15 physical signs she just slept with someone else — How does a partner behave after they cheat?

The image of the love of your life being with someone else is absolutely haunting.

That’s enough to terrify anybody, but what if that image isn’t just a “thought” after all? What if it’s not that unreasonable?

If you’re contemplating if your partner has just cheated on you, the paranoia won’t leave you alone.

How do we know for sure, though, that a partner cheated not too long ago? By looking at the signs, definitely.

Here are the physical signs that confirm your wife just slept with someone else:

1. She can’t look at you: she constantly avoids your gaze.

She can’t look at you she constantly avoids your gaze

She avoids eye contact!

If your wife comes home after being with someone else, she’ll have an extremely difficult time looking you straight in the eyes.

She’ll somehow be paranoid that by doing that, you’ll know what she’s been doing—she’s trying to avoid being looked at.

Other than that, the remorse might also be pushing her to keep eye contact at a minimum; she knows what she’s done and how it’ll impact the marriage.

2. When she comes back home, she doesn’t kiss or hug you!

Whenever your significant other comes home, she always hugs and kisses you hello, but not if she cheated very recently.

In reality, she’ll avoid all physical contact—again, not allowing you to get too close as you might find clues.

She’s keeping you at a distance because she doesn’t want to risk getting caught (e.g. by smelling her, touching her, etc).

The guilt is weighing her down and kissing/hugging you wouldn’t feel right for her!

3. Her whole appearance is a mess—she looks disorganized and nothing like she did when she left.

She comes home looking completely different from when she left; her appearance is a mess.

Her lipstick is smudged, her hair is messy, make-up all runny, and her clothes are all over the place—you get the picture!

And when it comes to signs that a partner was just with someone else, a messy appearance is what you need to look out for!

I highly doubt your partner went out looking like that—someone else was most likely the cause.

4. She smells different than usual, like a man’s cologne.

Anybody would assume their spouse has been out cheating when they come home smelling the opposite gender’s cologne—and I’m here to tell you that this is a very strong sign!

If your wife recently came home smelling like another man’s cologne, then she may have been with him.

And for a smell to stick that much, someone would’ve had to have some sort of physical contact with another person.

Still, though! It’s possible she was out with a friend, relative, or other acquaintance, so don’t jump to conclusions!

5. She comes home one night and refuses to answer any questions!

And gets pretty pissed off when you ask her anything.

You innocently ask her where she was, what she did, and who she was with, but she answers absolutely nothing.

She gets mad at your reasonable questions and just leaves the room; it’s also common for cheaters to give blurry, confusing questions.

Once again, she knows answering any questions might blow her cover!

6. She completely ignores you and hurries to privacy.

If your partner was just out cheating, when she comes back home, she would most likely ignore you.

She won’t talk to you, answer any questions, or even acknowledge your existence—she tries to get out of your presence as soon as possible.

In this case, she wouldn’t want you to see any signs (messy appearance, behavior, for example) that she slept with someone else.

Just a simple, “Hello, I’m home”, and that’s about it.

7. You feel as if she’s out of it, almost aloof.

You feel as if she’s out of it, almost aloof

She comes home and she looks distracted—she seems to be on edge about something.

She’s not her usual self, is what I’m trying to say!

No chit-chat, no spending time together, and no other activities you two usually do—your partner is quiet and has a worried look on her face.

And if you attempt to talk to her about anything, your attempts are cut short by her lack of focus and will to talk about anything.

8. You know the truth, but your wife lies about where she was and what she did.

You know something is up with her excuses!

Maybe she told you she was out with her co-workers, but when you called her office, her story didn’t add up.

If these instances have been occurring more and more lately, then it is plausible that she’s going out with someone.

There are more reasons why people could lie to their partner about their whereabouts, however, none aside from cheating come to mind!

9. Aside from physical contact, she also avoids other acts of affection!

For example, your wife never skips even one “I love you”  when she comes home, but one night she didn’t utter it once—it’s been this way lately.

She doesn’t compliment you or talk about how her day went, it’s like she’s a completely different person.

Aside from not hugging and kissing you—which is a concerning sign—your partner is also emotionally shunning you out.

She doesn’t show any type of affection towards you.

10. The first thing she does when she returns home is shower.

She quickly ran to the bathroom, and you heard the shower turn on—she didn’t greet you or even let you know she was home.

And even though showering after coming home from an outing is not that unusual (hygiene is important), there comes a time when this becomes concerning.

For example, if a partner comes home late at night after ignoring all of our texts and calls as well as not telling us prior where they went only adds to the suspicion.

11. She’s not answering any of your texts and calls.

If she’s cheating the very moment you think she is, then not answering any of your texts and calls is to be expected.

You can’t get a hold of her no matter what: you furiously call and text her for what seems 100 times, but still, nothing!

When cheaters go out with their affair partners, they usually turn off their phones or at least ignore it—this way they’re not distracted.

12. When she answers your calls or texts, she claims that she’s busy—you know she’s not.

You have a gut feeling your partner is cheating—you asked her why she’s not home yet, and she gave you a really confusing answer.

Probably said that she was busy with something, let’s say she was taking care of her sick friend.

You called her friend to confirm everything is okay, but they have no idea what you’re talking about!

And what other excuse is strong enough to push your wife to lie about stuff like this? Infidelity is one of the answers.

13. She’s holding onto her phone for dear life.

If your wife has been cheating lately, one thing is for sure: she will not let you even look at her phone—especially if the cheating happened on the same day.

She’ll attempt to keep it out of sight and out of reach because she’s afraid her affair partner will call or message her!

You might be there to pick it up and find out that she’s been up to no good; see if this is how your spouse acts around her phone:

  • She sleeps with her phone under her pillow;
  • She doesn’t let you use it;
  • She walks out of the room when she gets a text/call;
  • When you two are together, she tilts it away from you.

14. She’s suddenly very hostile and testy.

She’s suddenly very hostile and testy

She’s suddenly very bad-tempered—and this stands out if your wife isn’t the testy type.

If she’s been sleeping with someone else, then her attitude towards you will drastically change; she treats you with hostility.

She flips out even at the smallest things you do and refuses to answer any questions.

She brushes you off—if your partner is cheating, she most likely has already left the relationship in her own way.

And that is making her less willing to treat you the way she did before.

15. She’s on dating apps all of a sudden.

Whether you looked her up on google or used other ways to find out if she’s using dating apps her name appeared on the results.

If you still haven’t done this, you can do it right here!

Search her name and find out the truth.

What are the signs that she has someone else?

Unfortunately, a large number of people—who are not single—cheat.

And not all cheating is done for sexual purposes: a not-so-small number of people form deeper relationships with their AP.

If you think your s.o. has an entirely new person in her life, then the signs have got to be right there! We just need to keep a close eye on them.

Here are the classic signs that your significant other has someone else:

– She’s taking extra good care of her appearance.

Though, don’t be too surprised right off the bat as most people prefer looking their best!

If your spouse has completely changed her look and started taking care of her appearance, another person could be the reason.

  • She recently has been working out;
  • She’s constantly buying new clothes;
  • She lately puts on make-up whenever she goes out with her “friends”;
  • She makes her hair look nice, etc.

It ultimately comes down to a partner doing things they have never before—and it’s stuff you know for a fact that isn’t for you. 

– She doesn’t pay as much attention to you!

She stops putting in effort in your marriage and giving you attention.

She’s no longer interested in how your day went or how you’re doing—she also doesn’t enjoy spending as much time with you.

Going out together has become rare for you two; she’s pushing you away, in other words.

– Her excuse is always the same: “I’m busy!”.

Her excuse is always the same I’m busy

She seems to be awfully busy lately, but you just feel it in you that’s not it.

You want to go out? She’s busy.

You’re hoping to have a meaningful conversation with her? Try again later!

She kept ignoring your calls for a suspiciously long amount of time? All she says is that she’s busy.

When people cheat on their spouses, they spend less time with them: partly out of guilt, but mostly because they’re giving their affair partner more attention.

– She hides her phone from you.

She doesn’t let you use, touch, or even think of her phone.

When people do this, they are usually online cheating—otherwise, there would be no need to go to these lengths.

– She’s started going out with you less.

Your wife doesn’t want you and her AP to meet—she also doesn’t want other people who’ve seen her and her lover to see the two of you together!

– She needs to know where you are and when at all times.

Your spouse has just started being very interested in your schedule all of a sudden.

However, know that cheaters don’t do this out of curiosity: they want to know where you are at all times in order to avoid those places when they’re out with their lover(s).

– Arguments seem to have become more frequent on her part!

A cheating spouse may become aggressive with you—they’re the protagonist of every argument you have lately.

They’re rude, dismissive, and non-affectionate.

– You and your spouse not having intercourse at all is generally a bad sign.

But keep in mind that not everybody is always up for intimacy—if they’re going through something, their sex drive will go down.

But if that’s not the case with your spouse, then know that her pulling away this way could indicate infidelity.

Cheaters often avoid having intercourse with their partner due to either guilt or lack of feelings.

– One certain man texts her an inappropriate amount of time.

He’s always messaging her, or even calling and suggesting they hang out—and she’s a bit too thrilled about it.

She mentions him often, and you can feel that something isn’t right.

– She has put an end to endearing terms, compliments, and other forms of affection.

She has put an end to endearing terms, compliments, and other forms of affection

No more “babe”, “honey”, “sweetie”, and other cute pet names.

She doesn’t show any type of affection anymore—physical or emotional.

Some cheaters’ conscience makes them not want to act all lovey-dovey with the person they’re cheating on, or they simply don’t care any longer.

– At certain periods, you can’t reach her cell phone.

There are times (more often than not) that you cannot contact her at all.

She doesn’t tell you where she’s going and ignores your calls—and this is obviously very concerning.

She may do this whenever she’s with her affair partner.

– She says she’s hanging out with her friends, but they don’t seem to know anything.

She often uses her friends as an excuse—most cheaters do this!

Your partner tells you she’s hanging out with them, but when you call them to verify, they are clueless.

– She checks her phone all the time, even late at night.

Your partner being on her phone 24/7 is a red flag.

She’s obviously texting someone and seems to be very happy while doing it!

You’re often waking up late at night to her being on her phone—as soon as she sees you, she puts her phone away.

You ask whom she’s texting, but she usually says it’s a friend or relative, which doesn’t make any sense.

The road to discovering infidelity is painful.

If you’re having these thoughts that your partner is not being faithful, then looking at signs may help validate what seems like an irrational gut feeling.

It’s always best to confront a cheater with facts and evidence—if you aren’t too sure that they’re cheating, I always recommend communication!

Finding out that your partner has been cheating is a painful experience, before everything, prioritize your well-being.

Confide in people, do something enjoyable, and don’t waste your time thinking it was your fault—it’s not your fault.

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