How to check if a guy isn’t single? The signs you need to watch out for!

It’s confusing when you’re interested in a man but unsure if he’s single or not—if you were to make a move on a taken man, that wouldn’t look too good!

If a guy has a girlfriend, he’ll act indifferent to other women. But if you want to set the record straight, why not take action?

After all, it is better than wasting your time waiting for him to say something.

– What you can do to find out if he’s single:

When I said “take action” I meant several things—asking him, tricking him into confessing, observing his life, etc.

Ask him if he has a girlfriend, but subtly.

Ask him if he has a girlfriend, but do so subtly.

You don’t have to boldly say, “Do you have a girlfriend? I like you and I wanted to make sure!”, even though there’s nothing wrong with it.

  • “I found a nice place. You should tell your girlfriend about it. I’m assuming she likes [something].”
  • “[Mutual friend] is holding a party this weekend and he/she said to bring a +1! Will you be bringing your girlfriend?”

You’re asking him, but not really—you’re encouraging him to disclose that type of information by himself.

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Flirt with him to see if he does the same thing back.

An indifference towards other women indicates that your guy is not single; test this by respectfully flirting with him.

You can compliment him by saying something like, “I never noticed how nice your eyes were!”

Or you can take a more playful, light-hearted approach like, “Just because you’re good-looking doesn’t give you the right to [something]!”

If he has no problems flirting back with you then he’s probably single—if he’s not, then he’s disrespecting his girlfriend.

  • Use this trick only if you’re sure he’s not the type of person who feels uncomfortable by a bit of flirting.

Refer to his social media posts and friends.

Refer to his social media posts and friends.

Find his social media profiles and investigate for any photos, comments, and tags from another woman.

If he has photos with her with a romantic caption, then look no further because that is his girlfriend.

If no photos are present, look for tagged photos (for example, on his Instagram profile, click the third tab under Highlights).

You can also figure out who he’s dating by checking the comments under his posts—couples usually go back and forth like a couple of lovebirds.

Watch how he acts with other women.

A guy who’s in a relationship will not be affectionate with anyone who isn’t his girlfriend—if this person is the same, kudos to him!

  • He isn’t touchy;
  • He doesn’t flirt with them;
  • He doesn’t talk first;
  • He doesn’t check them out.

Ask people if he’s dating anyone.

You can ask his friends if he’s currently seeing anyone—fair warning though, they might tell him you asked this!

You don’t have to be straightforward with them if you don’t want to, just ask them to tell you more about him.

If he has a girlfriend, I’m sure she’ll come up while they’re talking (such crucial information can’t go unmentioned).

Open a discussion about love, relationships, etc.

Talk about relationships or romance so that he naturally mentions his partner, “Yeah, my girlfriend and I…”

For instance, you can start talking about a bad experience with an ex, which leads to the topic of relationships.

“I had an ex who would throw a fit about me hanging out with friends, so that’s something. This is why I think relationships require A LOT of effort.”

Ask what his weekend plans are.

Ask for his weekend plans.

People in relationships spend weekends with their partners, and I’m certain that your crush is no exception.

  • Ask him what his plans for the weekend are and delve a little bit deeper into his answer.

If he says that he and “somebody” are doing something, proceed to ask him if he’s going out with his girlfriend.

Peek at his phone notifications.

Not the noblest way to go about this but…check his notifications for anyone named “Babe”, “The Love of My Life”, “Gf”, and similar.

Signs the guy you’re into is committed to another woman.

You know, there’s nothing wrong with observing from the sidelines—you can learn plenty this way.

See if he shows any of the following signs:

1. He doesn’t go out with other people.

If a man is rarely seen accepting other women’s invitations, it usually means his girlfriend is his +1.

Not only women, however, as men with girlfriends tend to alienate themselves from their friends as well.

2. He never flirts with other women.

To tell the non-single men apart from single ones, observe how they act and what they say around people.

A faithful guy will never flirt, sext, or give any special kind of affection to other people, you included.

3. He never gets physically and emotionally close to other people.

He never gets physically and emotionally close to other people.

Any form of closeness between a taken man and other people is off the table, and that’s a sign he’s not single.

  • He doesn’t hug, kiss, or touch other women—no questions asked.

He also avoids getting emotionally close to them by venting, opening up about his secrets, and maintaining regular contact.

4. He posts a lot of photos of her online.

Not only does he have a girlfriend, but he’s really keen on showing her off to the world.

This is why I recommend inspecting his social media first to check whether your guy is single.

If he always posts pictures of their dates, comments on her pictures, and sets his relationship status as “taken”, he’s already committed!

5. He’s extremely warm towards one woman and cold to literally everybody else.

If your guy is warm and loving toward one specific girl (e.g. spoiling her, giving her attention, complimenting her), that’s surely his girlfriend.

Think to yourself, “Is there one person he treats more special than the rest”, and you’ll have your answer.

6. His friends tease him about a girl.

People get pretty childish once their precious friend finds the person of their dreams—it’s quite cute and a sign that a person already has a special someone.

  • If you hung out with your crush and his friends and they started teasing him about a girl you don’t know, she might be his girlfriend.

You can ask him about their relationship right there and then without sounding too straightforward.

7. One woman is all over his phone—his wallpaper, notifications, etc.!

If there’s an unfamiliar woman on his phone background, there’s no need to think further because that is his girlfriend.

His phone activity is linked to her: they frequently text, call, and send funny videos to each other.

It boils down to him treating her differently once again, which suggests they have a special relationship (if they’re not dating, he’s obviously into her).

8. Analyze the way he talks: does he mention this girl often?

If you haven’t noticed any physical signs, analyze the way he talks does he often mention this girl

One specific girl is always the subject of your conversation—even if he hasn’t admitted it, she’s most likely his girlfriend.

He doesn’t have to sound all giddy while talking about her, even casually (but often) mentioning her implies they’re dating:

“Me and [girl’s name] were out.”

“Oh, [girl’s name] enjoys [thing] too!”

9 subtle signs of a man who is not single & trying to get with you.

Not every man who hides his relationship status has good intentions—they’re actually trying to cheat on their partners.

Their craftsmanship in this area makes them very skillful when deceiving others, so your guy might initially seem single.

But don’t be fooled! Stay on guard for these subtle signs that a man with a girlfriend likes you & is trying to get with you.

– He keeps his love life a secret.

He always switches subjects whenever you ask him if he has a special lady in his life (he answers vaguely in most cases).

Even if the signs are all there (e.g. you’ve seen him holding hands with another woman), he denies having a girlfriend.

–  He can’t stop looking at you.

Every time you glance over at him, he’s always looking at you even though his partner is present—he immediately looks away when you catch him.

– He always strikes up a conversation with you.

He texts you a lot and even double-texts; he does everything in order to keep the conversation alive and thriving.

He makes you laugh, sends you photos, and even flirts through text.

– He sits close to you when you’re at the same event.

Let’s say you’re both at a party! A guy who likes you will come to you even though he has a girlfriend.

He’ll invade your personal space and not mind if your bodies touch.

– He’s way too flirty!

If this guy compliments you a bit too often and attempts to get closer to you, although he’s taken, he could be harboring stronger feelings.

– When he finally has the chance to be alone with you, he doesn’t answer his phone.

This is a bit more subtle, but if the man you’re talking to never answers her calls you’re together, that could be his way of savoring every second with you.

– He talks badly about his girlfriend.

If he’s honest about having a girlfriend but constantly talks about how over their relationship he is, he might just like you.

This is him telling you, “I’m not happy with how things are going so feel free to sweep me off my feet.”

– His friends tease him whenever you come to the scene.

Just as you can tell if a guy’s crush is someone else by watching his friends’ reactions, you can tell if his crush is you.

  • His friends always get loud, look at him, and call you over whenever you pass by—all for his sake!

– He gives you an inappropriate amount of attention instead of his girlfriend.

To learn if a man in a relationship is into you, just look at how different he treats you and his girlfriend (the person he is supposed to be committed to).

If he talks to you more, asks you out more, and acts more affectionately towards you, then no doubt, you are his love interest.

What are the text signs that he’s not single?

The guy you’re texting might have a girlfriend—whether he’s hiding the fact or not doesn’t matter, it’s up to you to find out if he’s single or not.

Just look at his texting habits.

If he:

  • Doesn’t text you every day;
  • Doesn’t text you first;
  • Never texts you more than once;
  • Doesn’t ask you questions;
  • Is a dry texter, then it’s safe to assume he has a girlfriend.

The spark just isn’t there!

Make sure the man you’re dating is single if you find him suspicious…

If something’s telling you that a guy is lying about being single, look into ways you can find out for sure.

Scan his behavior, social media, and routine—it’s shocking how subtle cheating signs tend to be if you’re not aware they exist.

To prevent heartbreak on your end (and his girlfriend’s end), see to it that he’s single before allowing things to get serious.

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