Does he have a girlfriend? 13 signs the man you’re dating is lying about being single.

If you’re into this guy but want to make sure he’s available and not a Casanova, I am here to help!

Men who are in relationships are inclined to behave in a more quirky way than single men do, so you can learn the truth based on several signs.

Today I will help you discredit a man’s lies about his relationship status and figure out if your crush has a girlfriend.

Why do guys lie about being single?

If you believe your love interest is lying about not being married or in a relationship, then your concerns may not be that far off; a lot of people lie about things like this.

However, only some have the same reasons.

1. Some men lie because they want to appear single to the masses.

Players lie about not having a girlfriend because they want other people to view them as someone single and ready to mingle!

This way, cheaters are still able to get with other people without being criticized (even though they’re getting with them through means of deception).

2. Some guys lie to one specific person only—the person they’re interested in.

Not that the number of people makes a difference, but a guy might lie to one specific person about his relationship status.

He has feelings for that person (or at the very least an interest in them) and knows that they’d most likely not give a taken man a chance.

3. They don’t feel satisfied by their partner.

Some men feel the need to lie about being single because they’re not happy with their relationship and partner (emotionally or physically).

In other words, they don’t want people to know they’re dating this one person.

4. They’re keeping things low-key.

Several couples agree to tell others they’re single because they value privacy or might be in the early stage of their relationships. 

Reasons aside, this is how you can tell a guy is lying about not having another girlfriend:

1. He friends you only on low-key social media platforms, like Snapchat.

He friends you only on low-key social media platforms, like Snapchat.

Cheating men usually communicate with their side pieces on secretive social media platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc.

  • Instant messaging applications, unlike social media platforms, are way more secretive (we can’t see people’s friend lists, and posting pictures is not possible).

Even if you ask for his social media handles like Facebook and Instagram, he denies it and uses excuses like, “I don’t use other social media!”.

He must have a girlfriend who he doesn’t want to find out about you (and vice versa).

2. You have yet to meet his friends.

This is where things start slowly crumbling down…if you two are in a relationship yet he still hasn’t introduced you to his friends, then you might be his other woman.

No matter how hard he tries to convince you you’re his only one, if no one knows about it, it’s always going to be worrisome.

If he’s a cheater, introducing you to his friends will lead to his *actual* partner finding out.

3. Ask yourself where is it that you two most often hang out. Your place or his?

Ask yourself where is it that you two most often hang out! Your place or his

If he never invites you over to his place, that’s a sign that he’s already in a relationship (he could even be living with his girlfriend).

If they don’t live together, however, there’s still the issue of his girlfriend paying a surprise visit or his family seeing you together.

4. He constantly turns down your offer for commitment.

Commitment is the biggest step for couples, and if one of the people desperately tries to avoid it, then something is wrong.

  • Ask your boyfriend why he dreads making things official—if the relationship is relatively new, then I see where he’s coming from.

Otherwise, he could avoid telling his social circle about you because he’s already committed to somebody else.

5. Check his socials real quick—has he posted anything about you?

If he already has a girlfriend, then he can’t post pictures with you.

  • He’s deliberately avoiding having any traces of you on his social media (e.g. friending and posting you) to hide you from his girl.

This is abnormal if he’s always talking about you being the love of his life and you two being an item—if he truly thought this, posting you would be a breeze.

6. He doesn’t pay much attention to you if others are present.

He doesn’t pay much attention to you if others are present.

He doesn’t treat you like a “girlfriend”—he doesn’t call you “babe”, doesn’t refer to you as his partner, and doesn’t have a warm demeanor.

He treats you simply like a friend, even though behind closed doors he’s this cuddly bear (this is a bad sign).

Once again he’s trying his hardest not to let others know you and him have a thing going on because they know he’s taken.

7. Your number on his phone isn’t saved under your actual name.

One of the many ways cheaters hide their side pieces is by saving their phone numbers under an unsuspicious name.

  • One of his guy pals’ name, a distant relative’s name, an online shipping service, for example.

In case you call him while he’s with his partner, she won’t suspect a thing—this is mainly why he doesn’t use your real name.

8. There have been instances in which you’ve found women’s stuff in his car or home.

He would never invite you to his place if he’s living with his girlfriend, but if he doesn’t, look around for women’s clothes, jewelry, make-up, etc.!

  • His girlfriend might’ve forgotten something there or intentionally left something behind as a warning to you.

If you’ve noticed anything like this, do not brush it off and let him convince you it belongs to his sister (it happens, but it’s very unlikely if he’s a suspect).

9. If he doesn’t take you out on dates in public, he might have a girlfriend.

  • He avoids the usual, public places he’s usually found at when you two go out because he doesn’t want to be seen by people.

So you usually meet up in poorly lit, intimate places (e.g. your place, his place, restaurants, or anywhere after dark).

Another weird observation is that cheating men are usually available only early in the morning or late at night—the rest of the day is reserved for their partners.

10. He rarely replies to your texts and calls—he has a schedule.

He rarely replies to your texts and calls—he has a schedule.

Watch out for any patterns regarding his phone—does he only respond at specific times? After midnight, for example?

If he’s talking to you while having a girlfriend he’s a cheater, this means that he has a time frame in which he can respond to your calls and messages.

It could be late at night, or as I said, early in the morning; he most likely texts you when his girlfriend is asleep or busy.

11. He never spends the night!

It’s too risky for a non-single man to spend the night with his affair partner, so he’ll leave as soon as the deed is done—I know this is obvious, but I don’t want you to keep excusing his behavior.

Contemplate if he does this; it means he only sees you as a romantic rendezvous.

12. His phone is unknown territory to you.

He never lets you use his phone, even though it’s been a while since his declaration of love—don’t you think this is a bit odd?

  • Ask to see his phone and take notes of his reaction (if he makes a big deal out of it and flips out, he’s most likely in a secret relationship).

He can’t let you see the text messages between him and his girl!

13. You can tell you’re not his priority, someone else is.

You can tell you’re not his priority, someone else is

It’s not too difficult to figure out we’re not somebody’s priority; this is another sign that the man you’re talking to is lying about being single.

  •  He doesn’t reply to your messages on time, doesn’t spend his weekends with you, and doesn’t start deep, meaningful conversations.

He’s very indifferent despite admitting he has a thing for you; he’s not there when you need him the most and is so unapologetic about it.

To make matters worse, there’s another woman he pays this type of attention to (he often talks and hangs out with her).

– How do you tell if your crush is single without asking him?

Being interested in a man but not knowing whether he’s single or not is something we have all been through!

Boldly asking a man if he has a girlfriend is perceived as embarrassing by some, so many of us look for a workaround.

You can tell if a guy has a girlfriend without asking him by analyzing verbal and physical cues:

He never, ever gets physical with you or other women.

A faithful man does not attempt to turn things physical with any other person aside from his partner, this contains:

  • Hugging;
  • Kissing;
  • Touching;
  • Closeness;
  • And every other form of touching.

He doesn’t flirt back with you.

A loyal man who loves and appreciates his girlfriend will not flirt back with other women—this is usually how he can tell he’s not single.

So if you’re worried about why he’s not returning the same cheeky, flirty energy as you, consider the possibility that he might have a girlfriend!

He puts you in the friend zone.

See if he treats you the same way he treats other friends:

He calls you “friend”, “buddy”, “bro”, etc., and gets the point across by not flirting back or by paying a regular amount of attention to you.

Being in the friend zone sucks, however, we should respect others’ decisions; they could be in a relationship and highly inconvenienced by our constant display of affection.

He doesn’t bother keeping the conversation going.

It’s not about just the conversation, it’s more about what it symbolizes: them not singling you out and making a special effort.

But yeah, you can tell if he has a girlfriend by observing your conversations—which he never initiates or tries to keep them going.

When people are in a happy relationship, they start wanting to communicate with only their significant other.

He doesn’t ask you out on weekends.

If he doesn’t ask you out even when he’s free, then he already has a girlfriend he wants to spend his free time with.

  • Pay attention to who he spends the majority of his time with—if it’s another woman, then they could be dating.

He and another woman are intimate with each other (her picture is wallpaper)!

This right here is about as close as one can get to finding out if their crush is already in a relationship and making it obvious.

  • He’s always seen together with another girl, talking, being physically close, etc., and she’s the woman on his lock screen. 

Analyze their relationship, and if they look like a couple, they’re most definitely one—she’s his girlfriend, and you can be certain about it.

– How to find out if he has a girlfriend?

Finding out if a man isn’t single can be a bit problematic—if he’s going out of his way to lie to you, asking him will be useless.

1. You can investigate his phone for clues.

I don’t recommend doing this if this man is simply someone you’re crushing on and not your boyfriend.

However, if the two of you are dating and you’re worried about him talking to other women, you can inspect his phone for evidence.

  • Check his social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, and especially Snapchat for cheating), instant messaging apps (e.g. Messenger, Telegram, etc.), and saved photos/videos.

2. Study his behavior and speech in front of you vs. other people.

You can analyze his actions based on the signs I told you about—if they relate to him, then he has a girlfriend.

If he’s lying about not having a girlfriend, he:

  • Will refuse to make your relationship official;
  • Won’t let you spend the night at his place;
  • Declines to let you and his friends/family meet, etc.!

However, if he hasn’t said anything about his relationship status:

  • He’s single if he is a flirty guy, isn’t particularly close to anyone else, doesn’t mind spending his free time with you, and doesn’t hide anything.

3. Investigate his and his friends’ social media profiles.

If he has a girlfriend he’s faithful to, he has most likely posted her on his account—if he’s lying, though, he probably hasn’t.

This is why I recommend checking his buddies’ social media accounts in case they have posted pictures of him and his girlfriend.

4. Ask around if he’s dating anyone.

This works well if you want to find out if a man is single or dating for whatever reason!

  • Ask your friends if they know him—if you two work together or go to the same school, ask your colleagues/schoolmates to give you the deets.

It would be easier to ask him for yourself, but if that’s not how you roll, I’m sure other people will be of assistance.

– How to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend without sounding awkward?

I’m glad you’re choosing the path of communication! By far, it beats observing him from a distance or asking people about his private life!

– Be clear and create a comfortable atmosphere.

If you’re casually asking him out of curiosity, there shouldn’t be any reason for the two of you to be awkward!

E.g. “Oh, by the way, I’ve been wondering something! Do you have a girlfriend?”

– Seize the opportunity if he’s telling you a story and mentions “we”!

While he’s telling you a story and uses “we”, you can ask him something like: “[Restaurant] is quite the romantic place! By “we” do you mean you and your girlfriend?”.

– If you two are lively with each other, you can teasingly sneak in the question:

“You have such a way with words! I bet your girlfriend hates that, haha.”

– Start a discussion in which he feels encouraged to open up about it.

For a more “natural” approach, you can start a relationship-related topic—this way, he’ll spill the beans by himself.

E.g. “I feel like relationships nowadays are so straining. In my past experience….”

Asking him if he has a girlfriend encourages honesty, but there are other ways.

Yes, being honest is always the superior option—you can playfully ask him if he has a girlfriend and I bet he wouldn’t take it the wrong way.

But if you don’t want to ask him at all, then you don’t have to because his behavior will show you sooner or later.

A man can’t hide the fact he has a girlfriend forever, even if he tries to!

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