for free you can do it by opening Tinder and clicking on signing in with email.

Tinder has no password requirements, hence there’s no option for you to put a password or to tap ‘forgot password’.

Hence, we’ve got to try something else. Here’s how I did it!

* Just to be clear. You need your boyfriend’s phone, or email at your disposal for this one!

  • First things first, you want to go to Tinder, and instead of going to the ‘create an account’ page, you want to go to the login page.

    Here’s how it looks and where you must click!
Tinder-Login Page
  • Next up, you want to click on ‘Trouble logging in’. Right here!
  • After clicking ‘Trouble logging in’, you’ll have the option to submit an email. This is where you put your boyfriend’s email in. Here’s how it looks!
  • And finally, once you put the email in, you press ‘Send email’.

    Then, if an account has been found with that email, your boyfriend will receive an email from Tinder, sending him a link from which he can log in.
  • If he isn’t registered on Tinder, he’s likely to receive an email that looks
    like this:
go on Tinder and click on Forgot Password

Avoid using this method to find out if he’s on Tinder if you don’t have access to his email or phone.

It can turn into a reason for a huge argument, and it can shake the foundations of trust in your relationship!

3. Look him up on Google to find out if he’s been using Tinder.

This one is yet another classic when it comes to finding out whether a partner is using Tinder or not.

The steps are simple, I tested it out, and it’s proven to be effective. Here’s how I did it!

  • Go to Google!
  • Type site:tinder.com name. If, for example, your boyfriend’s name is Matt, then you will have to type site:tinder.com matt. Here’s how it should look:
Search-Google Tinder profiles
  • You can check each profile shown on Google to see if any of the Tinder profiles belong to your boyfriend.

    Don’t forget to check the other pages of Google as well! And you most definitely shouldn’t forget to take a look at Google Images results too!

Remember that you can’t rely just on the first page of Google. You’ve got to take a look at the second, third, and more until you find the profile!

4. Search your boyfriend on Tinder by URL.

Another free and super simple method to find out if your boyfriend is using Tinder is by searching for him on Tinder by URL.

This may sound complicated, perhaps untrue as well, but it isn’t.

After so many misguidances, I had no choice but to be skeptical. It just seemed too easy and good to be true.

So, yes, you guessed it right! I gave it a try myself! Here’s how it went!

  • You’re supposed to type tinder.com/@username. Now I went on and opened a new tab, and typed in tinder.com/@mina. Here:
  • Then, I found an account. I kid you not! To respect this user’s privacy I blurred their profile, but here’s how it looked like:

Without a need to log in, without a need to register, and without a need to swipe right or left, I just found a Tinder profile from Google!

What does the trick here, is to think of a username your boyfriend could be using. You have to get creative and give it a try.

For example, you can try starting with his nickname, then if nothing shows up, you can try his nickname plus his birth year, etc.

This does not work with names only. You have to think of a possible username your boyfriend might have on Tinder!

5. Take a look at his notifications.

Yes, finding out your boyfriend is on Tinder can be just as easy as this.

Tinder won’t send you a notification if you don’t have it installed on your phone.

Hence, take a look at his phone when he receives a notification, and if you see the Tinder logo on the notification bars, then you know what the deal is!

If you’re not sure what it may look like, here’s a picture of a Tinder notification:


Whether the content of the notification is hidden or not, the Tinder icon will be visible and quite notable on the notification.

Take a look at his notifications. If he has them turned on for Tinder and has the app installed, he’ll receive those notifications and you’ll find out the truth!

6. Create a Tinder account and set your preferences to match the description of your boyfriend.

You can see if your boyfriend is on Tinder by using a fake profile or your profile and setting the preferences to match his description.

This means

  • Setting your hobbies and interests similar to his,
  • Setting the mile radius preference according to his mile distance from you,
  • Setting the age preference according to his age,
  • Swiping right on people that are similar to your boyfriend. Tinder gets a clue of what you’re into, increasing the chances of suggesting him to you.

This could fail if he’s using a fake profile and if he’s not using his real information for his Tinder account.

Keep in mind that, you might also set ground for conflict in your relationship if you get caught using Tinder.

7. Use CheaterBuster.

Another way to find out if your boyfriend is on Tinder is to search Cheaterbuster.

This is a paid method, hence, one search costs $10.

I tried giving it a try, however, the moment I clicked on ‘See Search Results’ the site froze completely. Here:


It kept staying like this, and I tried refreshing my email, but no notification came in.

Luckily, you don’t have to make the payment before you register!

However, despite my failed attempts to search Cheaterbuster, you can give it a try since it has terrific good reviews all around the internet.

8. Search his pictures on TinEye to find out if he’s on Tinder.

You want to see if your boyfriend or husband is on Tinder, you want to find out the truth.

Well, we’re going to go through all the options possible. Luckily for us, this one is free as well!

TinEye is designed specifically for searching images and finding them at which sites they’re in. Hence it’s worth giving it a try. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Tineye. It’s going to look like this:
  • Then you can either choose to upload an image from your device or paste or enter the image’s URL. The first option is much simpler!
  • Next up, take a look at the results. I tested it with a random picture on my computer, and here’s what I got:

If you search your boyfriend’s picture you may as well find him on other social media, dating sites, or dating apps.

9. Ask him simple questions about Tinder to find out if he’s been using Tinder.

This one is a unique method of knowing if your partner is on Tinder.

You don’t need his or your phone or Tinder app, nor technical skills for this one!

All it takes is a conversation.

Here are some examples of you can start this healthy conversation where you address your doubts to your boyfriend about whether he’s on Tinder or not:

  • “I have a feeling you’re using Tinder. Do you wanna share anything with me?”
  • “I’d like to talk about our relationship. I wanted to do this the right way hence I’m asking you instead of sneaking in your phone. Are you using Tinder?”
  • “I need reassurance, and this is not by any means an attack on you. I just want you to help me clear my thoughts. I’m starting to think you’re using dating apps again. Is it true?”

If you feel like you won’t be able to start a conversation in which you directly ask him, then you can do this the sneaky way!

  • “I think I just saw a Tinder notification on your phone earlier.”
  • “What do you think of partners who use Tinder while in a relationship?”
  • “A friend of mine said she saw you on Tinder.”

His reaction to your statements will give him away way more than you may think it will!

If he gets overly defensive to the point where he turns the fault on you, shouts, or deflects the conversation right away, then he may be feeling caught!

10. Check for his new female followers on social media and look them up on Tinder.

If he is constantly getting a higher number of followers on his social media and all of them are women that you don’t know then it’s time to go on Tinder.

Get their name and search about their name on Tinder or Google and see if they have Tinder accounts and are in the same area.

It’s normal to get a bunch of strangers on his social media if you just moved into another town, or if he changed his job.

Yet, if his account is private and he gains a lot of entirely strange followers, who you have no idea who are, without a particular reason, then he might be using Tinder or other dating apps.

Oftentimes, conversations from Tinder tend to be moved to social media or even chatting apps such as Viber or Whatsapp.

However, if your guy could be scared of receiving messages on his phone number, then he might keep it discreet by adding those people on social media.

11. Check for other occasional signs.

When it comes to finding out if your boyfriend is on Tinder, then you’ve got to take a look at his behavior as well.

If he has turned off all his notifications, this might indicate that he might be getting Tinder notifications and also emails from Tinder.

His body language will let you know a lot as well. Due to the secretive and guilt-inducing activity, he’s on, he could

  • act defensive;
  • not let your phone around you under any circumstance;
  • all of a sudden put – or change – a password to his electronics or apps;
  • turn his notifications off;
  • overreact when you go near his phone;
  • hesitate to use his phone around you.

Most of these are signs that he’s up to something secretive. Tinder might be in the equation as well.

12. Use other free third-party apps.

A quicker and cheaper way to find out if your boyfriend or husband is on Tinder is by searching his name on free search engines.

Sites like UserSearch.org are free and very easy to use.

If you want to check how UserSearch.org works then you should take these steps.

  • Go to Usersearch.org;
  • Select dating right below the search bar. Here:
  • Search his name or email on the search bar and see the results.

Note: sometimes this method may prove ineffective since every time I’ve done a search, a result about OnlyFans and Baddoo has been shown.

That was so regardless of the email, name, or person I searched there. So take it with a grain of salt if you do see a result about OnlyFans.

How to confront my exclusive partner about still being on Tinder?

How to confront my exclusive partner about being still on Tinder

The main thing that you should do while confronting your exclusive partner about still being on Tinder is to remain calm and collected.

First, try to gather as much evidence as you can because he might forget his Tinder account and you might use that to “accuse” him.

This confrontation might lead you to a huge fight and might even end in divorce or a breakup.

– Check the level of exclusivity.

If you didn’t discuss this earlier or if something changed then you should talk with him about your relationship.

You might have not agreed in the beginning to turn down your Tinder profile and he might have thought that this is not a problem.

But, if both of you are married and discussed monogamy earlier on then it’s time to remind him that.

– Try to find the reasons behind his actions.

The author and relationship counselor Paul Friedman explains that a partner’s actions could be wrong for a variety of reasons.

For example, having an imaginary wall between you two could prevent you from connecting emotionally, hence leading to ruthless behaviors.

Before jumping to a conclusion and making it all fall apart, try figuring out the truth, what’s behind his reasoning, and his actions.

– Gather as much evidence as you can.

When you confront your husband, boyfriend, or partner for being on Tinder, you need to have concrete proof. Otherwise, he might deny it immediately.

Friends who use Tinder can check your boyfriend’s profile by swiping or by matching a few of his friends.

Because the Tinder algorithm works the same as other Social Media algorithms.

The more matches that you have from your area, the more profiles from that similar area will pop up.

– Take time to process your feelings and don’t do things behind his back.

I know that it’s hard to process the feeling of being “betrayed” at some point and especially if you’re in a long-term relationship.

You feel mixed emotions and don’t know whether to confront him immediately at any time or how to pick the right time to do it.

Try to take it one step at a time. Allow yourself to feel and let this process take some time.

It’s better to be upfront about this matter than to check his phone when he’s not looking. I don’t recommend it at all.

– Make a decision based on your values, boundaries, and actions in rapport with them.

If he’s been disrespectful, and continuously crossing your boundaries, then this might be the time to break up with him.

However, right now, you want to take your time and evaluate your feelings regarding this situation.

See how this all stands next to your values and boundaries, observe his behavior, and when you’re ready, make a decision.

It’s okay to leave for this. It can be betrayal and unfaithfulness. You don’t deserve that.

Good luck!

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