21 unquestionable signs a married woman is sexually attracted to you — What about her texting habits?

Being attracted to other people is a normal part of life—regardless of factors such as marital status.

Have you recently been having these crazy thoughts that your married friend, co-worker, or acquaintance has a thing for you?

You just can’t shake off the feeling that she’s coming onto you—well, it turns out that these thoughts may not be all that crazy, after all.

Though, to get a better understanding of the situation, keep an eye out for these 21 unmistakable signs that a married woman is attracted to you!

1. A highly indicative sign: the body language of a married woman who likes you.

Perhaps the most indicative sign the body language of a married woman who likes you.

Bodies speak!

Especially in situations like these; observe if her body language is that of a woman who’s indeed interested:

  • She oftentimes blushes;
  • Her body always faces you;
  • She holds intense eye contact with you;
  • She’s always touchy with you;
  • Her voice changes whenever you two are talking (e.g. becomes seductive);
  • She mirrors your gestures;
  • She plays with her hair or jewelry;
  • Her body language is shy/nervous;
  • She stands near you.

These are prime examples of how an interested woman’s body language looks like when she’s attracted to you.

Her body will usually be facing towards you and she’s always staring at you—and then looking away when you catch her.

But, one of the most obvious signs is surely her always finding excuses to touch your head and body.

“Do you work out?” “Your hair is so soft!”

Depending on the person, she might even get shy and nervous at times—which will manifest in her behavior.

Not to mention that interested women usually show it in their voices: they talk in a seductive, lower tone, as shown in a study done on this very topic.

Ultimately, if you want to know whether this woman has the hots for you, understanding her body language will come in handy.

2. She always tags along with you.

If you and your colleagues are going out for drinks, she first makes sure you’re there before tagging along.

If you and your friends are going to the movies, she only comes because you’ll be there.

It doesn’t matter where and when—if you’re there, so is she.

Wanting to be in the presence of someone you like isn’t exactly surprising, think to yourself:

“Does she always come to the places I go to?”

If she always makes sure you’re going to be present before saying “yes”, then it’s clear as day.

She likes you, and those feelings are pushing her to spend more and more time with you.

3. It’s really common for her to want to spend time together with you.

Speaking of spending time together, that’s exactly what a person who’s interested in you would do.

If she’s constantly inviting you to go places and hang out together, there’s a good chance that she’s attracted to you.

  • She invites you to go to places and welcomes you in her personal space (while also invading yours).
  • She comes up with excuses to be in your presence—all this and more are dead giveaways that a married woman is into you.
  • She would much rather be with you than somebody else.

4. She constantly asks you questions about your love life.

She’s super curious about your love and sex life.

Constantly asking you these questions is her making sure you’re available—if you’re not, she gets visibly upset.

  • Even if you’re in a relationship, she always checks in with you to see how things are going and if you and your partner are still together.

Normally, people aren’t this interested in others (nor do they want to invade their privacy), so her doing this is suspicious.

She may want to see if she has a chance.

5. She lies to her husband whenever she’s with you.

She lies to her husband whenever she’s with you.

Whenever you two are spending time together and she gets a call from her husband, she never tells him she’s with you.

If this is the case, the topic of you must’ve come up at one point in their marriage.

Maybe her husband is aware that she’s attracted to you, and that makes you suspicious in his book.

  • She feels the need to lie whenever you two hang out, as her husband isn’t okay with you two spending this much time together.

    And if her husband is feeling this insecure, then that means something is truly up.

6. She gets grumpy whenever you give attention to other women.

Probably the most telltale sign: she gets obviously jealous whenever you direct your attention to other women.

You notice that she has a habit of feeling down whenever this happens—at times, she doesn’t even try to hide it.

  • Whenever this happens, she interrogates you;
  • She asks about what your relationship with that person is, what you talked about, and how you feel.

    If she’s truly attracted to you, she wouldn’t want any other woman to have your attention.

Keep an eye out for jealous behavior!

7. She puts extra thought behind her outfits.

People aim to look good for the people they’re interested in—no surprise here.

And so does the woman you’re curious about!

  • Whenever you two have plans together (or have the same class/shift), you always notice that she looks amazing.
  • She might even ask for your opinion on the outfit, or straight-up tell you you’re the reason she decided to dress up.

Don’t get carried away, though, as this is only a possibility; women don’t dress to impress men—they do it for themselves.

8. Doing small favors for you here and there is her thing.

She’s always looking out for you and trying to make your life a little bit easier.

It doesn’t matter how—she tries to be as helpful as she can, especially if you work or study together.

  • She offers to help you with your tasks or buys you an energy drink when you look tired.

    Small acts of service that mean a lot are her thing—it’s also about things that not a lot would pick up on.
  • She wants to help you out in any way she can, leave a good impression on you, or simply spend more time together.

9. Receiving gifts from her has become a common occurrence. 

For many people, gift-giving is a love language, and by the looks of it, your acquaintance is no exception.

Spoiling another person is a telltale sign of attraction—do you often receive gifts from this married woman?

It doesn’t have to be anything lavish, just thoughtful.

  • She gifted you something you mentioned you wanted or an article of clothing she thought would look good on you.

    This means you’re in her thoughts so much so that she’s willing to go through the process of picking a gift out for you.

10. She mentions your name often.

She mentions your name often.

Mentioning a person’s name is often a sign of affection.

If your female friend has a habit of using your name over and over again, it could be a valuable clue.

Unconsciously, we mention the people we hold near and dear—she likes the sound of your voice.

  • When you two are talking or texting, she hopes to grab your attention by repeating your name—not just that, though.
  • Even while talking to others, she somehow manages to include you; she talks about you, knowingly or not.

11. She compliments you—a bit too often.

When it comes to a secret crush, it doesn’t get more obvious than this.

If the woman you’re talking about compliments you often, there’s a high probability that she likes you to some extent.

  • She wants you to have a good opinion about her, while also making it known that she’s into you—two birds in one stone.
  • She compliments your character, physique, and every other little change; nothing escapes her!

12. And, of course, she flirts with you.

Though I’m sure that most of us know this by now, for the ones that don’t, listen up!

For a person to flirt with another person, some sort of attraction needs to be present; if your friend flirts with you, she’s most definitely attracted.

  • She compliments you;
  • She finds excuses to touch you;
  • She teases you;
  • She talks about romantic or sexual scenarios and more—these are all examples of flirting.

This only applies if you’re the only one she flirts with, though; some people are flirty by nature!

13. Sexual topics are the usual subject of your conversations.

When a person is sexually attracted to you and hoping to make it obvious, they will talk about sexual topics.

And if this is exactly what she does, it’s an indicator that she’s trying to get you hot and bothered.

  • She doesn’t mind starting sexual talks with you, and as a matter of fact, will be the one to initiate them.

    This most likely means that she’s into you and trying to get you all riled up!

14. She laughs at your jokes, no matter how unfunny they are.

Isn’t it funny how the moment we like someone, they turn into a comedian?

If this person is always laughing even at your lamest jokes, then it doesn’t get clearer.

  • She’s attracted to you, and wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings—as we know, some people take being told they’re not funny too personally.
  • That, or her fondness for you is making her have the time of her life.

15. You two tease and play fight with each other!

You two tease and playfight with each other

Another quite indicative sign that a married woman is attracted to you sexually is that she often teases you.

She play-fights with you and cracks jokes.

You two often go back and forth but have fun doing it—it sort of looks like a couple’s banter to outsiders.

  • She might even jokingly say that you’re into her, which to me just screams “I like you!”

16. She makes “jokes” about you two getting together.

Her jokingly talking about you two is a sign that she is, in fact, attracted to you—some jokes you don’t make with just anybody, after all!

She often says stuff about you two getting together for one night, and immediately backtracks to say it’s just a joke.

  • “You make me want to divorce my husband, haha! Just joking!”
  • If your partner is dealing with a similar situation, the married woman might “joke” about them cheating on you.
  • Jokes revolving around her husband aren’t quite that uncommon either—she “jokes” about being into you and vice versa.

Jokes are usually a reflection of one’s opinions and feelings—she’s telling you she’s attracted to you, without actually saying it.

17. She prioritizes you over anybody—even her husband.

Yes—if she puts you first and her spouse second, I think it goes without saying that she’s really into you.

She doesn’t mind ditching her husband to spend more time with you and always prioritizes your time together.

You having such an important effect on her speaks volumes, as married people are supposed to prioritize their families.

  • She has a hard time saying “no” to a date with you, and really protests against the idea of passing up any opportunities.

    If not even her husband receives such treatment from her, it’s crystal clear that she’s singling you out as her special somebody.

18. She often asks you to help her out!

Even if she doesn’t really need it.

If she often asks you to help her out with the simplest stuff, it could be a sign that she’s trying to spend more time with you.

Or she’s looking to get your attention by making you feel strong and useful, which is a tactic used quite often.

19. She complains about her unhappy marriage.

Though, if she’s into you, it’s pretty evident that she’s not happy with her husband/marriage—yes, this can be a sign.

  • She opens up about how unsatisfied she is with her husband’s performance, and might even compare the two of you.

It might just be an effort to give you the green light, or to plainly open up about what she’s going through.

And, though one or the other is possible, a married person complaining about their spouse’s sex performance is usually a sign they’re attracted to you.

20. You have a feeling she’s trying to seduce you.

You have a feeling she’s trying to seduce you

You just can’t shake off the feeling that she’s trying to seduce you.

She behaves a certain way with you or speaks about certain things that might seem inappropriate, especially for a married person.

  • Her body language is making you think she’s coming onto you—she’s, again, extremely touchy.
  • She makes sexual remarks and can’t take her eyes off of you.

21. Ultimately, you’ve noticed that she treats you differently from other people.

In my experience, whenever I’m certain of a person’s—married or not—feelings, it immediately becomes clear just how different they’re treating me.

When all is said and done, it doesn’t take much to know when a person is treating you differently from other people.

  • She’s more thoughtful and affectionate with you, as opposed to the other people she’s indifferent with.
  • You’re the only one who receives compliments, gifts, and flirty remarks from her; you’re obviously special to her.

Transparent signs a married woman wants you to make a move over text.

On the other hand, if you’re only texting this woman and suspecting that she might have a thing for you, it’s going to be trickier to tell.

No physicality is involved, so you can’t exactly 100% tell just what she’s feeling—you two aren’t in each other’s presence.

However, consider this both a blessing and a curse, as there are ways to tell if a married woman wants you to make a move over text.

And if you’re curious, this is how a married woman texts once she’s attracted to you:

  • She texts you often, really, really often;
  • She cheats on her husband while sexting you;
  • She initiates sexual topics (e.g. her sexual fantasies);
  • Most of the time, she sends you provocative pictures;
  • You two often exchange flirty text messages;
  • She asks for selfies, voice messages, and similar content;
  • She texts you late at night;
  • She asks you about other women who interact with you.

The dilemma of having a married woman want you.

Of course, this experience is bound to create a lot of confusion for you two!

Keep in mind that no matter what, at the end of the day, she is a married woman who might even have children.

We can’t exactly throw caution to the wind this time, as more people’s lives are at stake—offline or online infidelity, know that her marriage is at risk here.

So, do give the whole situation a long thought: do you feel okay pursuing her?

And if this woman’s behavior is bothering you, don’t hesitate to tell her about it; if she won’t stop, consider reporting her to the proper authorities.

Your peace, comfort, and safety matter.

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