23 trick questions to ask your girlfriend to see if she’s cheating — Uncovering unfaithfulness.

Has your partner, the love of your life, been acting a bit strange lately?

She’s been acting in a way that leads you to believe she’s cheating—and before we proceed, keep in mind that what you’re feeling is common!

It’s almost become a part of our lives to suspect a partner’s loyalty; don’t get me wrong, though, it’s not something to be ignored.

One of the many ways to catch a cheater is by outsmarting them; you can ask them questions that’ll have them blow their own cover.

There are ways you can trick your partner into admitting they’re cheating, and you can do so by asking them peculiar questions.

Here are 23 trap questions to ask your girlfriend: how to get her to admit she’s been cheating?

1. “Whose [item] is this? I’ve never seen it.”

Whose item is this I’ve never seen it.

This is a cool little trick to see if your girlfriend has been seeing someone on the side.

Whenever you two are hanging out (it has to be her place or car), sneakily place an item you bought beforehand.

It can be a water bottle or a men’s t-shirt, basically anything that doesn’t belong to your girlfriend.

Casually ask her who it belongs to—it’s obviously not hers, so what’s it doing there?

If she panics and says it belongs to her, her friend, sibling, or relative (although it’s you who bought it), then here we have it!

She was overwhelmed and thought her side piece had accidentally left something behind, so she tried to cover it up.

2. “I’m so frustrated. Daniel got cheated on and thought of forgiving his partner. Do you have any thoughts?”

I believe that most questions having to do with real-life cheating situations are the key here.

Ask your girlfriend what her opinion is on, for example, your friend who got cheated on—observe her reactions when you do ask her this.

Does her face get flustered? Does she respond vaguely and even try to change the whole topic?

Or perhaps, she gets overly defensive for no reason and asks you why you would ask her such a thing.

This is how an unfaithful partner would react in this situation; you’re putting her in an awkward spot about something she’s trying to hide.

3. “Babe, can I ask you something? You were mentioning a guy’s name in your sleep. Who’s that?”

Whenever your significant other mentions a guy’s name in her sleep, seize that opportunity to ask her about it.

Once again, watch her reaction as well as excuses and assess whether she’s telling the truth.

Do you know for a fact that he’s not her cousin? Or that he’s not an actor? Go for it!

You can ask this even if your girlfriend hasn’t mentioned a guy’s name in her sleep, to see if the guy you’ve been suspecting is truly on her mind.

4. “A bit of a crazy question, but have you ever had a crush on one of your friends?”

Though I doubt your girlfriend will answer truthfully, it’s worth a shot!

While you’re on the topic of past lovers and crushes, casually ask your girlfriend if she’s ever crushed on one of her (or even your) friends.

If she mentions the name of the man you suspect she has a thing with—plus you have lowkey proof of—then her answer means something.

5. “Oh, by the way. I saw that [a certain man] was blowing up your phone last night. Is everything okay?”

Oh, by the way. I saw that a certain man was blowing up your phone last night. Is everything okay

Ask her about a suspicious text she got; innocently bring the text message up, almost as if you’re concerned.

Her reaction is the clue here if she:

  • Shows physical signs of guilt (erratic eye contact, blushing, fidgeting, worried facial expressions, etc)
  • Can’t come up with a believable, timely excuse;
  • Lies about who the man is;
  • Contradicts ever getting the message (even though you know she did);
  • Or even breaks down and admits to texting him.

The key to a successful tricky question is whether it evokes suspicious reactions, which in this case, is a sign of your partner’s guilt manifesting itself.

6. “Be honest with me, have you ever lied to me about something?”

Taking a bit of a more straightforward approach, ask your girlfriend if she’s ever lied to you about something important.

According to VerywellMind, to out a liar, body language, vocal, and language cues can come in handy:

  • Vagueness;
  • Repeating questions before answering them;
  • Shrugging;
  • Leaving out important details;
  • Shocked facial expressions, and more, can potentially indicate that your partner is lying about something.

When you ask her about it, pay close attention to the way she behaves!

Lying about lying, is pretty ironic.

7. “Hey, I read this article on polyamory. Apparently, more and more people are opening their relationships. What’s your opinion on it?”

It doesn’t hurt to know your girlfriend’s opinion on monogamy, polyamory, and similar concepts that challenge stereotypes.

Ask her what she thinks about open relationships and whether she thinks it’s considered cheating or not.

If she’s okay with such a concept, it means that she doesn’t find it wrong and is open to considering it.

Though it’s not a 100% sure thing, once someone expresses readiness to do something, we can’t exactly put it past them.

8. “I like your new necklace, babe. Was it a gift? It’s not your usual style!”

If you’re certain that your s.o. is being spoiled by her secret lover, ask her about the specific gift you’re worried about.

Ask her where she got it, how much it cost, and any other question that might help you learn the truth.

Depending on her personality, she might try to conceal her affair by either giving little to no details or an unnecessary amount.

Keep in mind: keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.

9. “I have a fun idea! We should go to [the specific place you think she and her lover visit] together! You seem to like it there.”

Say, your friend has told you that they saw your girlfriend with another man in a specific location—all alone.

Next time this happens, tell your girlfriend that you want to go there; if she asks for the reason, tell her a friend saw her there and you figured she’d like to go again.

If she seems panicked and refuses your invitation, saying that there’s nothing special in that place, then that’s a valuable sign.

Chances are that she doesn’t want to risk you finding out about her affair or meeting the people who already know about it.

10. “You’ve been accidentally calling me another guy’s name. Who’s he?”

You’ve been accidentally calling me another guy’s name. Who’s he

Don’t just brush off her constantly calling you another man’s name; ask her who this mysterious man is.

Watch out for any panic signs or anything else that might hint she’s trying to hide an affair partner.

While you two are talking and she slips up, ask her, “Wait, did you just call me another name?” and casually discuss it.

11. “So, what do you think of my friend?”

If you’re having doubts about your partner and friend talking, plus you have solid proof, test them.

Ask her what she thinks about that specific friend of yours; she might be taken aback at first and ask why the sudden question.

Tell her you’ve noticed you two have been getting close lately, and wondering why.

Depending, she’s going to be overwhelmed and/or deny that ever happening—which you know is a lie.

12. “[specific person] called you last night and I picked up. I’m a bit confused. Can you explain?”

Whether this happened or not, doesn’t matter—the trickiness of the question lies behind that very fact.

Don’t give too much detail, instead, let your girlfriend fill in the blanks; ask her with a straight face, and don’t follow up on it.

If she’s been cheating, her unfaithfulness will manifest itself and her guilt will make her confess—if there is anything to confess about, of course.

13. “Do you ever miss being single? What do you miss the most about it?”

Try using this question only when you’re on the topic of singlehood—think about what her answers truly mean.

Do they indicate that she does, in fact, yearn for her single life to be back? 

And on that note, is the part she misses the most her having options? 

This may not necessarily trick her into admitting she’s cheating, but you will get some useful information.

14. “I know about everything. You do know what I’m talking about, right?”

This one’s a classic: pretend you know what your partner has been up to just to see their reaction.

If you do it right, you won’t have to say a single word; if your girlfriend has been cheating, she’ll either react a certain way, or straight-up open up about it.

On the other hand, an innocent partner will be calm and rational—they will ask you what you mean.

In this case, you can backtrack and say you were joking or follow up with something completely unrelated.

15. “Do you think it’s cheating if…”

Pick a random, cheating scenario and ask your girlfriend whether she agrees with your point of view.

As we know, a lot of people have different views regarding unfaithfulness; what you might think of as cheating, your girlfriend might think the opposite.

For example, if you’re suspecting she’s using dating sites, ask about her opinion on them.

This is a useful question that will help you understand your partner better—one thing might lead to another, and she might talk about something she’s done.

16. “Can I use your phone real quick, babe?”

Can I use your phone real quick, babe

Casually ask your girlfriend whether you can use her phone real quick—out of the blue.

A lot of people cheat using their phones, and if that’s the case, she’s going to refuse to hand her phone over.

She might even throw a fit and come up with fake excuses as to why you can’t suddenly use her phone.

17. “Don’t you think it’s time we exchanged passwords? I trust you and want you to trust me too.”

Saw what I did there? I’m taking the blame off of the partner and placing it on us—just some damage control.

Since exchanging passwords has become a modern-time declaration of love, if your partner is unfaithful, she’ll refuse your offer.

Not only that, she’ll really be against the concept; her behavior and hyperventilating are both signs she might be hiding something on her phone.

18. Nitpick her stories: “How was hanging out with [her friend]? What were you up to?”

When cheaters go to…well, cheat, they usually come up with an excuse so they can leave the house.

Once you’re positive that your girlfriend is going to meet up with her lover, the next day, ask her questions like you normally would.

“How was it? What did you do? Tell me all the details!”

If she’s lying, she is bound to mess her story up, be extremely vague, and/or get defensive.

19. “I’ve been thinking about us lately, and can I ask you a question? What do you think about our future?”

If your significant other has been acting a certain way, I’m sure she saw this question coming—ask her about the relationship.

If your girlfriend isn’t serious (or is cheating), she will most likely not guarantee that you two will remain together, or avoid the subject altogether.

20. “Do you think cheating ruins a relationship forever? I certainly do.”

Strike up a conversation about cheating and ask your girlfriend what her opinions on it are.

Again, if she’s factually cheating, she’ll be shocked, will try to change the topic, and/or will be defensive/unclear.

She might even attempt to keep her answers as short as possible to avoid suspicion.

21. “When’s the last time you heard from [her friend’s name]?”

As I said, when cheaters go out to cheat, they tell different lies to their partners to get away from them.

However, because they lie so much, they will most likely slip up sooner or later; whenever you two are normally talking, ask a question about a friend she told you she was hanging out with.

“Oh, by the way, is your friend okay? Have you heard from her at all?”

If your girlfriend forgot that she used her friend being sick as an excuse, she’ll say something like, “What do you mean?” or “Better from what?”.

This, of course, only applies if your partner was lying about her friend being sick.

22. If it’s related to your current topic, ask her: “Have you ever cheated on a partner? And if so, why?”

If it’s related to your current topic, ask her Have you ever cheated on a partner And if so, why

You’ve heard the saying, old habits are hard to break.

If a person has cheated on every single one of their past partners, what makes us believe they won’t do it again? 

If you already don’t know this part of her life, ask if she’s ever been unfaithful in the past.

However, know that as rare as it may be, people do change, so this tricky question (and your partner’s answer) isn’t enough to label her a cheater.

23. “Is there anyone you think I should be jealous of? Haha, come on, I won’t get hurt!”

But what you’re really asking is, “Is there anyone who you think I should be worried about?”.

Again, I doubt she’ll answer truthfully—on the off chance that she does though, remember her answer.

The name that she gives you is the person who she most likely finds attractive and thinks you would be threatened by.

And with attraction, things escalate.

Not a definite answer, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out for the guy.

What are some of the signs your girlfriend is cheating? A cheater’s behavior!

Before we catch a cheater, we first need to be pretty sure that they are actually cheating—to know that, all we need to do is observe a partner’s behavior.

If your s.o is cheating, then chances are that she’s unconsciously dropping hints, because a cheater’s whole attitude changes.

They act in a very peculiar way—cold, distant, non-affectionate.

Call it as you may, however, those 9 signs are undeniable evidence that your partner is cheating:

  • She grows cold with you all of a sudden: her behavior changes.
  • She picks fights all the time.
  • The communication between you became highly inconsistent.
  • There’s a lack of intimacy (both physical and emotional).
  • If your partner is online cheating, she will be over-protective with her phone.
  • Your acquaintances keep seeing her spend too much time with one specific person.
  • Texting can be cheating too. You see strangers’ names pop up on her phone.
  • She actively chooses to spend less time with you.
  • Due to the projection of what she’s doing, she’s always accusing you of cheating.

Using trick questions to see if your girlfriend is cheating: final thoughts!

Though trap questions are cool, little tricks that’ll give you a general idea, I believe that there are better ways to find out if your partner is cheating.

If you’re having these doubts, I’m assuming it’s because of a reason—your girlfriend’s behavior, probably.

What I recommend the most is talking to your partner about your new-found suspicions—is she truly cheating, or are you being paranoid?

And if you’re not happy with any, then by all means, give these tricky questions a go!

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