11 heart-breaking signs she’s cheating!

To define the signs that your girlfriend is cheating or you’re being paranoid, I suggest you reflect more on her personality.

Based on her low self-esteem or jealousy, you’ll be able to break it down and confirm whether she’s cheating on you and expose her.

Thus, before jumping to signs let’s check the phases of cheating and the personality types correlated:

The first phaseThe second phaseThe third phase
The jealous type in the first phase tries to talk you down and compare you with other men.In the second phase, she tries to look better and get compliments from other men around her.She finds an old friend or someone from the past and tries to connect more deeply with them while denying their connection.
The one that you do everything for her in the first phase lets you know that she’s fed up with your attention.
She might make jokes about it or despise you at some point.
You’ll notice that she’s a bit colder with you.
She doesn’t receive your attention and compassion similarly as before.
She will mention a couple or someone else who uses a different approach to one another.
The one who has low self-esteem in the first phase of cheating will start to be “better than you.”She posts a lot of selfies and provocative photos on social media.
She might even become a part of OnlyFans.
She becomes very mysterious and addicted to her phone.

For more, here are 11 heart-breaking signs she’s cheating:

1. She tries to argue and fight out of nowhere.

She tries to fight and argue out of nowhere

One of the main signs that a woman is cheating is when she tries to blame you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship.

Even if you’re willing to change the situation and work on it she will become defensive and make you think that you’re not doing anything important.

  • It might look like you’re in a push-and-pull relationship because her behavior will make you confused.
  • She needs to continue what she is doing –fighting– and be at peace with herself.
  • She wants to fight the guilt or brush it off by convincing herself and you that something is wrong with you or with the relationship.

You will find yourself trying to understand them but you won’t know what type of action to take because she won’t accept any attention or help from you.

2. Her energy seems low only towards you.

A sign of a cheating girlfriend is a loss of interest to connect emotionally and physically at the same time.

This doesn’t always mean that she’s cheating, it might mean that she has just lost interest in you.

You can notice that she doesn’t invest in you anymore but fills this void by focusing on going out with someone else or her friends.

And whenever you try to ask for sex or just start venting to her, she will be distant and just cut the conversation off.

3. She changes her style a lot and doesn’t like to be intimate with you as before.

When a woman cheats or is willing to cheat, she will change her appearance drastically.

Especially, if she has low self-esteem or is a jealous type. This change will fulfill her.

Yet, this change might happen slowly or quite fast.

According to psychologist Ramani Durvasula, spotting a cheater isn’t always easy because she might be very careful while cheating.

Hence, she mentions that even the slightest changes in her appearance, like suddenly getting dolled up to go to the market might be a sign of cheating.

4. She reactivates her Tinder account and updates her profile.

She reactivates her Tinder aount and updates her profile

This sign can be a bit more difficult to spot if she has hidden her Tinder profile from you or your mutual friends or family.

On the other hand, she might have created a fake profile and that would be a bit harder to find out.

  • But, if you use Swindler Buster, you’ll be able to find out even with her name, surname, or just her phone number.
  • All you need is to fill in this information and just click search.

If you notice that she has a Tinder profile and her information or photos are updated then this is a sign that your girlfriend might be cheating.

5. Suddenly she becomes super jealous.

There is the other side of the coin where she won’t let you doubt her “love” or “care” for you.

She will become very strange and constantly ask you where you’re going or with who you’re going out.

She uses reverse psychology to not let you doubt first that she is cheating.

If she never was overzealous and now suddenly asks you billions of questions and tries to constantly track your actions, she might be cheating.

6. She seems to be glued to her phone and notifications are off.

To know if she’s cheating or you’re just being paranoid, you need to ask her a few specific questions and check how she reacts.

If she’s constantly keeping her phone away from you and suddenly her notifications are off, you should start to be worried.

She might also laugh constantly while she’s on her phone and when you ask what she’s laughing at, she might brush it off or just say nothing.

If she’s doing this simultaneously then she might have a secret lover.

7. She won’t inform you about who she is going out with anymore.

To tell if she’s cheating, you need to check how she’s been communicating with you recently.

If she goes out and her phone is constantly on DND and she doesn’t answer your calls or texts then she might be cheating or up to something.

What will help you to define this is her reaction when you talk about this matter with her.

If she’s cheating, she will become defensive and blame you for overreacting.

8. She makes a lot of secretive calls.

Every couple should have their alone time and have healthy secrets too.

But if she’s making a lot of secretive calls where she laughs and never informs you about anything she is talking about or who is she talking with, she might be cheating.

  • You’ll notice that her mood changes for the better after this call and she is super excited.
  • Hence when she interacts with you, she will get annoyed or she will tell you that she is bored and not enjoying the moment.

9. Her mood changes when she comes back home to you.

Her mood changes when she comes back home to you

If she is having a lot of mood swings when she’s home then she’s very likely to be cheating on you.

This means that she is full of life when she goes out and she doesn’t give you any type of details about it.

There are small details that you shouldn’t let slip.

A lot of people might ignore these details because they don’t want to lose their partner. After all, they don’t want to seem controlling.

On the contrary, many people I’ve worked with and many other professionals advise you to draw boundaries when it comes to the relationship.

Only then you’ll know whether your girlfriend wants to work on her communication skills and be better to make the relationship work.

10. You notice that you’re already putting more effort to impress her.

One of the signs that a woman is cheating is her coldness and a one-sided relationship.

You will notice that if she has low self-esteem, she will cheat to make you “value” her more.

She wants you to know her worth and somehow she wants to teach you a lesson.

And you find yourself trying to do more than enough to convince her of your worth too.

11. She talks about him or hangs out one-on-one a lot with her male friend.

To know if your girlfriend is cheating you should check with who she hangs out the most and lately.

You don’t need to become possessive or overthink this issue but if she is hanging out late at night with her male bestie, she might be hooking up.

According to a research by Daily Mail, 95% of women who cheat don’t get caught.

And psychologist Dr. David Holmes claims that women act differently when they cheat because they’re better at lying as their brain is more sophisticated.

Thus, she might use the term male bestie so it would be easier to justify her cheating and you won’t find out.

What to do if you notice that she’s cheating on you?

What to do if you notice that she's cheating on you

If you start to assume that she’s cheating on you, you need to track her behavior and actions and get strong proof.

You cannot accuse her or communicate with her without having real proof.

– Gather evidence and stay calm.

One main thing that you should do after you catch her cheating is to stay calm and gather more evidence so that you’ll be able to confront her.

Try to do it step by step so you won’t jump to inappropriate conclusions.

– Communicate what you’re feeling and thinking.

If she’s cheating on you, you need to communicate to her how this is making you feel.

Even though, you should know that she might gaslight you or might make you think that you’re the one who is not doing enough for the relationship.

Still, stay calm and just make a summary of how this situation is making you feel and whether there’s something to be done.

– Draw a line.

Something that doesn’t benefit you in a relationship, will haunt you later on.

That’s why you should draw boundaries even with your girlfriend.

If you’re not in an open relationship then there are some things that you need to talk about.

If going late at night and not informing you bothers you then it’s better to communicate it to her.

– Ask for professional help.

As mentioned in the article, professional help is really important in this situation.

When you want to find out whether your girlfriend is cheating on you, you might end up collecting the wrong information.

This happens because pride, ego, and feelings are involved.

Thus, try to contact a therapist or a counselor for a clearer and more pragmatic approach to the situation.

– Decide whether this type of relationship is beneficial for you.

In the end, you should make the decision based on how you’re feeling and what’s best for you.

If after professional help, you conclude that this relationship is the one for you then you can continue doing what you were doing.

But, if this relationship is impacting you negatively then it’s better to cut it off and you create a healthy relationship with yourself and someone else.

The conclusion: How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating?

If your girlfriend is cheating then you’ll notice that something is missing in your relationship and no matter how much you try, you cannot fill it.

Also, when she is cheating and finding joy and thrill somewhere else, she won’t bother to make the relationship work.

This can go one way or another, it all depends on her personality.

If she is more manipulative or controlling then she will act more jealous and camouflage her actions.

That’s why this situation can create confusion but never back down.

Study her personality and keep track of these signs, communicate what you’re feeling, and get professional assistance.

Best of luck!

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