8 sleek ways to find out if your boyfriend is on Tinder!

To find out if your boyfriend is using Tinder, you can start by searching for his name or number on the app using search engines.

However, if he uses a fake profile or his profile is hidden, then you might have to rely on more elaborate methods to search more deeply.

This article gives you not just advice on technology, but also on other ways to see if your boyfriend is on Tinder!

1. Try to find his Tinder account by using Swindlerbuster.

If you want to know if your boyfriend is on Tinder, you can search for his name and age, or even phone number on Swindler Buster.

On this page, you can use his information, including his number to check if he has a Tinder profile.

The more information you add, the more detailed the results will be.

  • Enter their name;
  • Enter their age;
  • Select their gender.

If he has signed up on Tinder with his number then you can easily find his profile by selecting Phone Search.

As for reverse image searching, we are happy to report our Face Search option is a foolproof way to find your boyfriend’s Tinder profile using his selfies!

2. A classical trick: put his email on Tinder login.

Just to be clear. You need your boyfriend’s phone and email at your disposal for this one!

First things first, you want to go to the Tinder Log-in page. Here’s how it looks and where you must click:

Tinder-Login Page
  • Next up, you want to click on ‘Trouble logging in’. Right here!
  • Now you’ll get the option to submit an email. This is where you put your boyfriend’s email:

Enter the email and click ‘Send email’. If there’s an account linked to it, your boyfriend will get an email from Tinder that will include a link for him to log in.

If he isn’t registered on Tinder, he’s likely to receive an email that looks
like this:

Tinder No Account Found

However, do remember that doing this can turn into a reason for a huge argument, shaking the foundations of trust in your relationship.

3. Look him up on Google to find out if he has a Tinder profile.

The process is straightforward, I tried it myself, and it works. Here’s what I did: 

Search-Google Tinder profiles

Basically, type in “site:tinder.com” followed by the name. For instance, if your boyfriend’s name is Matt, you would type “site:tinder.com matt”.

Look through each Tinder profile that Google shows to see if one is your boyfriend’s.

Make sure to also check Google’s other pages! You never know when you might strike gold.

4. Search for your boyfriend on Tinder by URL.

This may sound complicated, perhaps untrue as well, but it isn’t.

After so many misguidances, I had no choice but to be skeptical. It just seemed too easy and good to be true.

So, yes, you guessed it right! I gave it a try myself! Here’s how it went:

  • By the way, you’re supposed to type tinder.com/@username. Now I went on and opened a new tab, and typed in tinder.com/@mina. Here:

Then I found an account. I kid you not! To respect this user’s privacy I blurred their profile, but here’s how it looked like:


Without a need to log in, without a need to register, and without a need to swipe right or left, I just found a Tinder profile from Google!

What does the trick here is to think of a username your boyfriend could be using. You have to get creative and give it a try.

For example, you can try starting with his nickname, then if nothing shows up, you can try his nickname plus his birth year, etc.

5. Take a look at his notifications.

Finding out if your boyfriend uses Tinder without telling you is simple. You won’t get notified about Tinder unless the app is on your phone.

So, when his phone gets a notification, sneak a peek. If you spot the Tinder symbol in the notification area, you’ve got your answer.

Here’s how a Tinder notification looks:


The notification might hide what’s inside, but the Tinder logo is easy to see as it stands out…hopefully he left the notification on, though.

6. Create a Tinder account and set your preferences to match the description of your boyfriend.

To find out if your boyfriend uses Tinder, make a profile that is on par with his character and preferences.

Change your profile to match his likes, the distance he might set, and his age. 

This could make Tinder suggest his profile to you. However, this method might not work if he uses a fake profile or false information on Tinder.

Also, be careful as this could cause issues in your relationship if he finds out you’re on Tinder for this reason.

7. Check for his new female followers on social media and look them up on Tinder.

Check if he’s gaining many new female followers on social media, especially if you don’t know them. Then, search for these women on Tinder.

Look up their names on Tinder or Google to see if they have profiles and if they’re nearby.

The logic behind this is that, if his account is private and he’s getting many unknown followers, he might be using Tinder or other dating apps.

  • Conversations from Tinder often move to social media or messaging apps like Viber or WhatsApp.

8. Check for other occasional signs.

When it comes to finding out if your boyfriend is on Tinder, then you’ve got to take a look at his behavior as well.

His body language will let you know as well. Due to the secretive and guilt-inducing activity he’s on, he could:

  • Act defensive;
  • Not let go of his phone around you under any circumstances;
  • All of a sudden put—or change—his passwords;
  • Put his phone on silent;
  • Overreact when you go near his phone;
  • Hesitate to use his phone around you, etc.

Most of these are signs that he’s up to something secretive. Tinder might be in the equation as well.

Check if he’s active on Tinder before proceeding…

Tinder does not delete accounts unless they’ve been inactive for 2 years. Although they become gradually less and less visible, you can still see them under extreme circumstances.

Checking if your boyfriend is active on Tinder even after your relationship ought to do you good! It’ll save you from heartbreak as well.

Some signs of an active Tinder profile include:

  • A green dot on his profile;
  • A constantly-updating distance;
  • Images of his recent appearance;
  • Frequent updates to his profile, and so on.

How to confront my exclusive boyfriend about still being on Tinder?

How to confront my exclusive partner about being still on Tinder

1. Stay calm. 

First, collect evidence since he may have forgotten about his account. This talk could lead to a big argument or even a breakup.

2 Check how serious you both are about being exclusive. 

If you haven’t talked about it, discuss your relationship. Maybe you both didn’t agree to delete your Tinder profiles, and he thought it was okay.

3. Understand why he’s still on Tinder.

Paul Friedman, a relationship counselor, says there could be many reasons. Maybe there’s an emotional barrier between you, causing problems.

4. Have solid proof before confronting him. 

If you accuse him without evidence, he might deny it. Ask friends on Tinder to check his profile. The Tinder algorithm shows more profiles from your area if you have matches there.

5. Take your time to understand your feelings

Feeling betrayed, especially in a long-term relationship, is tough. Don’t rush into confronting him. Give yourself time to process everything.

6. Decide what to do based on your values and boundaries. 

If he’s crossing your boundaries, it might be time to break up. Take your time to think about how you feel, watch his behavior, and then decide.

Leaving might be the right choice if you feel betrayed and unfaithful. You deserve better.

Good luck!

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