Best 5 Buzzhumble alternatives — Free, additional ways of finding Bumble profiles.

Buzzhumble is a service used to find Bumble profiles, but it seems to have run into a couple of issues lately.

But don’t worry, as there are other Buzzhumble alternatives like SocialCatfish, SwindlerBuster, and TruthFinder you can use to find the person on the platform.

We’re talking about services similar to Buzzhumble, other methods of finding people on Bumble, and even tricks for catching a Bumble cheater!

Finding someone on Bumble requires a lot of effort, and this is why:

When you read Bumble’s Privacy section, you learn that they do not disclose users’ information unless absolutely necessary.

  • For marketing purposes;
  • To moderate your and other’s profiles;
  • To keep users safe, etc.

You can’t find Bumble profiles as you would an Instagram profile, for example, by being a regular internet user.

And not to forget that Bumble doesn’t have any features that you can use to directly search for someone using their name.

5 pay-to-use Buzzhumble alternatives that find Bumble profiles.

There are different Buzzhumble alternatives with different price points, and we’ll start with those exactly.

The only criteria these alternatives need to fill is that they need to work effortlessly.

Taking that into account, these are the best Buzzhumble alternatives for finding out if someone has a Bumble profile:

1. Use SocialCatfish to search in multiple ways.

Use SocialCatfish to search in multiple ways

SocialCatfish is a very popular Buzzhumble alternative, mainly because you can find dating profiles in different ways:

  • By name;
  • By email;
  • By phone;
  • By username;
  • And by image.

Seeing how you can sign up for Bumble using your phone number, make sure to choose the Phone option the service offers.

It is part of the Social Search plan which costs $5.73 for 3 days and it includes everything BUT reverse image searching.

However, you can purchase the Image Search option for $6.87 for 3 days if you’re looking to reverse-search someone’s image to find them on Bumble.

SocialCatfish is quite similar to Buzzhumble in the context of finding Bumble users; the only difference is that with SocialCatfish you’ll find other dating profiles as well.

2. Find Bumble profiles with TruthFinder.

Find Bumble profiles with TruthFinder

TruthFinder claims to be able to find dating profiles, among a plethora of other details regarding a person.

You have two options when it comes to finding Bumble profiles with the help of TruthFinder:

  • 1) Use the first and last name of the person whose profile you suspect exists on Bumble;
  • 2) Go to the Reverse Phone Lookup tab on top of the page to see if their phone number is related to any Bumble (or other dating sites) account.

So seeing how with Buzzhumble you’d only get a name search, TruthFinder also offers a reverse phone lookup feature.

As opposed to SocialCatfish, with TruthFinder you can choose one of the two monthly plans:

  • $28.05/mo for a full month of unlimited reports;
  • Or $23.28/mo for three month’s worth of unlimited reports.

3. Put their name or phone number on the Spokeo site.

Put their name or phone number on the Spokeo site

Spokeo is another great Buzzhumble alternative, and respectively a great alternative to SocialCatfish and TruthFinder.

It is by far the cheapest out of the two in terms of value, going for around $20/mo for 1 month and $15/mo for 3 months.

It does a great job of finding dating profiles such as Bumble, and all it asks for is that person’s name and/or phone number.

If you have their name, click the Name option on the site, and click the Phone tab if you have their phone number instead.

If there is a Bumble account associated with it, Spokeo will show it to you.

– There are many other similar sites.

Namely, SocialCatfish, TruthFinder, and Spokeo are part of the “Big 3” when it comes to finding dating profiles through people search tools.

There’s plenty from where that came from!

But before you sign up for any of these sites, make sure they work for the country you’re searching on.

For one, only SocialCatfish out of the bunch works for Bumble users outside the US.

P.S. These services won’t tell you if the person you’re searching for does not use Bumble—you simply won’t get any results.

4. A free alternative:!

If you don’t feel like paying $15+ for a monthly membership, then Usersearch is the guy for you.

Just scroll down to the Dating Sites, Forums & Chat Websites part and click on Dating Sites—then you want to put a name on the search bar.

Wait a couple of seconds for your results to load and scroll through the findings.

Side note: because User search is a free service, the results may not be all that accurate—if you don’t find Bumble profiles in your search, it doesn’t necessarily mean a Bumble user with that name doesn’t exist.

5. Worried your partner might be using Bumble? Install spy apps on their phone.

Worried your partner might be using Bumble Install spy apps on their phone

Yes, you heard it right: there are spy apps you can install on a cheater’s phone to catch them swiping, all while they don’t have a clue.

To do this you’ll need access to their phone for about 15 minutes to install the app—make sure your s.o. does not see what you’re doing!

But before that, make sure you read the instructions each service gives you regarding features, installation, and drawbacks.

Such apps are not free, though, and some go for $40+ per month if you’re thinking of using them for one month only.

Definitely not a cost-friendly option.

Free, alternate ways of finding Bumble users.

Buzzhumble is a service, and so are the other alternatives I’ve mentioned up to this point…but is something of this format what you truly need?

There are other ways to find Bumble users, especially cheaters.

  • By using your friend’s Bumble profile.

If you have a friend who’s also a Bumble fan, you can politely ask to use their account to find the person you want.

Of course, you might have to change their preferences up a bit to align with that person, but it might work as far as we’re concerned.

  • By making a Bumble profile of your own.

Or you can just make a Bumble profile if you don’t like asking people for help.

Just make sure you use a fake identity and pick the right preferences (with the person in mind) if you don’t want your efforts to go to waste.

  • Sign in with their Facebook account or phone number.

If you suspect someone has a Bumble profile, you can try signing in with their Facebook account or phone number, after which a code will go to their phone.

After all, how can Bumble tell it wasn’t them?

  • Request that your Wi-Fi history be sent to you.

This only works if you’re living with the person and use the same internet connection—you can ask your internet service provider to send a list of all the sites visited through your Wi-Fi.

  • Check if they have Bumble installed on their phone.

If you go to their Apps in Settings you should be good to go!

  • Go to their browser history.

All browsers (e.g. Google) allow you to both check and delete the history of the sites you’ve visited.

If you’re able to at any point, know that you can check somebody’s browser history IF they haven’t deleted it.

Caution! This person could be using Incognito Mode on the Bumble app.

The Bumble app allows users who want to be swiping without being swiped on to enable Incognito Mode.

Incognito Mode hides your profile from other Bumble users you have not swiped right on so that you stay well hidden in the platform.

If the person in question is using the same feature, then you won’t be able to find them simply by joining the app yourself.

However, this feature does not stop third-party apps like SocialCatfish from finding them!

Make sure the person is using their actual info.

I can’t proceed any further without letting you know that cheaters are crafty: they usually sign up for dating sites using different emails and phone numbers from their regular ones.

For instance, if you put their phone number on Spokeo but don’t get any results regarding dating apps, then they could have used another phone number to sign up.

The same goes for core details like first and last name—when someone doesn’t want to be seen by people they know on Bumble, they’ll catfish.

Don’t forget this.

If they’re on Bumble, they’re most likely on Tinder as well.

If you’re simply speculating they’re on Bumble with no actual proof, then let me tell you that there’s a higher chance they’re on Tinder instead.

It is the most popular dating app, after all, so it doesn’t hurt to search on there too.

Luckily enough, you can find a Tinder user quite easily with the help of services like SwindlerBuster or CheaterBuster by using their name and age (and even picture, in SwindleBuster’s case).

Or you can search their name on Search Engines like so: Name.

But if you’re that firm on finding their Bumble profile, the methods I mentioned above are chef’s kiss!

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