The tricks to seeing who your boyfriend is talking to on Snapchat.

Snapchat is one of those platforms in which you can gain very little to no information about another user.

If you want to know if your boyfriend is snapping other girls, know that if he were to take his pick among cheating apps, he would pick Snapchat.

Logically speaking, we can catch a Snapchat cheater by knowing the right tricks, such as analyzing the Quick Add deck.

See who your boyfriend is talking to on Snapchat with these 8 savvy methods:

1. Ask for permission to check his app.

Ask for permission to check his app

A lot of couples display their love and trust to one another by exchanging mobile phones—it’s a trust thing because of how often people cheat on their phones.

Ask your boyfriend if he’s okay with letting you check his Snapchat account; you can make your suspicions known, or you can come up with a reason:

  • “Have you been having the same [problem] I have? Can I check your Snapchat real quick?”

I can’t assure you that he’ll accept, so take note of his reactions: If he panics or profusely refuses to show you his Snapchat, then take that as a sign too.

2. See who he regularly snaps by stealing a quick glance at his phone.

People who are cheating on Snapchat won’t typically make the mistake of opening the app in front of you, but if he does, a quick look won’t hurt.

Just make sure to act and look natural or he’ll know you’re suspecting him.

Once again, you can make up an excuse to get him to open Snapchat: you can tell him you want to take a picture together!

Once you succeed (and it pans over to his chats), take a swift gaze and a mental note of his Snap buddies.

3. Check ‘Quick Add’ to see if that girl you’re worried about is there.

If you and another Snapchat user have 2 or more friends in common, under their profile you’ll see, ‘2+ mutual friends’.

  • You might be seeing other users on your ‘Quick Add’ section, but Snapchat isn’t telling you if you have only one friend in common—this doesn’t mean you don’t, though.

Now, onto how we can use this information…

By process of elimination, you can pretty much guess what friend you and this girl have in common.

Let’s say she’s a long-time friend of your boyfriend’s from back home and she has no other ties to you or him.

Maybe your partner lied to you and said he doesn’t talk to her, but if she’s being recommended to you on the app, it means they have each other added.

4. Make a new account, add only him, and see which people show up in ‘Quick Add’.

Make a new account, add only him, and see which people show up in ‘Quick Add’

For this, you’re going to need to make a new Snapchat account and add ONLY your boyfriend.

After doing that, you’re going to see new suggestions in ‘Quick Add’—since you only have your boyfriend added, they’re most likely his friends.

But, this method has its flaws: 

  • It’s not guaranteed that your partner will accept your request since he thinks you’re just a stranger;
  • Snapchat tells its users how they were added (if you add him by username, he’ll think something is up).

5. Talk to him from your new Snap account.

You won’t learn who he talks to, but if he talks to other women on Snapchat!

Put a fake name, set up a Bitmoji different from your actual one, add him, and flirt with your boyfriend.

If he returns the flirting, then it’s likely he talks to other women too—to him, your new account belongs to a stranger.

But even if he doesn’t flirt back with you, it doesn’t mean he’s not talking to others.

6. Check his notifications and see if he is indeed snapping other girls.

But you can only do this if he has his Snapchat notifications enabled.

If he receives any notification, glance over his shoulder to see the person it came from.

If it’s from an unknown woman’s name (or a person with a flirty nickname), he’s presumably talking to other people.

7. Technically, you can see what he’s doing on Snapchat by checking his phone.

For this, you’ll need to have access to it (if he has a phone passcode, you will need to know it).

Once you’re in, go to the Snapchat app and check:

  • His friend list;
  • His messages;
  • The ‘Snapchat Album’ on his phone gallery (just in case he’s saved any sexual images from Snapchat);
  • His ‘My Eyes Only’ album on Snapchat;

This is a risky method, though! Not only are the chances of your boyfriend catching you red-handed high, but he might have deleted all the evidence beforehand.

8. And what’s even less recommended is installing spying apps on his phone!

And what’s even less recommended is installing spying apps on his phone

Spying apps (Spyera, mSpy, Hoverwatch, etc.) will help you see who your boyfriend talks to on social media.

Similarly to just checking the app without your partner’s permission, this method requires you to know his password.

You need to create an account on the spying app of your choice, pick a plan, and set it up on his phone.

These 11 signs will tell you he’s talking to other girls on Snapchat.

One way of finding out if your significant other is cheating on Snapchat is by noticing a pattern.

– Your boyfriend has more than 1 Snap account!

Because why does he need more than 1 account? Is he trying to prevent you from finding out he’s been cheating?

– He’s very discreet with his phone.

If your boyfriend does not agree to give you his phone no matter what, then he could be online cheating.

This also includes him hiding his phone, tilting it away from you, and never responding to texts/calls in front of you.

– You send him numerous Snaps, but he either responds way later, or not at all.

If he’s talking to other women, then he would be too distracted to reply to your texts or pictures.

– His Snap score goes up even though he doesn’t respond to you!

His Snap score goes up even though he doesn’t respond to you

And even though he never snaps you back, his score never stops growing—what’s interesting is that people view this as a red flag.

  • Snapchat users receive points for every picture and video sent/received, however, texting another person does not increase your score.

– He’s put his Snap handle in his bio.

So now people don’t have to go through the trouble of actually asking him for it—the whole world can add him!

In all seriousness, Snapchat is often used for affairs; if your boyfriend is cool with strangers adding him on the platform, can he be trusted?

– He has a cutesy nickname for one (but not limited to) other woman.

We typically go out of our way to nickname a person we care about; if that girl isn’t someone he’s introduced you to, then they could be talking as more than friends.

– His stories are often hidden from you.

Maybe he wants to post a photo of himself and his side piece—or maybe his side piece has insisted that he post her.

  • It’s possible he may not want to post you because he doesn’t want his ladies to know he’s taken.

– Another woman (that you don’t know) is his BFF.

Another woman (that you don’t know) is his BFF

It’s clear as day—they were able to become BFFs only by Snapping each other every day.

– When you ask whom he’s Snapping, he starts acting weird.

He’s going to get hostile and flip out for being asked a normal question!

They’re afraid of being caught, so they start degrading their affair partner in order to throw their actual partner off their tracks.

– The majority of the people he has streaks with are women.

But before jumping to conclusions here, make sure they’re not his friends/relatives.

Otherwise, if he maintains his streaks with female strangers, then that’s a tad worrying.

– He has set his chats to be deleted right after being viewed.

Snapchat offers users 2 options:

  1. To make it so their chats are deleted 24 hours after viewings (the convenient option), and;
  2. Right after viewing (the annoying, unsuitable option).

How to know for a fact someone’s cheating on Snapchat?

The only way to know for sure is by getting into the application and investigating.

It isn’t the healthiest way—that we already know—but it will prove how loyal your partner truly is!

Don’t ignore his tendency to hide his Snapchat from you: this type of secrecy usually hints at online infidelity.

And if you just can’t shake off the feeling he’s using this app for cheating, take matters into your own hands!

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