12 Proven Tips to Find Out if Someone is on Dating Sites

Dating sites have caused a commotion in the dating scene ever since their creation—they’re productive, suitable, and most importantly, discreet.

However, just how discrete are they, really? Is dating sites’ privacy an impenetrable wall?

Luckily for us, the answer is no.

There are ways to see if someone is on a dating app, I’ve got you covered!

Here are 12 genius ways to find out if someone is on dating sites!

1. The classic “forgot password” trick!

The classic “forgot password” trick

Let’s start off with the “forgot password” trick!

Many apps and sites—including dating ones—offer to reset passwords in case users forget them.

Let’s use that to our advantage.

If you know the email address, phone number, or username a person could’ve used to sign up, consider giving this a go.

  • Go to the log-in page of a dating platform of your choice, and write down the credentials somebody could be using.
  • Instead of entering a password, click “forgot password”; sometimes sites may not show the option before an incorrect password is given.
  • If an account under that email address/username/ phone number exists, a notification should pop up on your person’s phone.
  • If an account isn’t using that specific email address/phone number/username, then it should say something like:

    “An account with that email address/phone number/username doesn’t exist.”


    “Incorrect email address/phone number/username.”

Note that since we’re basically trying to “reset” an account’s password, the original owner will receive some sort of confirmation code.

They’ll suspect that someone might be trying to crack their password.

So, use it with caution!

2. See if someone is on a dating site by logging in using their details.

Another free way of finding out someone’s dating profile is by logging in with their email address or phone number.

Let me show you how!

Similar to the trick I mentioned above, I would say this is a safer alternative because it doesn’t notify the other person.

  • Go to the site or app you’re hoping to find someone, and on the log-in screen, attempt to log in using their phone number/email address!
  • Write down a random, jumbled-up password, and hit enter!
  • If a notification pops up saying that the account doesn’t exist or that the phone number/email address wasn’t correct, then an account with those contact details doesn’t exist.
  • If it says that the password was incorrect, then there’s a high chance that an account does exist.

3. Use Google to find out if someone is on dating sites!

Use Google to find someone on dating sites here’s how

There are a couple of ways to check if someone is on a dating app through Google, but before we continue, just a quick heads-up!

A lot of dating sites don’t share their users’ profiles, meaning that their profiles can’t be indexed by search engines, aka they won’t naturally show up.

However, this hack works well for Tinder!

With that in mind, here’s how we can use Google to find someone’s dating profile:

– Type someone’s name, username, or nickname together with the site’s name on the search bar:

Go to Google, and on the search bar type the person’s name or username together with the site:

datingsite.com/@name or site:datingsite.com name.

You will be either redirected to the page or shown relevant results that match your search!

– Search with Google Advanced Search:

Go to this Google feature and provide more details with your search.

For example, under This Exact Word or Phrase, type the name/username of the person you’re looking for.

Under Site or Domain, you can specify which dating platform you’re looking in.

– Search on Google by image:

On Google’s search bar, click the little camera icon and search for something—or someone—by image.

If you have a selfie of the person whose dating profile you’re looking for, upload it on Google’s feature and wait for the results!

You will be shown similar-looking pictures or the place where that image is being used.

Also, don’t worry—they won’t know you’re looking for them!

4. Make a faux account and start swiping!

If you want to find out someone’s—potential—dating profiles, make an account, fix the preferences, and start swiping!

  • The first thing we need to do is make a fake account; an account with a different name and possibly different contact details.
    Consider using a friend’s account as well!
  • After that, fix the preferences according to the person you’re looking for (e.g. age, gender, physical appearance, distance, etc).
    Some dating platforms, such as Facebook Dating, allow us to give in-depth details about our preferences by specifying interests, hobbies, events, and more!
  • If given the chance, specify as much as possible to maximize the chances of coming across someone specific.
  • After you’re confident that you’ve crafted the perfect profile, get to swiping!

Now, keep in mind that this can be very tiring, but despite that, there’s a high chance that the person you’re looking for will be suggested to you.

Especially if we have the algorithm on our side and are 100% certain that the person we’re looking for is using that specific dating site!

5. Use Swindlerbuster.

A clever way to find out if a person is using dating sites is by searching them online. This will allow you to find even hidden dating profiles!

This search will be specific to dating sites, and the results will be narrowed down to this person’s dating profile(s).

All it takes is one simple search, and you’re good to go!

The results will be very specific to the person you’re looking for. The more information, the better, the faster, the more accurate the results.

6. Use search sites to find out if someone is on dating sites.

There is a large number of sites that can help you perform searches on dating sites. CheaterBuster and BuzzHumble are two of those search sites.

If you want to find out if someone’s on two of the most popular dating sites—Tinder and Bumble—use specifically-designed tools to find users there.

For Tinder, we can use CheaterBuster, and for Bumble BuzzHumble.

These two sites were created with the intent to help people catch the many cheaters who use dating platforms—and it does a great job!

Now, it doesn’t have to be a partner per se, you can find anyone as long as you specify their name, age, and location.

After that, enter your email address and be prepared for the results!

7. Ask your friend(s) who use dating sites to keep an eye out.

Ask your friend(s) who use dating sites to keep an eye out

Ask your friends to keep an eye out to increase the chances of finding out whether someone uses a dating site.

On top of the methods I’m providing, it doesn’t hurt to let your trusted friends in on the plan!

Tell them to notify you if they see a specific person; ask them to send you a screenshot or link to that person’s profile.

Remember: four eyes see better than two!

8. Find someone’s dating profile by using online tools.

If you don’t have the time to manually search for a person whom you aren’t completely sure about, consider using online tools!

Sites that offer this type of service give a detailed report on people’s online and offline activity based on basic information (e.g. first/last name, phone number, email address, etc).

We can find a person’s social media accounts—including dating ones—in a flash!

Here are some popular picks among users:

One piece of advice: whatever service you decide to use, make sure it 100% works by doing some research online.

As a lot of these services need to be paid for, it would be a waste of money if they didn’t give satisfactory results!

9. Observe their online and offline behavior.

If someone you’re romantically involved with starts partaking in unfaithful activities, such as online dating, their online and offline behavior changes.

They act noticeably distant, aloof, distracted, and overall different.

For example, sudden changes in offline behavior, such as:

  • An increased emotional distance;
  • Lack of physical affection
  • Constant distraction;
  • Secrecy regarding their electronics (e.g. refusing to give you their phone for any reason).
  • Lack of affection;
  • Increasingly less quality time spent together, etc.
  • A sudden increase in online activity;
  • Online activity in late and/or unusual hours;
  • Strangers added to their friend list;
  • No mention of your relationship anywhere on their socials;
  • Posting seductive posts, etc.

These are all potential signs of how a guilty person acts when unfaithful—do any of them sound familiar?

Because if so, you have every right to be suspicious.

10. For a partner, ask to swap phones.

As risky as this may sound, it’s better than going through a partner’s phone.

Nowadays, it’s very common for couples to exchange devices to tell each other: “Hey, I’m faithful.”

Ask your partner if they’d be okay with swapping devices—just so that you’ll both be more comfortable with each other!

Don’t make it seem as if you don’t trust them; bring the idea to the table naturally and calmly.

And while you’re at it, observe their reaction.

If they start making excuses, protesting, panicking, and/or guilt-tripping you, that’s a bad sign; they act as if they’re hiding something. 

11. Have a discussion with your S.O.

Have a discussion with your s.o.

Ultimately, the healthiest way to go about things is to communicate.

If you sense that your partner is using dating sites, then that feeling most likely came from somewhere.

Either from your partner’s behavior or from your past.

Regardless, if this is bothering you to such an extent, consider talking things out with your s.o.!

Ask them whether they are active on dating sites and convey your feelings as of lately.

If your relationship with them is sincere and secure, then you should be able to talk about anything—this included.

Don’t accuse them or react negatively; give them space to talk and reassure them.

Once again, pay close attention to their reactions and see if you can dig up any information based on it; when you asked them, did they panic, or get angry?

Or were they understanding and open to having the discussion?

12. The not-so-healthy way: checking their electronics.

Now, this is a controversial one because a) it’s toxic, and b) it’s an invasion of privacy.

Also, getting caught will cause problems in your relationship—so, obviously, I don’t recommend it.

If despite all of this, you’re still determined to try this out, here’s what to check:

– Check for any dating apps on their phone.

A pretty obvious one—check if your partner has any dating apps installed on their phone.

Checking the home screen should do the trick.

However, just to be sure, check Apps in Settings!

– Check the browsing history.

Another obvious step—check your partner’s devices’ browsing history and see if they have visited any dating sites.

Though I doubt they would keep the evidence, it’s worth a shot!

– Check the Email app!

Because people use their email addresses to sign up for dating platforms, checking the Email app is a smart idea.

Go to the Email app your partner uses and see if you can find any confirmation emails from dating sites.

And in case they’ve deleted them, check Bin.

Also, check Spam and Promotions in case they’ve gotten other notifications from dating platforms.

– Check Messages.

Check Messages

Similarly to checking the Email app, check Messages for any SMS confirmation codes.

Go to Messages and see if you can find a verification code sent from dating platforms!

– Check uninstalled apps on your partner’s phone.

A smart way to check what dating sites someone is on is to check for any apps they might’ve uninstalled on their phone.

As I mentioned, people don’t usually leave any evidence behind, so there’s a chance your partner deletes their apps.

  • To check that on iOS, go to App Store, type the name of the app, and see if a cloud icon is next to the app—if yes, the app has been previously installed.
  • On Android, go to Google Play Store < Manage Apps & Devices < Manage < Installed < Not Installed.

There you can see the list of all uninstalled apps.

When all is said and done…

If we’re romantically involved with someone, doubts start to arise regarding their loyalty.

—especially if they are notorious online daters.

After trying for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed how hard and demotivating it is to pursue this

But, as difficult as finding out someone’s dating profile can be, it can be achieved with the right methods!

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