7 Ways to Find Someone You Swiped Left on Tinder

Use Tinder Passport Feature

Now, you might be panicking because you swiped left accidentally on someone on Tinder.

While the cold sweat is covering you slowly, you might be mad at yourself and you grab your phone or laptop trying to find a solution.

No worries, I got your back on this!

Here are 7 genius ways to find someone you swiped left on Tinder:

1. You can Rewind your way to them.

Rewind button on Tinder

Disclaimer: Payment Required.

If you swiped left on Tinder you can use the Rewind feature on this app to bring them back by getting the Rewind feature.

This feature is only available for users who pay and have Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

It can help you undo a like or any profile that you swiped left.

If you accidentally swipe left and want to immediately take action to not lose that person again and you have Tinder Plus or Gold:

  • You can see a rewind symbol, down your page, on the left side.
  • You just click once and you’ll see the profile you accidentally swiped left will reappear.

Side note: Tinder Rewind button only works with the last left swipe. 

If you swipe left on a profile (the one that you want) and then immediately swipe left on another profile, the second last profile won’t appear.

2. Reset your Tinder Likes and Matches by deleting your profile.

Reset your Tinder likes and Matches by deleting your profile

Disclaimer: Free (No Payment Required)

One easy and affordable way to find someone you swiped left on Tinder is by deleting and opening your account again.

Yet, I should warn you that you should be careful and not do it multiple times because Tinder will detect it.

I’ve been burnt before on this one! You risk getting banned on Tinder if you do this multiple times!

Back on track, to delete a Tinder account you need to:

  • Go to your Profile on Tinder;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Scroll down and tap Delete This Account, which is at the bottom of the page;
  • Then confirm by tapping Delete My Account.

Side note: Yet, you can use a secondary account on Tinder (if you have one), and go through matches, and that profile might appear on your screen again.

If this person is worth losing your primary Tinder account, then go for it!!

3. Use Tinder’s feature called Top Picks.

Disclaimer: To have access to this feature you need to purchase Tinder Gold or Platinum.

You might see left swipes on Tinder if you go to Top Picks. You can go to some profiles that you think you would match.

Then you might send them a Super Like and a message with that super like to catch their attention!

Be careful because sometimes when you’re using Tinder Gold and Platinum and you customize who sees your profile, they won’t match you again.

4. If you think you lost them forever try searching sites and Google.

Now, I know this may seem absurd because you don’t even know this person that well, however, this can be very effective actually.

If you’re the one thinking “I didn’t even catch a glimpse of their name, what are you talking about?” then you want to skip this part.

However, if you did catch a glimpse of their name, then try searching them!

The very first and entirely free option is searching them on Google by using two methods:

  • site:tinder.com name; for example site:tinder.com dan
  • Or, search with URL, by typing tinder.com/@username; for example tinder.com/@dan

If you find their profile you can copy the link to their profile, or open Tinder on the web and swipe right on them!

On the other hand, you can try searching sites. All it takes is a simple search of this person’s name over here, and you’re very likely to find them:

Swindlerbuster, unlike the rest of the sites out there, is specifically designed to search Tinder profiles.

It relies on a highly accurate algorithm that works in your favor when it comes to finding a dating profile!

5. Try to search for them on other social media platforms.

Disclaimer: For this method, you need just your memory and stalking skills.

If you remember even the tiniest detail about their profile, you can use it to find this person.

  • If you remember what they wrote in their bio you might write it and search on Google.
  • You can use Facebook or Instagram if you remember their name, last name, age, city, or state.
  • If they were from your state or city then you might check them on social media while searching for mutual friends.

Here is a story about a guy who accidentally swiped left on Tinder, and here is what he did:

6. Use Tinder Passport Feature.

Use Tinder Passport Feature

Disclaimer: To have access to this feature, I am sorry to tell you this, but you need to pay.

Tinder will show you, someone again if you use the Passport feature to connect with the match that you accidentally swiped left.

This feature can make the work easier because you’re able to focus on multiple states or one if you want.

If you remember their state or city then choose that state or city to explore with the Passport Feature.

If you do this immediately after swiping left, there is a big chance to find that lost match.

You can stay in the same area and use the same settings of the app to not lose the algorithm and that profile might appear after a while.

7. You should extend your search reach (radius).

Disclaimer: This one is totally free.

You can find someone on Tinder even if you don’t remember a single thing.

One of my clients asked for help regarding online dating and how he swiped left on the most “Amazing” man.

All it takes is extending your search radius. Maybe they are not from the place that you are and Tinder might have shown that profile unexpectedly.

It doesn’t cost a thing to just change the setting and extend your search.

To do it, you should follow these steps:

  • Open the app and go to your profile;
  • Then click on Settings or Preferences;
  • Now, check for the button Discovery Preferences or Search Distance;
  • Then you can set the distance that you want (it can be 5 miles, 10 miles, etc.)
  • To cover larger areas Tinder offers you two other options such as Global and Max.
  • After you have done the latter steps, you can click Save.

In conclusion: If you swipe left on Tinder are they gone forever?

If you swipe left on Tinder they aren’t gone forever unless they immediately change/update their information and setting.

Thus, there is always a possibility to find that person that you swiped left on Tinder if you make a move instantly.

You can immediately go through profiles again because Tinder algorithms might lead you to that profile you swiped left.

However, if you’re patient enough, Tinder might run out of profiles to show you and some will reappear.

Good luck!

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