8 best ways to carry out an OkCupid.com profile search!

When it comes to dating sites, OkCupid is yet another very popular pick with a lot of unique features.

This platform offers a lot of opportunities to its users, all based on what they deem important in a relationship!

OkCupid is well-known for the hundreds of questions it encourages people to answer to find the perfect match—it all seems too good to be true, right?

Well, there is one downside: we can’t search for a specific person within the site itself as the option has been long removed.

However, where there is a will, there is a way! Don’t lose hope just yet—instead, try out these 8 cool tricks that’ll help you find someone’s dating profile on OkCupid!  

1. A lot of methods require an OkCupid account, so consider creating one!

A lot of methods require an OkCupid account, so consider creating one

Since a lot of existing methods require an OkCupid account, I highly recommend creating one.

To do this, you first need to visit OkCupid’s main page or install the app on your phone—it’s up to you!

After that, click on Join OkCupid and get started.

You will need to write down an email address, and that’s about it!

After finishing up with the technical stuff, you’re going to have to answer personal questions (e.g. age, appearance, gender, etc).

Answer the required questions—trust me, this is very important—and pick a username of your choice.

2. Answer all the questions accordingly.

And remember, the more questions you answer, the higher the chances of finding the person you’re looking for!

Whether that person is a stranger you hope to meet again or a partner you suspect is using dating sites, answer the questions accordingly.

OkCupid is known for the many questions it asks its users in order to find the perfect match for them, meaning that the matchmaking is primarily based on those questions.

If you, on some level, know this person, answer the questions based on how they’d answer.

For example, when asked, “Is astrological sign at all important in a match?”, answer the same way that person would!

3. Describe your “ideal person”, aka the person you’re looking for.

Like with many other dating sites, OkCupid also lets people tell their preferences—describe their “ideal person”.

On your profile, click on Preferences and see what information you know that will be useful in searching that person’s profile!

Set your preferences based on their age, gender, distance, beliefs, appearance, and many more characteristics.

The way OkCupid works (and dating sites in general) is that they match people who have a lot in common.

Aside from interests, they try their hardest to find users matches who fit their type.

This might be time-consuming, no doubt, however, the algorithm will help you find the one you’re looking for!

4. Use the Stacks feature to increase your chances!

Use the Stacks feature to increase your chances

Stacks is a fairly new feature of OkCupid—it allows users to view people based on useful categories:

  • Recommended;
  • Passport;
  • Online;
  • Nearby;
  • Popular;
  • And New People.

Let’s make the most out of this feature.

On the Discover page, click on the category you want to search OkCupid users on!

For example, if the person you’re looking for lives near you, click on Nearby;

If the person whose profile you’re searching for lives far away, but they’re your type, use Passport;

On the other hand, if you’re certain that your partner just recently joined OkCupid and is a new user, click on New People.

It goes on and on, but you get the gist!

Give Stacks a try if you’re looking for someone’s profile and you already have a pretty good idea of how you should search for them!

5. Using people search websites is another option to find people’s OkCupid profiles.

There are online, people search websites that aggregate data from different sources!

If you want to search what accounts are linked to a person, all you need to do is put down any information at your disposal.

For instance, if your partner is online cheating, put down their first/last name, email address, and/or phone number, and you will be shown the profiles linked to that information.

If the person you’re looking for has an OkCupid account, by using services like these, their profile will show up in your report!

However, keep in mind that this method is quite pricey—not only that, but it’s also possible for the profile not to show up at all, depending on the site.

If you’re still interested in trying this out, though, here are internet users’ most popular picks:

6. Search their other social media profiles for any OkCupid handles.

Yes, there are people who link their dating profiles to their social media profiles!

If you know the person’s other social profiles, investigate and see if they’ve linked their OKC account to them.

I doubt they have, but it’s still worth a shot!

If not a handle, see if they’ve mentioned having an OkCupid account on their socials.

7. Search by username on OkCupid!

There actually used to be a way to search people on OkCupid by using their usernames, but for privacy’s sake, the feature was removed.

This is a huge inconvenience for us—having that option today would make finding people on dating sites a whole lot easier.


There are a few ways to still search OKC users by their usernames, it’s just a bit trickier to do so!

On browser, use the person’s name/nickname/username with the site’s URL:


And on mobile devices, you first need to install the OkCupid app and sign up or log in—on your phone’s browser, log in and type in: www.okcupid.com/find-a-user.

I wish I could say that this method 100% works all the time, but I can’t—OkCupid, like the majority of other dating platforms, is always looking for inconsistencies they can patch up.

Still, no harm in trying, right?

8. Pick the topics you think/know that person likes!

Pick the topics you think know that person likes

As you probably guessed by now, we’re desperately trying to win the algorithm over—it’s pretty much the only way.

OkCupid lets us pick from the many interests they have listed as a way to find fitting matches easily.

In the Topics section, pick the ones you know the person you’re looking for likes, or at the very least carefully guess.

You can choose to write more about those interests of yours and even associate a picture with them!

After you’re done, your liked topics will show up on your profile; you’ll also see people with similar topics on your homepage.

If lady luck is on your side, you’ll find the one whose profile you’ve been searching for, and the other way around!

– Can I search for an OkCupid profile without an account?

Unless you’re willing to drop some big bucks and pay for a third-party site, then no, you can’t browse OKC without an account!

But this doesn’t apply to OkCupid only—searching for users on dating sites without signing up is nearly impossible.

You’re going to need to create an account—if you don’t want to do that, consider asking a friend to let you use theirs.

I would recommend creating a fake profile had OkCupid not been so strict about its users; catfishing is very unlikely there.

– Can I conduct an OkCupid profile search for free?

Yes, actually!

Basically, every method having to do with manipulating the algorithm is free.

Namely, you can fix your preferences to match the person’s personality/appearance—you can also build your personality on the app based on the person’s preferences.

You can choose the same topics as them, look for them on Stacks, and try the username method I shared with you above! 

– Can I search by username on OkCupid?

Can I search by username on OkCupid

Unfortunately, OkCupid users can no longer search fellow users by username.

As I mentioned, this feature used to exist in the app, but was removed for what users believe are privacy reasons.

However, there is a workaround to this issue—on PC you can try putting the username on OKC’s URL: www.okcupid.com/profile/the person’s username.

On mobile devices, you need to install the app, log in, and type www.okcupid.com/find-a-user on the browser.

Final thoughts on OkCupid profile searching!

Thankfully, it’s possible.

Though I still stand by what I said about OKC removing the in-app username-searching method, we can’t really blame them.

Most (if not all) dating platforms don’t let users search for other users by their usernames because they value privacy.

Also, I’m certain that if they were to allow it, not a lot of people would use them—they don’t want others to know they’re swiping left and right!

With all that being said, there are always other alternatives.

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