Why your gut is telling you she’s cheating, despite not having any proof.

If you have a gut feeling that your partner is cheating on you, I want you to know that you’re not alone: you’re not the first or last person to feel this way!

You might even be trying to make that feeling go away, or at the very least ignore it, but that’s not recommended.

Gut feelings are our instincts telling us that something is wrong, and they might just be right.

Should you trust your gut?

A gut feeling is an irrational nagging, uneasy feeling that leads you to believe something is happening or might happen in the near future.

According to HealthLine, this feeling can manifest itself in the forms of;

  • Particular thoughts;
  • Nausea;
  • Goosebumps/prickling;
  • Clarity;
  • Tension in your body, etc.

They’re typically related to past experiences and/or brain processing made by unconscious observations!

Is she cheating, or are you being paranoid? These are the signs:

Your gut feeling didn’t show up out of the blue; you’ve picked up on your girlfriend’s suspicious behavior, and now you can’t help but think she’s being unfaithful.

Let me show you what I mean! Here are the top signs a your girlfriend is potentially cheating on you:

1. She starts avoiding PDA and basically every other form of affection.

She starts avoiding PDA and basically every other form of affection

She no longer tells you “I love you”, and doesn’t want to do anything that tells people she’s in a relationship (such as publicly displaying her affection).

Your girlfriend is being careful not to let others know she’s two-timing.

2. She always says no to spending more time with you.

Whenever you ask her to spend time together, you expect her to decline, like she usually does.

Yet, she has no problems going out with her friends and other people.

3. The guy she tells you not to worry about.

You’re particularly suspicious of this one “guy friend” who’s always around her; he’s always texting, calling, and spending time with her.

They’re always “innocently” flirting with each other—you tell her that he makes you uncomfortable, yet she carries on as usual.

4. She gets aggressive when you ask her about him.

You have more than enough reason to suspect that she and her guy friend are too close for your liking, so you bring it up.

However, your attempts are immediately shut down by her immaturity.

  • She dismisses it;
  • She gets irritated;
  • She gives you false promises that she’ll stop talking to him.

5. She takes significantly longer to respond.

It seems as if something has her distracted; back then, she used to text you back immediately and you two were able to actually have a conversation.

6. And when she does, she replies with short texts.

“Hahaha”, “That’s cool”, “OK”—are you annoyed yet?

If yes, I don’t blame you; this is how uninterested people reply to text messages.

7. She tells you she’s going to sleep, but her activity status stays online.

You no longer receive good morning and goodnight texts from her

In this case, your girlfriend not wanting to text you even though she obviously can is a potential sign that she’s texting another man.

  • Another thing about cheaters is that they disable all their activity statuses because they want the freedom to talk to their APs.

8. She spends most of her free time on her phone!

You’ve noticed that she’s using her phone more often now, but not because of you.

She’s always on social media, typing on her keyboard and giggling, which leads us to believe that she’s talking to someone else.

9. Her social media following goes up every day, and it’s always strangers.

She’s constantly following back men you don’t know.

And it’s not any guy friends or anyone like that—it’s unknown men who are always flirting with her.

10. She doesn’t bother having deep talks with you anymore.

Having ONLY superficial conversations is a strong sign that she’s emotionally cheating (or cheating in general) with someone else.

“What did you do today?” “How was work/school?” “What did you have to eat?”

11. She acts cold towards you, but not other people.

She’s been a bit colder and distant recently; you ask her if there’s anything wrong, but she says that everything’s fine.

The only issue is she acts her usual cheerful self with other people.

12. She says she goes out with her friends, but they don’t post anything on their socials.

She says she goes out with her friends, but they don’t post anything on their socials

Whenever your girlfriend and her friends go out, they always post pictures together about their fun night.

But lately, they don’t—probably because she didn’t actually go out with her friends.

You see, when people who are already in relationships cheat, they need excuses for when they go out and don’t respond to their partner.

13. It looks like she’s pissed off by every little thing you do.

This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but her anger towards only you is a typical cheating sign!

Sometimes cheaters subconsciously start comparing their main partner with their affair one, making them displeased with everything they do. This results in many arguments

14. Her schedule has changed—she’s always “busy”.

Her schedule has drastically changed: if she’s cheating, it only makes sense that she can’t go about her day as usual.

She might stay out later than usual, or take little detours from her routine—how else would she meet up with her affair partner(s)?

15. Her phone is on her at all times.

She always keeps it out of your sight and doesn’t let you use it. You might’ve even asked her to exchange passwords, but she protested against the idea.

16. She no longer includes you in her day-to-day life!

She used to invite you whenever she went somewhere to do something, but not anymore.

And unfortunately, one of the few explanations is that she no longer wants you to be a part of her life.

17. When you two talk on the phone, she sounds so uninterested and distracted.

This is a more subtle sign, but if your girlfriend always sounds uninterested and distracted while on a call with you, she may be welcoming another person into her life.

And though some people have no problem two-timing their partner, the rest can’t pay the same amount of attention to two people at the same time.

18. She stops giving and asking for updates.

She stops giving and asking for updates

Once a partner stops showing interest in your life as well as talking about theirs, then it’s time to start wondering why.

I view relationships as two people who never stop making an effort for each other—they love, care, and worry for their partner.

If your girlfriend has stopped showing interest in you, your life, and your well-being then I see why your gut is telling you she’s found someone else.

19. She stops being jealous.

I don’t know how else to describe this, but if your partner has always been the jealous type but suddenly stopped, there must be a reason behind it!

It all comes down to her potentially finding another mate—when people cheat, they usually lose interest in their partner.

20. She suddenly has new interests.

She’s lately gotten into different music, movies, sports, and more things she otherwise has never been interested in.

It’s happened to everybody: you meet someone new, and in order to catch their attention, you decide to like all the things they like!

21. You barely talk, and when you do, it’s because you initiated the conversation.

Ultimately, your partner has stopped communicating with you.

You two have barely been talking lately—when you do talk, it’s because of you, never her!

She only seems to reach out to you when you initiate the conversation, otherwise, you two might go days without talking to each other.

22. You feel it in your gut that her friends know something you don’t.

If your girlfriend is cheating, then her friends probably know, and if they do, they will act in a very specific way with you.

They’re awkward, uncomfortable, and overall quiet—they know what your girlfriend is doing, so they can’t act normally around you.

23. People tell you that they keep seeing her out with other people.

The people in your life keep telling you that they saw her with another man—and if they’re telling the truth, I think it’s clear what that means.

Of course, it could be a friend or an acquaintance, but I first want you to think of something!

Has she ever talked about this mystery man? Does she tell you whenever she goes out with him?

Why can’t I shake the feeling she’s cheating?

Why can’t I shake the feeling she’s cheating

The feeling has become unshakable, hasn’t it? Well, it could be because of a variety of reasons including (but not limited to):

– Because she’s cheated in the past.

Your gut is trying to keep you on your toes because of what has happened before, so it’s always on the lookout.

– Because she’s behaving suspiciously.

She’s most likely showing signs that a cheater would (the signs I mentioned above).

– Trust issues are at fault.

Your trust issues from past experiences are coming back to haunt you.

You’re bringing past experiences into new ones; because of what happened, your gut feeling is interfering in your personal affairs.

The ultimate plan: Get evidence. 

It’s not going to be as easy as I’m making it out to be, but the best thing in this case would be to confront her AFTER gathering evidence.

You have a couple of options:

1. Use SwindlerBuster to find her Tinder profile: you can do this by writing her name on the service and letting SB find it for you.

2. Go through her phone: couldn’t recommend this less, but you can give this a try if you’re hitting a dead end,

3. Trick her into admitting her affair: this can be done in a multitude of ways, such as bluffing (telling her you have proof she’s cheating).

4. Ask her friends: very innocently, ask them about her behavior lately—drill them for information if she’s using them as puppets.

Go your own pace but whatever you do, do not proceed without legit proof.

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